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Autobiography of The Vagyogi: The Life of Kundalini Experiences

Autobiography of The Vagyogi: The Life of Kundalini Experiences


Item Code: IDJ095

by Dr.Vagish Shastri

Paperback (Edition: 2003)

Ashapati Shastri, Vagyoga Chetena Pitham
ISBN 8185570191

Size: 7.0" X 4.8"
Pages: 480 (Illustrated throughout in B/W)
Weight of the Book: 455 gms
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Back Of Book

About the Vagyogi and the Book

Vagyogi Dr. Vagish Shastri, Ph.D. (on the verbs of spiritual language Sanskrit) is a master of Kundalini awakening Tantra and Yoga, and has an other doctorate related to semantics of the spiritual Mantra language. He has specialization in Indological Researches and applies the timeless wisdom of the ancients to the problems of modern world. Vagyogi Dr. Vagish Shastri is the founder of Vagyoga Chetanapitham (Yogic Voice Consciousness Institute),a worldwide association of people dedicated to the excellence of the individual. He is the author of over 40 publications, two hundred research papers and two hundred editorials in Sanskrit, Hindi and English languages on various topics including: Tantra, Yoga, Veda Puranas, Philosophies, Word-philosophy, Ayurveda, Linguistics, Astrology and Literature. A fountain, source of knowledge came to him from the absolute.

For three decades he served as Director of Spiritual Education at Vagyoga Chetanapitham and other different Institutes of Varanasi. He is a unique and powerful teacher of teachers: Mahamahopadhyaya and has earned his reputation as a wise and trusted counsellor and mentor while teaching people on every continent the keys to meditation, the mind, health, healing, relationship, and spirituality.

After finishing his education he got married and had three sons. He served in Tikamani Sanskrit College and Sampurnanad Sanskrit University of Varanasi as professor and Director of the Indological Research Institute. More than 40 Indian and Western research scholars worked on different Indological subjects under his supervision.

This new book 'Autobiography of the Vagyogi, is a very unique work. In it is explained the real story of bravely facing life to Kundalini experience. This autobiography based on actual Kundalini experience in regard to past lives is rather rare. Dr. Shastri remembered his past lives and left his paternal house at only five years age. He faced many troubles and difficulties. He remembered again his previous lives at the age of fourteen, and recalled his musical experience without any training in music. He went to Varanasi where he practised Yoga and was initiated in Tantra and performed austerity under a Bodhi Tree. He later went to Himalaya for further spiritual practices where his Kundalini power awakened.

You will read may other thrilling experiences of Kundalini power in this book. Dr. Shastri has explained here his entire life, honestly as he lived it. This 'Autobiography of the Vagyogi 'is an interesting book full of illustrations for all kinds of readers.


My revered husband Dr. Vagish -Shastri is my God, guide and philosopher. It is my good action on previous lives that brought him as my husband. In previous lives I was closely related to him as seen in the following pages.

What little knowledge I have in this present life is solely due to his grace and I had opportunities to help others with this knowledge.

The facts written in the following pages are certified by me as facts as inese are personal experiences of mine. May mother Kundalini shower her blessings in all beings.





It was the auspicious day of Durga Puja, worship of Goddess Durga, in October, 1991, when I organized a Sanskrit training camp course for two weeks in Vagyoga Chetanapitham: Yogic Voice Consciousness Institute. During this period, one day a South Indian gentle man, Mr. Balachandran came to attend the course. At the end of the course he requested me to write my autobiography. He was working as a stenographer in the office of the Benaras Hindu University. He said to me - 'You are serving the human beings by distributing the wealth of knowledge. I am very much impressed by your contribution to the society. I want to serve yourself without any return as an offering to you".

