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Item Code: IDF192

by Karl H. Potter

Hardcover (Edition: 2009)

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN 8120803086

Language: English
Size: 9.7" X 6.2"
Pages: 1612
Weight of the Book: 2.888 kg
Price: $115.00
Discounted: $86.25   Shipping Free - 4 to 6 days
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From the Jacket:

This continues the first volume of the series. It indicates the scope of the project and provides a list of sources which will be surveyed in the subsequent volumes, as well as provide a guide to secondary literature for further study of Indian philosophy. It lists, in relative chronological order, Sanskrit and Tamil works. All known editions and translation into European languages are cited; where published versions of the text are not known, a guide to the location of manuscripts of the work is provided. Also it adds books and articles in European languages relating to the classical text, as well as those of a more general nature relating to schools or systems of Indian Language thought. The citations of published works in the present volume will cover 10,000 items.

About the Author:

Karl H. Potter is Professor of Philosophy and south Asian Studies at the University of Washington, and is General Editor of the present series, which attempts to summarily present the thought of all the great philosophical systems of India.

Preface V
List of Abbreviations 5
PART ONE: Sanskrit Texts With Dates Known, Listed in Chronological Order under Author's Names (Numbered) 45
PART TWO: Sanskrit Texts, Author's Dates Unknown (DU) 813
PART THREE: Authors of Unknown Dates Listed in Alphabetical Order with Names of Works (ADU) 891
PART FOUR: Secondary Literature 901
Carvaka (C) 902
Ajivika (Aj) 905
Jainism (J) 905
Abhidharma Buddhism (AB) 925
Sarvastivada and Vaidhasika Buddhism (SB) 946
Buddhist Logic (BL) 947
Yogacara Buddhism (YB) 951
Madhyamaka Buddhism (MB) 957
General Buddhism (GB) 967
Nyaya-Vaisesika (NV) 1036
Purva-Mimamsa (PM) 1054
Samkhya (S) 1060
Yoga (Y) 1073
Grammarian (G) 1093
Advaita (AV) 1099
Visistadvaita (VV) 1149
Saiva Siddhanta (SS) 1153
Kashmir Saiva (KS) 1160
Virasaiva (VS) 1164
General Saivism (GS) 1167
Bhedabheda/ Dvaitadvaita (BD) 1169
Suddhadvaita (SUD) 1169
Acintyabhedabheda (Ac) 1170
Dvaita (DV) 1172
General Hinduism (H) 1176
Index of Names 1322
Index of Titles 1450
Topical Index 1561
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