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Beyond Orientalism (The Work of Wilhelm Halbfass and its Impact on Indian and Cross-Cultural Studies

Beyond Orientalism (The Work of Wilhelm Halbfass and its Impact on Indian and Cross-Cultural Studies


Item Code: IDK075

by Eli Franco & Karin Preisendanz

Hardcover (Edition: 2007)

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Limited
ISBN 8120831101

Size: 8.9" X 5.6"
Pages: 673
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Back of the Book

Wilhelm Halbfass (1940-2000) was one of the leading Indologists of his generation and perhaps the most insightful scholar of Indian philosophy in the last century. Born in Germany, he spent most of his professional life in North America where he taught Indian philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. In his monographs he thoroughly reshaped our understanding of Mimamsa, Advaita Vedanta and Vaisesika, and of the cross cutting issue of karma and rebirth in Indian philosophy and religion. Undoubtedly, his greatest and most widely known contribution to South Asian and Cross Cultural Studies remains the monumental book India and Europe, which gives a vivid and fascinating historical account of the encounter, dialogue and controversial interaction between the Indian and Western intellectual traditions. His premature death has deprived South Asian Studies and related fields of a major voice.

About the Book

The ground plan for the present volume is unique in Indological studies. Twenty-three scholars from seven countries were invited to respond to issues elaborated in one or more of Wilhelm Halbfass own critical essay on Edward Said's Orientalism and related topics. The following individual contributions are grouped under four headings: Cross-Cultural Encounter and Dialogue, Issues of Comparative Philosophy, Topics in Classical Indian Philosophy, and Indian Religion, Past and Present. In four illuminating essays, Halbfass himself responds to each of these contributions, thus entering into direct dialogue with his respondents.

About the Author

Eli Franco is Professor of Indology at the Institute for Indology and Central Asian Studies, University of Leipzig, German.

Karin Preisendanz is Professor of Indology at the Institute for South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist studies, University of Vienna, Austria.


Introduction and Editorial Essay on Wilhelm Halbfass by Eli Franco and Karin PreisendanzI
Publications by Wilhelm Halbfass
1. Monographs and Selected ArticlesXXV
2. Contributions to Encyclopedias, etcXXXIV
Research and Reflection: Responses to my Respondents I. Beyond Orientalism? Reflections on a Current Theme by Wilhelm Halbfass1
1. Cross-Cultural Encounter and Dialogue
Francis X. Clooney, SJ, Wilhelm Halbfass and the Openness of the Comparative Project29
Fred Dallmayr, Exit from Orientalism: Comments on Wilhelm Halbfass49
Sergei D. Serebriany, Some Marginal Notes on India and Europe71
Reena Sen (nee Mookerjee), Some Reflections on India and Europe: An Essay in Understanding103
Klaus Karttunen, Greeks and Indian Wisdom117
Dermot Killingley, Mlecchas, Yavanas and Heathens: Interacting Xenologies in Early Nineteenth-century Calcutta123
Wilhelm Halbfass, Research and Reflection: Responses to my Respondents. II. Cross-Cultural Encounter and Dialogue141
2. Issue of Comparative Philosophy
Jitendra Nath Mohanty, Between Indology and Indian Philosophy163
Joseph S. O'Leary, Heidegger and Indian Philosophy171
Srinivasa Rao, "Subordinate" or "Supreme"? The Nature of Reason in India and the West205
Rada Ivekovic, The Politics of Comparative Philosophy221
Ben-Ami Scharfstein, The Three Philosophical Traditions235
Wilhelm Halbfass, Research and Reflection: Responses to my Respondents. III. Issues of Comparative Philosophy297
3. Topics in Classical Indian Philosophy
Jan E. M. Houben, Bhartrhari's Perspectivism (1): The Vrtti and Bhartrhari's Perspectivism in the First kanda of the Vakyapadiya317
Johannes Bronkhorst, Philosophy and Vedic Exegesis in the Mimamsa359
John Taber, The Significance of Kumarila's Philosophy373
Kunio Harikai, Kumarila's Acceptance and Modification of Categories of the Vaisesika School395
Victoria Lysenko, The Vaisesika Notions of akasa and dis from the Perspective of Indian Ideas of Space417
Bruce M. Perry, Early Nyaya and Hindu Orthodoxy: anviksiki and adhikara449
Wilhelm Halbfass, Research and Reflection: Responses to my Respondents. IV. Topics in Classical Indian Philosophy471
4. Developments and Attitudes in Neo-Hinduism
Andrew O. Fort, Jivanmukti and Social Service in Advaita and Neovedanta489
Stuart Elkman, Religious Plurality and Swami Vivekananda505
5. Indian Religion, Past and Present
Minoru Hara, A Note on dharmasya suksma gatih515
Albrecht Wezler, The story of Ani-Mandavy as told in the Mahabharata: Its Significance for Indian Legal and Religious History533
Yohanan Grinshpon, Experience and Observation in Traditional and Modern Patanjala Yoga557
Frank J. Korom, Language, Belief, and Experience in Bengali Folk Religion567
Wilhelm Halbfass, Research and Reflection: Responses to my Respondents. V. Developments and Attitudes in Neo-Hinduism; Indian Religion, Past and Present587
1. Texts in Sanskrit and Pali599
2. Modern Authors and Translations608
About the Contributors665
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