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The Concept of Indian Literature

The Concept of Indian Literature


Item Code: ILL11

by Vinayak Krishna Gokak

Hard Cover (Edition: 1979)

Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN 81-215-02357

Language: English
Size: 9.6" X 6.3"
Pages: 283
Price: $26.00   Shipping Free
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About the Book:

This book offers a comprehensive as well as intensive scrutiny of the concept of Indian literature. In a world which is shrinking fast and in which the notion of world literature is itself a compelling need a national literature has to be envisaged in clear outline. Unifying forces like those of the modern and the new poetic consciousness are making a perceptible impact on world literature. The mutual impact of East and West itself brings out in sharp relief the unity of World Literature.

Starting with the idea of a federal political structure and the imprint it leaves on national literature, a comparison is instituted here between American and Indian literature on the one hand and Indian and Russian literature on the other and the unique character of Indian Literature underlined in this way. The reader is invited to consider a new academic discipline under literature, - the unity of World Literature from an Indian standpoint.

After examining thoroughly the idea of a national literature and of the Indianness of Indian literature, a bird's eye-view is given of the totality of Indian literature written in many languages. This is, so far, the only survey of this kind, telescoping the Indian literature which is one, but written in many languages. This study is further strengthened and supported by choosing for close examination some typical aspects of ancient, medieval and modern Indian literature or typical writers of one of these periods, - the transcendental and humanistic traditions in the ancient phase, Basaveshwara, Guru Nanak and Shankaradeva of the medieval phase and Tagore's influence and Indian aesthetics in the modern phase.

Side by side with these 'macro' studies in world literature, there are given 'micro' studies in para-regional or regional aspects to prove the soundness of the Unity of Indian Literature. Finally, a working syllabus is presented, from a pedagogical angle, introducing a study of Indian literature at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There are useful appendices, particularly the one that lists world classics for a study of world literature from an Indian standpoint.

About the Author:

Vinayak Krishna Gokak is a senior Professor of English; former Director of the Central Institute of English and Vice-Chancellor of Bangalore University; in 1957 was a delegate to the International P.E.N. Conference at Tokyo; in 1960 attended the Internationl Conference of poets in Belgium; recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award and also the Padmashri Award; widely published in India and abroad.



Part I

A World Background for the study of Indian Literature

Chapter 1
Three Approaches to the Study of World Literature
Chapter 2
World Poetry and the Modern Consciousness
Chapter 3
World Poetry and the New Poetic Consciousness
Chapter 4
Eastern and Western Literature: Their Mutual Impact

Part II

The Concept of Indian Literature

Chapter 5
The Idea of a National Literature: Indian Literature
Chapter 6
A Survey of Indian Literature
Chapter 7
The Indianness of Indian Literature

Part III

Some Aspects of Ancient and Medieval Indian Literature

Chapter 8
The Transcendental and Humanistic Traditions
Chapter 9
Medieval Indian Literature

Part IV

Modern Indian Literature

Chapter 10
The Modern Indian Way of Life
Chapter 11
The Milieu of the Modern Indian Writer
Chapter 12
Western Thought and Modern Indian Aesthetics
Chapter 13
Tagore's Influence on Modern Indian Poetry
Chapter 14
A Philosopher and a Missionary of the Indian Renaissance
Chapter 15
Modernity in Contemporary Indian Literature
Chapter 16
Foreign Influences on Modern Indian Poetry (1947-56)
Chapter 17
Modern Indian Literature and the Common Man

Part V

A Regional Perspective for the Study of Indian Literature

Chapter 18
The Literature in the South Indian Languages
Chapter 19
Kannada Literature
Chapter 20
Tagore and Modern Kannada Literature
Chapter 21
Literary Men, Though not Literature

Part VI

The Study of Indian Literature

Chapter 22
The Ways and Means of Ensuring a Better Access to Indian Literature
Chapter 23
Courses of Study in Indian Literature in Our Universities
       A Brief Survey of Indian Civilization
       A Brief Survey of the Various Phases of Indian Civilization with Reference to the Literary Pedigree of the Indian People
       A List of Books Appended to the Course of Studies Discussed in Chapter I

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