I asked him-'What kind of service you want to do for myself?' He answered-'I am a shorthand writer, I wish to serve you by scribing your autobiography. I don't know Hindi shorthand. So you will dictate to me in English language'. One of my disciples, Priya Devi of New Delhi who too was present said-'No Guruji, you will dictate in Sanskrit or Hindi language but not in English. You have command on these languages. Mr. Balachandran, the south Indian gentleman interfered and said to me-' Please, you will dictate to me only in English language. Later when somebody who knows Hindi shorthand comes, you may dictate him in Sanskrit or Hindi language. Further said-'You will please dictate to me only for a few minutes daily I shall note it down in shorthand, on my return from the office of the Benaras Hindu University in the evening'.

Mr. Balchandran began to take dictation from me in the English language. He regularly and punctually came daily in the evenings when I was teaching the students, he took dictation in the interregnums sometimes one page and sometimes more.

During that period I traveled to Bangalore and taught students for three months. Likewise I went to Rajasthan for a few months. There were many breaks in the dictation. Continuity was broken. Somehow Mr. Balachandran typed four hundred pages of my autobiography by end of 1996. I retired from my post in the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University. A few months later he too retired from the Benaras Hindu University and returned to Kerala.

I was not fully satisfied with my English syntax. Mr. Chandra Sen Sharma, who has been my disciple, revised the entire manuscript. Meanwhile Elizabeth Nassim of Israel went through the manuscript and suggested that it should be published from America. One of my disciples, Pam Strayer read the manuscript. She was so impressed that she donated $500 for publication of the book as early as possible.

When I decided to publish it, I handed over the manuscript to Mr. Narayan Das of Ratnakar Bhavan, Shivala, Varanasi for a second revision. Later, two American girls Sujata Mody, Attanta, G.A. and Arti Gehani, Potomac, MD had revised a few pages. And thus after five years of tying I sent the manuscript to the press in 2001. After composing of this book Julie Rappaport, NY and Ellen Starishevsky, NY read half of the proof. I was completely satisfied with their work.

An autobiography based on transcendental experiences and events from past lives is somewhat rare. There are many misconceptions regarding rebirth even amongst the religious people. Many Christians and Mohammedans do not believe in reincarnation as they have been instructed by their respective faiths. But reincarnation is a fact of nature as such it is immutable. That is, its existence is not contingent on one's belief or disbelief.

In the following pages, of this book, I show argue that rebirth is a fact and man evolves in divinity through many incarnations.

Existence of supernatural power Kundalini or 'Serpent Power' or 'Cosmic Electricity' is latent in everyone. Under the guidance and supervision of a competent Guru it can be awakened. This powerful energy, if prematurely awakened or channeled improperly, can cause serious damages.

Thanks and blessings to Julie Rappaport and Ellen Starishevsky, NY, USA and Shri Narayan Das who helped me in the revision of this book. My blessings to universal disciples who used to oblate financial assistance in the sacrifice of this printing. Some of them are Pam Strayer (Berkley CA), Susanne Trubel (Germany), Mr. John Hall (Ireland), Sudhakar Kumar, Rahul Dhyani and Paritosh Belgo (Shimla, India), Dalit Agir and Liat Kuttner (Israel), Azusa Fuziwara (Japan), Laia Villegas (Spain), Rakesh Khanna, Anil Motwani (India), Caretti Vincenzo, Psychopathologist, Roma and Paulo Barome, Psychiatrist, Milano (Italy).

I cannot forget my wife Rekha Tripathi, Sanskrit Bharati and sons Mr. Vachaspati Tripathi, Dr. Vastoshpati Shastri, M. Sc., Ph.D. and Ashapati Shastri, who kept my mind free from the maintenance of the household with the help of their respective wives Mrs. Versha Tripathi, Dr. Vasundhara Shastri, M. Sc., Ph.D. and Mrs. Sangita Shastri.

Blessing to my grand daughters Vijaya and Vitanika Tripathi who helped me with the glossary.

I hope that the following account of my personal experiences will be of interest to laymen and specialists alike, as well as shed light on the powerful secrets of Kundalini.

