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EVER UNTO GOD: Essays on Gandhi and Religion

EVER UNTO GOD: Essays on Gandhi and Religion


Item Code: IDF836

by Sushil Kumar Saxena

Hardcover (Edition: 1988)

Indian Council of Philosophical Research
ISBN 8185636133

Language: English
Size: 8.8" X 5.8"
Pages: 135
Weight of the Book: 450 gms
Price: $22.50
Discounted: $16.88   Shipping Free
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About the Book:

The book is a perceptive study of Gandhi's concern with religion, based on Gadgets abundant writing and remarkable practice of yamas and niyamas. It provide insightful material not only on humility which Gandhi valued so highly, and which has rarely received analytic attention, but also on the truth ahimsa relation which is frequently talked about, but seldom critically appraised. Ludidly written, the book is enriched by phenomenological analyses of Gandhi's religious experience and of his intensely god ward fasting.

About the Author:

Dr. Sushil Kumar Saxena was formerly Professor o Philosophy, University of Delhi, Delhi. His main areas of study are metaphysics and the philosophies of art and religion. Besides contributing a number of papers to eminent journals of philosophy, aesthetics, and music, Dr Saxena is the author of Studies in the Metaphysics of Bradley, The winged From: Aesthetical essays on Hindustani Rhythms, Aesthetical Essays Swinging Syllables: Aesthetics of Kathak Dance and Are and Phylosopy: Seven Aestheticians. He is currently a Senior Fellow of Indian Council of Philosophical Research and is working on a book Entitled Aesthetics of Susane K.Langer and Some Indian Art.


Preface vii
Justifying a philosophical study of Gandhi's (religious) through 1-6
A blurring of distinctions may make sense in practice 3-4
The method chosen: reconstructing experience on analysis of language 4-6
Illustrated by interpreting some of Gandhi's utterances on prayer 5-6
Religion, a form of life; so a Way, too, of progress through self-checking 6
An utterance analysed: language as an impulse to self-gathering 6-7
Hence, our subject: not Gandhi's views alone, but his god ward life 7
Ahimsa (non-violence) but an emphasis in Gandhi's god ward living 8
I. But God's reality is also argued for, within limits 9-10
II. God as Truth 13-19
III. A question: Is God a Person (or a Force)? - Discusses 19-28
IV. The Problem of Evil 28-42
I. Prayer and the good life 43-49
II. The quintessence: longing 50-51
III. Some philosophical questions 52-70
IV.Distinctive emphases 70-92
I. HUMILITY 93-113
Introductory 93-96
1. As openness to correction 97-103
2. Humility as ontological 103-107
3. The humility of renunciation 108-109
4. Interfluence of the 'forms' of humility 109-111
5. Humility as Related to Prayer and Ahimsa 111-112
6. A question revisited: how exactly is humility not a vow? 112-113
II. FAITH 113-144
A. Introductory 113-121
B. Philosophical problem of faith 121-144
I. Ahimsa and self suffering 146-148
II.Ahimsa as a means -to Truth as God 148-179
III. Fasting as a potent articulation of self-suffering 179-186
Notes And References187-217

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