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Analysis in Sankara Vedanta: The Philosophy of Ganeswar Misra

Analysis in Sankara Vedanta: The Philosophy of Ganeswar Misra


Item Code: IDJ166

by Bijayananda Kar

Hardcover (Edition: 2006)

Indian Council Of Philosophical Research
ISBN 81-85636-91-5

Size: 8.7" X 5.7"
Pages: 190
Price: $27.50
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Some time past, the Indian Council of Philosophical Research made a decision to bring out a volume on the philosophy of Ganeswar Misra. Subsequently, a further decision was made by the Council to have a National Seminar on Misra and accordingly a Seminar was held at the Academic Centre of the Council at Butler Palace, Lucknow in 2001 and I was appointed as its Director. Some distinguished philosophical thinkers of the country participated and presented their observations and comments. Later on a decision was also made to get some more articles from noted researchers in the field and to include those in the proposed volume. The Council has assigned to me the task of editing the volume.

I am happy that after a long period, the task has now become complete and the volume could be released from the press. Quite in tune with the rich classical Indian philosophical tradition, Misra has been, throughout his philosophic career, engaged in reviewing the Indian point of view, specially the philosophy of Sankara Advaita from a novel perspective of analysis. It is hoped that the present volume would supply new impetus to have a fresh reading of the Indian philosophical tradition.

The Council deserves thanks from the philosophic community in bringing to the focus the insightful contributions of some of the noted recent day Indian philosophers, including that of Ganeswar Misra (along with critical comments and observations thereupon). I also thank Dr. (Mrs.) N. Kar for assisting me in preparing the Index and proof - reading.

Bijayananda Kar


From the jacket

The book contains number of reflective essays on the philosophical thinking of (late) Professor Ganeswar Misra who was one of the pioneers in exposing as well as exploring analytical trends found on various facets of classical Indian philosophy, specially in Sankara Vedanta. The essays are prepared from various angles and are contributed by some eminent scholars of recent period from different parts of the country. All the scholars, more or less, have appreciably observed the importance of linguistic and conceptual analysis in Indian philosophical perspective, so ably emphasized in Professor Misra's writings.

It is expected that the contributions made by the learned scholars would encourage and stimulate researchers to review and reassess the classical Indian philosophy from the analytical point of view.

About the editor

Professor Bijayananda Kar is at present a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study at Shimla. Formerly he was Professor and Head of the P.G. Dept. of special assistance in Philosophy, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. He was UGC Emeritus Fellow (2002-04), member: ICPR (1998-2001) and Vice-Chairperson: Indian Philosophical Congress (1995-1997). He has published about 200 research papers, reviews and comments in leading philosophical sources, both in India and U.S.A. His writings have been reviewed also in prominent philosophical sources in U.S.A., U.K., France, besides India. His major books include: The Indian Theories of Error (second edition under Sophia Indological Series), Analytical Studies of the Sankhya Philosophy (second edition), Indian Philosophy: An Analytical Study, Major Trends In Orissan Philosophy, Dharma, Darsana O Manavatavada (second edition) and Value Perspectives In Indian Philosophy. On being awarded Fellowship and on being nominated, Dr. Kar visited U.K., U.S.A., Trinidad and Tobago, France, Greece, Holland, Thailand, Singapore and Bangladesh on several occasions and he delivered lectures, participated/chaired in Seminars and Conferences.

Dedication v
Preface ix
Biographical Sketch xi
     Bijayananda Kar
A Radical Revisionary Interpretation of Vedanta: Ganeswar Misra Recalled
    D.P. Chattopadhyaya
On Misra on Sankara as a Conceptual Analyst
    Rajendra Prasad
Language, Meaning and Reality
    S.L. Pandey
Advaita Brahman and Linguistic Analysis
    G.C. Nayak
A Brief Study of Professor G. Misra's Paper on 'Metaphysical Models and Conflicting Cultural Patterns'
    Sanat Kumar Sen
Linguistic Analysis and Ontology
    R.L. Singh
Professor G. Misra's Approach to Sabda-jnana-Some Brief Critical Observations
    S.B.P. Sinha
Ganeswar Misra on the Availability of Linguistic Analysis in the Philosophy of Sankara
     R.C. Pradhan
Vedic Dharma: G. Misra's Presentation
    D.M. Praharaj
A Note on Ganeswar Misra's Meta-linguistic Advaita
    Jagannatha Dash
Professor G. Misra as a Philosopher
    Manoj Kumar
Adhyasa (Superimposition) Revisited
     U.A. Vinay Kumar
Philosophical Writings of Ganeswar Misra 173
Contributors to the Volume 179
Index 184
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