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Buddhism in Global Perspective (Two Volumes)

Buddhism in Global Perspective (Two Volumes)


Item Code: IDF325

by Kalpakamsankarnarayan, Ichijo Ogawa, Ravindra Panth

Hardcover (Edition: 2003)

Somaiya Publications Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN 8170392608

Language: English
Size: 9.6" X 6.2"
Pages: 875 (Coloured Illus: 9, B & W Illus: 59) & (With C.D. of The Royal Ploughing Ceremony of Thailand)
Price: $85.00   Shipping Free - 4 to 6 days
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Contributors XII
Preface XIV
Inaugural Address XIX
Robert Philip Yuzuki Kaku
Address by XXV
Ichijo Ogawa
Keynote Address XXVII
Lokesh Chandra
Presidential Address XXXXIII
S.K. Somaiya
Early/ Theravada/Pali Buddhism
1 A Subtlety In The Buddhist Theory of The Self and Some Elaborations
N.G. Kulkarni 3
2 Process of Knowing
H.S. Shukla 12
3 The Vibhajjavada Doctrine
M.G. Dadhphale 21
4 Harmony I Global Perspective & Vinaya Disciplines
Anandamayee Ghosh 27
5 The Concepts of Spirits In Early Buddhist Tradition
O.P Pathak 37
6 Philosophy of Relation in Abhidharma Tradition
Bimalendra Kumar 53
7 S.N. Goenka's Approaches to Buddhism
Pradeep. P. Gokhale 61
8 The Buddhistic Foundation of Universal Culture and Social Ethics
H.S. Prasad 70
9 An In-Depth Analysis of Early Buddha-Dhamma
Angrraj Chaudhary 91
10 Tradition and Innovayion in Dr. Ambedkar's Approach
Dharmachari Lokamitra 103
11 Buddhist Conception of Brahma-Viharas- A Direction to Emancipation As a Corrected New Version
Mangala Chinchore 114
12 Women Under the Yellow Robe
Shobha Rani Dash 127
13 Relevance of Dhammapada in the Modern Context
Sharmila Virkar 138
14 On Sunnata in Pali Buddhism
Prabhakar Mishra 148
15 Early Buddhism & Bhagavata: A Value based approach
Shubhada A Joshi 154
16 Gautama Buddha as The Earliest Democrat
Radha Kumar 163
South-East Asian Buddhism
17 The Royal Ploughing Ceremony of Thailand
Rajaguru Vamadevamuni 175
18 Religion in the making of a Nation - An experience from the past for the guidance of the future
Bhikkhu Dhammavihari 179
19 The Buddhist Doctrine of Karma as a Theory of Justice
Asanga Tilakaratne 202
20 The Buddhas visit to Thailand according to The Uravganidana
Chirapat Prapandvidya 218
21 Buddhist in Myanmar today
Friedgard Lottermoser 223
22 Buddhist Studies in the context of University Education
G.D. Suman Pal 268
Tibetan/Nepalese Buddhism
23 The importance of Viryasimha's Jatakamalapanjika - A commentary on Aryasura's Campukavya Jatakamala
Ratna Basu 279
24 Tibetan Buddhism- In Global Perspective
Buddhadev Bhattacharya Shastri 282
25 On the Second Parajika in the Vinayasustravrtti
Nakagawa Masanori 286
26 A Nepalese Buddhist Ritual: Gatham-muga
Shinobu Yamaguchi 294
27 A Brief Analysis of Language and Social Values As Reflected in the Supriya-Sarthavaha-Jataka Contained in Bhadrakalpavadana
Soma Basu 300
28 Remarks on Aksayamati (Blo Gras Mi Zad Pa), Being the Author of the earlist version of the Bodhisattvacaryavatara
Akira Saito 308
29 Signifance of Lumbini - Impact of Buddhism on Nepal
Anita Rane Kothare 318
30 Karma Kagyu : American Buddhism in Compassion
Indira Y. Junghare 330
Mahayana Buddhism
1 Magic and Magical Practices in Early Mahayana Buddhism
M.C.Joshi 3
2 Paramitas for Human Perfection
S.N. Kandaswamy 17
3 A Note on the Mulamadhyamakakarika
Musashi Tachikawa 34
4 The Connection between Ultimate Truth and Analysis in Bhaviveka's Theory of two Truths
Mayumi Nasu 43
5 Buddhism : Relevance for Social Uplift, Spiritual Progress and Peace
N.H. Samtani 54
6 Contribution of Buddhism to Social Harmony and Social Cohesion with Special Reference to Afghanistan
J. Sitaramamma 63
7 Meditation as Conceived in Buddhism
Murnal V. Bhatt 72
East Asian Buddhism
8 Tantric Ways of Life in Human Worlds
S.K. Pathak 85
9 An Investigation into the Spirit of Fang-bain (Skillful means)
R.K. Rana 103
10 Chinese Buddhism Unbound
Marcus Bingenheimer 122
11 Hall for the Sixteen Contemplations
Daniel B. Stevenson 147
12 The Revival and Transformation of Manastic Discipline
Paul Groner 205
13 The Identification of Hells in the Tetsujonairikyo : The Sutra on the Hell of the Iron Fortress
Ineke Van Put 223
14 From Gandhara to Nara - Nine Centuries of Abhidharma
Charles Willmen 234
15 Contribution of Xuanzang to the Abhidharma Studies in China
Lalji Shravak 237
16 The Spirit of Zen and its Relevance in Modern Times
Nilesh Dalal 254
17 Pure Land : the Indian and the Sino-Japanese
Noritoshi Aramaki 259
Buddhism Art and Architecture
18 The Therianthropic Form: Early Buddhist Visual Evidences
Jaya Jose 273
19 Some New Aspects to Bhadrayaniya Sect from
Shobhana Gokhale 298
20 Human Figures in Ajanta Paintings - Aesthetical Perspective
Meenal Kapadia 311
21 Buddhism Architecture in Indonesia in the 9th Century AD
Timbul Haryono 329
22 A Thematic Study in Buddhism Art
Meena Talim 348
23 Rock Architecture
Yojana Bhagat, Meena Talim 367
24 Kanheri : A Study in it's Sustained Patronage
Suraj A. Pandit 380
25 Dentils with Human Faces - A Unique Motif at Nasik
Manjiri Bhalerao 403
26 Yoga and The Taima Mandala
Shashibala 408
Buddhist Literature
27 Buddhist Characters in Sanskrit Literature
Nalinee Chapekar 431
28 Some Issues in Buddhist Epistemology
V.N. Jha 451
29 Nagananda - An Anastomosis of Buddhist and Hindu Faiths
C.S. Radhakrishnan 456
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