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Atisa and Tibet

Atisa and Tibet


Item Code: IDC074


Hardcover (Edition: 1999)

Motilal Banarsidas Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN 81-208-0928-4

Language: English
Size: 8.7" X 5.7"
Pages: 604
Weight of the Book: 895 gms
Price: $40.00
Discounted: $30.00   Shipping Free
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About the Book:

The book opens with a full account of the baffling personality of the great Bengali Pandit Atisa or Dipamkara Srijnana, the greatest of the teacher-reformers of Tibetan Buddhism. The author proceeds to portray the Tibetan background of early Buddhism and gives an account of the early history of Tibet and Indo-Tibetan connections, together with a study of Buddhism in Tibet from the seventh century onwards right down to the time of Atisa in the eleventh century A.D.

The book is provided with an extremely valuable and illuminating set of Appendices sufficiently important to be worth describing in some detail. Appendix A contains Tibetan source-material relating to the life and teaching of Atisa in English translation. Appendix B lists the works (219 in all) in Kanjur and Tanjur of which Dipamkara is either author, translator, reviser or otherwise. Appendix C gives the literal and annotated translation of the following works of Dipamkara preserved in Tibetan translation in the Tanjur: Caryagiti, Caryagiti-Vrttim Vimala-ratna-lekha, Bodhi-patha-pradipa. Appendix D gives the Tibetan Sexagenary cycle with tables of conversion of the Christian Calendar to the Tibetan Calendar and vice versa.

About the Author:

MRS. ALAKA CHATTOPADHYAYA (b. 1926) took her M.A. from Calcutta University and started teaching in the colleges of Calcutta. In 1968, she was awarded Ph.D. by the Calcutta University. In 1973, she became the Principal of the Vidyasagar College for Women, Calcutta.


Author's Preface
Transliteration, Notes and References

Part I
Introductory and Early Career
  1. Dipamkara in the Religious History of India and Tibet
  2. Misunderstanding Dipamkara and his Message
  3. The Sources
  4. The Name
  5. How many Dipamkaras?
  6. Birth and Lineage
  7. Early Career
  8. Tantrika Initiation
  9. Buddhist Ordination
  10. Suvarnadvipa and Dharmakirti
  11. Bact to India: Peace Mission
  12. Indian Monasteries
  13. Vikramasila vihara
  14. Odantapuri and Somapuri
  15. Dipamkara at Vikramasila

Part II
Tibetan Background
  1. How the Tibetans Tell their own History
  2. Tibetans and their First King
  3. Early Legendary Kings
  4. Bon Religion
  5. Mysterious Helper
  6. Sron-btsan-sgam-po
  7. Thon-mi Sambhota
  8. Khri-sron-Ide-btsan
  9. The Ministerial Intrigues
  10. Santaraksita, Padmasambhava and Kamalasila
  11. Ral-pa-can
  12. gLari Dar-ma
Part III

Atisa in Tibet
  1. The Subsequent Propagation of the Doctrine
  2. The pious king Ye-ses-od
  3. Tibet on the eve of inviting Atisa
  4. Jayasila and Viryasimha
  5. Journey to Tibet
  6. "Thirteen Years" in Tibet
Appendix A
Bibliographical Materials: Tibetan Sources rendered into English
  1. Introductory Note
  2. 'Brom-ston-pa's stotra to Dipamkara
  3. Extracts from dPag-bsam-ljon-bzan of Sum-pa
  4. Extracts from Taranatha
  5. The General History and Philosophy of the bKa'-gdams-pa sect by Chos-kyi-ni-ma
  6. A New Biography of Atisa compiled in Tibetan from Tibetan Sources by Nagwang Nima and edited by Lama Chimpa
Appendix B
The Works of Dipamkara
  1. Introductory Note
  2. Works in the bsTan-'gyur of which Dipamkara is both author and translator
  3. Works in the bsTan-'gyur of which Dipamkara is author only
  4. Works in the bsTan-'gyur of which Dipamkara is translator only
  5. Works in the bsTan-'gyur connected in other ways with Dipamkara
  6. Works in the bsTan-gyur, though with some variation in the name of the author or translator, are to be attributed to the same Dipamkara
  7. Works in the bKa'-'gyur of which Dipamkara is translator or reviser.
Appendix C
Selected writings of Dipamkara
  1. Introductory Note
  2. Carya-giti
  3. Carya-giti-vrtti
  4. Dipamkara-Srijnana-dharma-gitika
  5. Vimala-ratna-lekha
  6. Bodhi-patha-pradipa
  7. Sayings of Atisa: A
  8. Sayings of Atisa: B
  9. Sanskrit restoration of the Bodhi-patha-pradipa by Mrinalkanti Gangopadhyaya
  10. Photostat reproduction of the manuscript containing the Sayings of Atisa
Appendix D
On the Tibetan Sexagenary Cycle. In Collaboration with R.N. Bhattacharya.

Bibliography and Abbreviations

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