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The Healing Touch of Reiki

The Healing Touch of Reiki


Item Code: IDF193

by Mr PBV Lakshmi, Mr PVS Sastry

Paperback (Edition: 2005)

Pustak Mahal
ISBN 9788122307016

Language: English
Size: 8.6" X 5.4"
Pages: 112 (Illustrated With B & W Figures)
Weight of the Book: 140 gms
Price: $7.50
Discounted: $5.62   Shipping Free
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From the Back of the Book:

The authors of their readers a meaningful understanding of the History of Reiki. The book gives a detailed account of endocrine system in depth, including its function. The authors firmly believe that faith in one to get healed. Open mindedness, unconditional love and total surrender can see to it that one can achieve higher levels of consciousness.

Though there are several techniques available in this world, Reiki is one of the holiest, simplest and easiest to practice by everyone at all times. As such healing is an integrated process and the constant practice of Reiki which is a high level or rooted Meditation by a Practitioner invokes cosmic energy through the 'Chakras' to enhance the energy levels at all the five levels i.e. Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual. The authors want to emphasize that the practice of Reiki can bring enormous benefits such as it can enhance the creativity, bring in Wisdom, reverse the aging process, amplify the energy level, and reduce the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

About the Author:

Mrs. PBV Lakshmi was born at Jameshedpur in the year 1960. She did her Graduation from Andhra University, M.Sc from Bhubaneshwar and her M.Ed. from Annamalai University. She has been a regular practitioner of Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Pranic Healing for the last decade. She firmly believes that all those who practice Reiki which is the purest from God's love, can aim at reaching the higher levels of consciousness at a faster rate than by any other technique. Along with her husband Mr. Sastry she has healed over 1000 persons round the country.

Mr. PVS Sastry was born at Visakhapatnam in the year 1956. He is a graduate in Chemical Engg. from Andhra University and a postgraduate in mineral Engg. from Indian school of Mines, Dhanbad. He is employed with the Coal India Limited in Ranchi since 1981. He learnt and practiced several alternative medicinal techniques for self-development such as Yoga, Pranic Healing, Acupressure, Hypo therapy, art of Living besides Reiki. The Indian Board of Alternate Medicines awarded him a gold medal (1996), Eminent Physician Award 2000 for his contribution in the related fields. He is confident that healing methods are present within the body and healing process become faster with one's own acceptance to get healed. As a yoga instructor and Reiki grandmaster, he has so far trained and healed around 1000 persons throughout the country.


  Preface 7
1. The Art of Reiki 11
  What is Holistic Medicine? 11
  Reiki 13
  Chronology of Reiki Development 16
  Reiki Master Lineage 17
  Philosophy of Reiki 18
2. Uses of Reiki 22
  History of the Usui System of Natural Healing 22
  Reiki Healers 29
  Chakras 31
  Centring 45
  Endocrine System 47
  Aura 52
  Elements in the Body 58
3. Understanding Reiki 62
  Five Principles of Reiki 62
  Concepts of Reiki 67
  Reiki Positions for Treatment of Self and Others 69
  Reiki Certification 77
  Who to Treat 80
  Treating Infants, Plants, Animals, Food and Assorted odds and Ends 81
  How to Treat 84
  Different Techniques of Using Reiki 92
4. Concept of Chakras & Healing 94
  Light Circle 94
  Chakra Balancing 95
  Magic Healing Through Mental Affirmations 95
5. Development of Reiki Abroad 101
  Reiki Research Abroad 101
  Bibliography 106
  Glossary 108

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