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Saraswati Gayathri Mantra: Japa Mantra 108 (Mantra For Wisdom Fame And Success  (Audio CD)
Super Audio (Chennai) Pvt Ltd. (2008)

Item Code: IDB098
Price: $22.00
Morning Mantras (Mantras to Start Your Day with) (Audio CD)
Times Music (2008)
59:36 Minutes

Item Code: ICO006
Price: $28.00
Shri Ram Mantra (Musical Expression Of Shri Ram Mantra) (Audio CD)
Mystica Music (2007)

Item Code: ICG099
Price: $13.00
Gayatri Mantra The Sacred Mantra, Chanted 108 Times (Audio CD)
Pankaj Udhas
Times Music Spiritual (2009)

Item Code: ICT266
Price: $22.00
Mantras For Protection: Shatrubaadha Nivaran Mantra (Audio CD)
Jagjit Singh
Times Music (2005)

Item Code: ICW003
Price: $28.00
Gayathri Mantra & Mrutyunjaya Mantra (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
Unni Krishna
Supter Audio (Chennai) Pvt. Ltd. (2004)

Item Code: IDC010
Price: $22.00
Soul Mantra: Features The Mool Mantra Om Sacchidanand Parabrahma) (Audio CD)
Times Music (2006)

Item Code: ICV079
Price: $28.00
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Display: items per page
Showing 1 to 24 of 192 items in a total of 8 pages
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Ritual and Mantra
One of the most striking features of all Hindu ritual is the repetition of sacred formulae, usually in Sanskrit, which accompany ritual acts. These are mantras. Mantra has been notoriously difficult to define, but very broadly refers to sentences, phrases, or words, mostly though not exclusively in Sanskrit, in verse and in prose, which are recited or chanted for ritual and soteriological purposes. In the orthodox vedic tradition they have been used to evoke deities, for protection, and to magically affect the world, and in tantric traditions they are themselves regarded as deities, or as embodying the power or energy (sakti) of a deity. Mantras can be uttered audibly and loudly, they can be whispered (a level which is often regarded as higher than the clearly vocalized mantra) and they can be uttered purely mentally, or in silence regarded as the highest level. Of particular importance is the idea that a mantra is given orally be the teacher or guru, the master of mantra-knowledge, to the student; the guru empowers the mantra, gives the words force or energy, in a way which parallels the icon of a deity in a temple being empowered or brought to life.

Mantras of ten combine ‘seed syllables’ (bija), sound units based on Sanskrit phonology. The most famous seed mantra is Om. It is regarded as the most sacred sound in the Veda and, as being accepted as sacred even outside the Hindu fold in Buddhism and Sikhism.

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