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Geography of Early Buddhism

Geography of Early Buddhism


Item Code: IGB13

by Bimala Churn Law

Hardcover (Edition: 1979)

Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN 8121512008

Language: English
Size: 9.5" X 6.3"
Pages: 112 ( with 1 map)
Price: $16.50
Discounted: $12.38   Shipping Free
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About the Book

Bimala Churn Law's Geography of Early Buddhism fulfils the long and acutely felt need for such a work; for many of the topographical features, both real and imaginary described in ancient literature, exist no longer. Early Pali literature, Jataka tales, Asokan inscriptions and the accounts of Chinese pilgrims contain much geographical information along with a mass of other details. All these scattered facts are collected and arranged here in a systematic manner so as to bring out a coherent geographical picture of ancient India. The chapters are so planned as to being out clearly the various physical features like boundaries, town, cities, lakes, rivers and mountains of the five regions- Middle, North, West, South and East - in which India is traditionally divided. The countries - Ceylon, Burma and others which adopted Buddhism later - are also described. A note on Cetiya and a map, showing the important kingdoms, cities, rivers and mountains known in that dim and distant past, are added.



    Sources - Buddhist Conception of India - Divisions of India.


Majjhimadesa or the Middle country
    Boundaries - town, cities and countries - Fourteen Mahajanapadas, Kasi, Kosala, Anga, Magadha, Vajji, Malla, Cedi, Vatsa or Vamsa, Kuru, Pancala, Matsya, Surasena, Assaka and Avanti - Janapadas, nigamas, nagaras and gamas - Rivers, lakes and tanks - Mountains, hills and caves - Parks, forests and jungles - Caityas, aramas and viharas.


Uttarapatha or the Northern India
    Boundaries - Two Mahajanapadas, Gandhara and Kamboja - Janapadas, nigamas, puras and gamas - Rivers, lakes and tanks - Mountains, hills and precipices.


Aparantaka or the Western India
    Boundaries - Janapadas, nigamas, puras and gamas - Seas, rivers and waterfalls - Mountains.


Dakkhinapatha or the Deccan and the Far South
    Boundaries - Janapadas, nigamas, puras and gamas - Rivers and lakes - Hills and caves - Parks, forest and jungles.


Pracya or the Eastern Country
    Boundaries -Janapadas and Puras


Ceylon, Burma and Other Foreign Countries
    Countries, provinces, cities and villages - Rivers, lakes and tanks - Forests and mountains - Cetiyas, aramas and viharas.


A note on the Cetiya in the Buddhist Literature
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