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Books On Water, Magneto, Aroma & Other Therapies

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Hand Book and Colour Atlas of Ayurvedic Dermatology and Venereology
by Dr. L. Mahadevan
Hardcover (Edition: 2014)
Ayurvedic Educational and Charitable Trust

Item Code: NAK509
Price: $85.00
Secrets of Therapy (Sun Therapy, Reiki Therapy and Aroma Therapy) - Set of Three Volumes
by Vijaya Kumar, Chetan Chhugani and Sumeet Sharma
Paperback (Edition: 2010)
New Dawn Press, Inc

Item Code: NAK417
Price: $40.00
Colour Therapy - Miracle of Sun Rays
by Rashmi Sharma, Maharaj Krishan Sharma

Paperback (Edition: 2002)
Pustak Mahal

Item Code: IDF311
Price: $7.50
Hair Colour Style
by Jawed Habib
Paperback (Edition: 2005)
Wisdom Tree

Item Code: IDK991
Price: $14.00
The Jungle and the Aroma of Meats – An Ecological Theme in Hindu Medicine
by Francis Zimmermann
Hardcover (Edition: 2011)
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd

Item Code: NAC736
Price: $30.00
The Magic Therapy of Colours
by A.R. Hari

Paperback (Edition: 2013)
Pustak Mahal

Item Code: IDF281
Price: $15.00
The Healing Powers of Chromotherapy Using Colours to Cure Diseases
by Hari Om Gupta
Paperback (Edition: 2007)
Sterling Paperbacks

Item Code: IDK134
Price: $16.50
Magneto Therapy: The Miraculous Healing Power
by Rajendar Menon

Paperback (Edition: 2002)
Pustak Mahal

Item Code: IDF296
Price: $11.50
Magneto Therapy: Self-Help Book
by Dr. H.L. Bansal
Paperback (Edition: 2007)
B. Jain Publishers

Item Code: IDG964
Price: $18.00
Text Book of Salakya Tantra: Illustrated According to Revised Syllabus for B.A.M.S Course by C.C.I.M
by Prof. Udaya Shankar
Paperback (Edition: 2012)
Chaukhambha Visvabharti

Item Code: NAC976
Price: $50.00
The Secret Benefits of Aroma Therapy
by Sumeet Sharma
Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd

Item Code: NAC187
Price: $12.50
Jaina Method of Curing: Healing Through Mantra, Tantra and Yantra
by Dr. Ms Manju Jain
Hardcover (Edition: 2001)
International School for Jain Studies

Item Code: NAJ763
Price: $40.00
A Text Book of Shalakya Tantra (Set of Two Volumes)
by Dr. Adikanda Biswal And Dr. Rasmita Routray
Paperback (Edition: 2014)
Chaukhambha Sanskrit Sansthan

Item Code: NAJ812
Price: $45.00
Prasuti-Tantra Made Easy (According to The Syllabus of CCIM, New Delhi)
by Dr. Gayatri Devi
Paperback (Edition: 2013)
Chaukhambha Sanskrit Pratishthan

Item Code: NAJ227
Price: $25.00
A Text Book of Neuro Anatomy (Tantra Sharira)
by Dr. B. Vijaya Saradhi Naidu
Paperback (Edition: 2011)
Chaukhambha Visva Bharati

Item Code: NAI231
Price: $20.00
तन्त्र में आयुर्वेद: Ayurveda in Tantra
by एस. एन. खण्डेलवाल (S. N. Khandelwal)
Paperback (Edition: 2014)
Chaukhambha Sanskrit Sansthan

Item Code: NZG247
Price: $20.00
Vajikarana Tantra (Reproductive Medicine in Ayurveda)
by Dr. J. L. N. Sastry, Prof. K. Nishteswar
Hardcover (Edition: 2009)
Chaukhambha Orientalia

Item Code: IDL060
Price: $35.00
रसतन्त्रसार व सिद्धप्रयोग संग्रह: Rasa Tantra Sara and Siddha Prayog Sangraha (Set of 2 Volumes)
Hardcover (Edition: 2013)
Krishna Gopal Ayurved Bhawan

Item Code: NAI852
Price: $75.00
शालाक्यतंत्र: Shalakya Tantra
by प्रो. अनिल वर्मा (Prof. Anil Verma)
Paperback (Edition: 2012)
Chaukhambha Orientalia

Item Code: NZF316
Price: $35.00
Prasuti Tantra (Text Book as per CCIM Syllabus)
by Bharati Kumaramangalam, Editor Uttama Vaidya Pammi Satyanarayana Sastri
Hardcover (Edition: 2008)
Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy

Item Code: IDK706
Price: $28.00
Susruta Samhita: Uttara Tantra (Concluding Doctrine of Susruta) (Set of 2 Volumes)
by Dr. Hemanta Panigrahi
Hardcover (Edition: 2014)
Chaukhambha Orientalia

Item Code: NAJ054
Price: $60.00
Parahita Samhita (Rare Ancient Treatise on Ayurveda Salakya and Salya Tantra)
by Prof.Gyanendra Pandey
Paperback (Edition: 2010)
Chowkhmba Sanskrit Series Office (Varanasi)

Item Code: NAD591
Price: $10.00
Kasyapa - Samhita or Vrddhajivakiya Tantra
by P. V. Tewari
Hardcover (Edition: 2013)
Chaukhambha Visvabharati

Item Code: IDF681
Price: $70.00
रसहृदयतन्त्रम् (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- Rasa Hrdya Tantra
by श्री गोविन्द भगवत (Shri Govind Bhagvat)
Paperback (Edition: 2003)
Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office

Item Code: NZF564
Price: $15.00
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Showing 1 to 24 of 376 items in a total of 16 pages
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