May mother Kundalini, shower her blessings on us all.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Vagish Shastri
(Dr. B.P. Tripathi)


Table Of Contents

1. Foreword i
2. Preface i-iv
3. Deacritical Marks & Symbol v
1. Early Life 1-4
2. Family Background 5-13
3. Occult Experiences 14-18
4. Practice of Meditation 19-21
5. Village Life 22-30
6. My Initation to Brahmacharya Asrama, The Beginning of Discipleship 31-35
7. False Ideas and Fear of Ghosts 36-38
8. Sanskrit Examination 39-40
9. English Education 41-42
10. Ideas About Ghosts 43-45
11. Further Education in Sanskrit 46-62
12. Experiences with Ghost and Music 63-68
13. Spiritual Experience and Subtle Realities 69-72
14. Supernatural Consciousness 73-81
15. Practices of Cosmic Electricity Kundalini 82-87
16. Awakening of Kundalini and Its Reaction in my Physical and Super Physical Bodies 88-90
17. Sipernormal Powers Acquired by Hathayoga Practices in Previous Lives and its Continuity in the Present Life 91-96
18. Personal Experiences After Inner Awakening of Kundalini, The Latent Cosmic Energy 97-104
19. Ultimate Reality Brahman and its Nature 105-114
20. Sky Root Element of all Visible Elements 115-117
21. Origin of Sound or 'Sabda-Brahman' 118-120
22. Trigunas or three Characteristics of A Person 121-125
23. Lectures and Sastrarth : Debates 126-133
24. Vrindavan to Varanasi 134-140
25. The Significance of Tapas 141-146
26. Marriage Engagement and Freedom from its Trap 147-150
27. Unbeaten and Celestial Sound 151-153
28. Tapas in the Himalayas, The Gateway to Enlightment 154-172
29. My Sadhana in Varanasi 173-199
30. Guided by Dreams 200-204
31. Solving the Problems of others with Insight from Kundalini Awakening 205-216
32. Scholarly Pursuits in Sanskrit and Hindi as a Result of Kundalini Awakening 217-234
33. My View of Conjugal Life 235-239
34. The Life as a Teacher 240-246
35. My Experience as a Research Scholar 247-252
36. Detachment and Intuition 253-258
37. I Met to Sharir Baba 259-261
38. Experience with Ghost 262-268
39. From one Small Seed to Huge Banyan Tree 269-273
40. Submission of my Theis: A Critical Study of Paniya Dhatupatha 274-279
41. Teaching Sanskrit and Learning German, Refuted A. Cunningham and Decided Meaning of Hindu 280-290
42. Journey to M.P. and Poona 291-296
43. The Great Accident and Hollowness of Atheism 297-302
44. Practical Example of my Renunciation 303-308
45. Service in the University 309-315
46. The Grace of Goddess Kundalini 316-320
47. The Roll of Goddess Kundalini in my Appointments 321-345
48. Systematic Arrangement of Research Institute 346-353
49. My Association with Musician 354-358
50. Meeting with the Saint Devaharva Baba and Journey 359-366
51. Traditional Sanskrit and Modern Pattern of Researches 367-371
52. My Lectures In the Girls College 372-385
53. I Felt Union with Buddha and Chiti Shakti 386-390
54. Ayurveda and Alehemy 391-394
55. Talks on Different Topics 395-407
56. Journey to Lucknow to Meet Tondon Commission 408-413
57. Kundalini Power Even in Animals 414-416
  Vagyoga Kundalini Meditation 417-423
  The Courses of Vagyoga : Kundalini Meditation 424-445
  Sanskrit through Kundalini Vagyoga 426-443
  The Courses of Vagyoga Mnemonic Sanskrit 444-446
  Vagyoga Sanskrit Syllabus 447-448
  Glossary and Index 449-477
  Dr. Vagi Sastri Authorship 478-480


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Customer Comments

  • Grace of goddess kunadlini page 316 to 320
    - Seridaran Balakrishnan
    11th Dec 2009
  • This is a very moving and profound book about a great guru, almost impossible to find. I have read and reread it and find it fascinating and enlightening each time.
    - Pam Strayer
    2nd Jul 2009
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