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Item Code: IDI937

by S. N. Sastri

Hardcover (Edition: 2005)

Central Chinmaya Mission Trust
ISBN 9788175972667

Language: (Sanskrit Text, Word to Word Meaning, English Translation and Notes)
Size: 9.0" X 6.0"
Pages: 761
Weight of the Book: 1000 gms
Price: $31.00
Discounted: $23.25   Shipping Free
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From the Jacket:

Srimannarayaniyam is a devotional work of a littleover one thousand verses by the famous devotee-poet Sri Melpathur Narayana Bhattatiri who lived in Kerala in the 16th century A.D. This work is acclaimed by scholars as a stotrakavya, a superb outpouring of devotion as well as a literary work of a very high order. It is a masterly condensation of Srimad Bhagavata, considered to be the greatest of all the Puranas. In addition to being a devotional work Srimannarayaniyam contains the gist of all the Upanishads and is therefore, a work of great significance from the Vedantic point of view also. This commentary in English by S.N. Sastri conveys to the reader the extraordinary poetic quality of the work and brings out the Vedantic import of the verses in an elaborate and lucid manner. Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda has said in this commentary-"I am sure the reader will enjoy many flights at super-human heights in the journey through Sastri's exposition of immortal NARAYANEEYAM".

Foreword to the first edition

I never thought veteran bureaucrats could understand Vedanta! That is, until I saw Shri S. N. Sastri's beautiful work on NARAYANEEYAM. He seems to have delved deep. And in preparing the manuscript with word-to-word meaning, translation and commentary particularly from the Vedantic angle, Sastri has done a thorough job. In fact, the entire credit for the book belongs to him.

Melpathur Narayana Bhattatiri was an unique personality: erudite Sanskrit scholar, poet, Bhakta, Vedantin. Imagine the audacity of a young man in his twenties attempting a summary of Vyasa's Bhagavatam in Sanskrit hymns! And see also the literary beauty, devotional content and Vedantic insight built into NARAYANEEYAM by Bhattatiri. Nothing short of poetic frenzy could have produced this artistry. No ecstasy of ritualistic devotion could have created such a touching hymn. NARAYANEEYAM is also a standing monument to Bhattatiri's deep insight in Vedanta.

If this volume is slightly heavy, the content deserves it. And I am sure the reader will enjoy many flights at super-human heights in the journey through Sastri's exposition of immortal NARAYANEEYAM.
May the Guru's Grace be with us all.
Nov. 6, 1988.


Foreword by H.H Swami Chinmayananda v
Introduction vii to xii
1. The glory of the Lord 1
2. The form of the Lord 20
3. The qualities of the perfect devotee 29
4. Yoga and its attainment38
5. Cosmic Evolution49
6. The Cosmos as the form of the Lord 59
7. Brahma's origin and penance 66
8. Description of Pralaya 75
9. Description of creation 84
10. The variety of creation 92
11. Entry of Sanaka and others into Vaikuntha 99
12. The Boar Incarnation 106
13. The slaying of Hiranyaksa 113
14. The Kapila Incarnation 120
15. The teaching of Kapila 127
16. Nara Narayana and Daksayaga 135
17. The story of Dhruva 143
18. The story of Prthu 151
19. The story of Pracetas 158
20. The story of Rsabhayogisvara 165
21. Mode of worship in Jambudvipa, etc 171
22. The story of Ajamila 179
23. The stories of Daksa, Citraketu, etc 186
24. The story of Prahlada 194
25. The Incarnation as Narasimha 202
26. The liberation of Gajendra 211
27. The churning of the Milk Ocean 217
28. The churning of the ocean(cont.) 225
29. The Mohini incarnation, etc. 231
30. The Vamana incarnation 238
31. The humbling of Bali 244
32. The Fish incarnation 252
33. The story of Ambarisa 258
34. The Incarnation as Sri Rama 264
35. The Incarnation as Sri Rama(contd.) 273
36. The Incarnation as Parasurama 283
37. The Prelude to the Incarnation as Krsna 293
38. The Birth of Sri Krsna 301
39. Bringing Yogamaya from Gokulam, etc. 308
40. The salvation of Putana 317
41. The cremation of Putana, etc. 322
42. The slaying of Sakatasura 327
43. The slaying of Trnavarta 333
44. Description of the naming ceremony, etc. 340
45. Krsna's childhood pranks 345
46. Revelation of the Cosmic Form 352
47. Tying Krsna to the mortar 357
48. The Redemption of Nalakubara and Manigriva 363
49. Journey to Vrndavana 369
50. Slaying of Vatsasura and Bakasura 375
51. The slaying of Aghasura 382
52. The stealing of the calves by Brahma 388
53. The slaying of Dhenukasura 395
54. The Reason for Kaliya coming to the Yamuna 401
55. Krsna's dance on Kaliya 407
56. The Lord blesses Kaliya 413
57. The slaying of Pralambasura 419
58. Rescue from forest fire 424
59. Krsna playing the flute 432
60. Stealing the clothes of the Gopikas 438
61. Blessing the wives of the performers of Vedic sacrifices 444
62. The blocking of the sacrifice to Indra 450
63. Holding up the Govardhana mountain 459
64. Crowning as Govinda 464
65. The Gopikas coming to Krsna 470
66. Delighting the Gopikas 476
67. Disappearance of the Lord, etc. 482
68. The Gopikas in the Lord's company 488
69. Rasakrida 493
70. The salvation of Sudarsana, etc. 502
71. The slaying of Kesi and Vyomasura 508
72. Akrura's journey to Gokula 514
73. The Lord leaving for Mathura 521
74. The entry of the Lord into Mathura 526
75. The slaying of Kamsa 535
76. Uddhava sent as messenger to the Gopikas 544
77. The fight with Jarasandha and others 552
78. The Lord's stay in Dwaraka 561
79. The wedding of Rukmini 567
80. The story of the Syamantaka jewel 573
81. The slaying of Narakasura 581
82. The fight with Bana, etc. 590
83. The slaying of Paundraka 598
84. Pilgrimage to Samantapancaka 605
85. The slaying of Jarasandha 611
86. Slaying of Salva, etc 620
87. The Kucela episode 630
88. The episode of Santanagopalam 635
89. The slaying of Vrkasura 645
90. The aim of all the scriptures 653
91. The path of Devotion 661
92. Bhakti combined with Karma 671
93. The lessons from 25 Gurus 681
94. The means of enlightenment 691
95. The means of liberation 702
96. The glories of the Lord 712
97. Prayer for Supreme Devotion 722
98. Meditation on Nirguna Brahman 731
99. Praise of the glory of the Lord 742
100. Description of the Vision of the Lord 751
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