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Indian Theories Of Meaning

Indian Theories Of Meaning


Item Code: IDF857


Hardcover (Edition: 2000)

The Adyar Library and Research Centre
ISBN 8185141363

Language: English
Size: 8.7" X 5.7"
Pages: 366
Weight of the Book: 664 gms
Price: $30.00   Shipping Free
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From the Jacket:

Indian theories of Meaning doctoral thesis, London University was prepared under the guidance of Prof. John Brough and first published in 1963. When Dr. Raja started his work meaning had been put under taboo in the field of linguistics b Bloomfield. Chomsky has now made syntax and semantics important parts in linguistics. Dr. Raja did not accept Wittgenstein's view about the need to keep quiet on hat cannot bee stated clearly. A philosophy of language which would eliminate whole areas of human culture as meaningless has little significance for humanity.




  Preface to the Reprint v
  Preface to the Second Edition vii
  Preface to the First Edition xi
  Abbreviations xvii
1. Introduction: The Meaning of Meaning 1-15
  The Problem of Meaning 3
  Two Aproaches to the Study of Meaning 6
  The Basic Triangle and Indian Views 11
2. Abhidha: The Primary Meaning of a word 17-94
  Meaning, conventional or Natural 19
  How do We Learn the Meanings of Words 26
  Multiple Meaning: Homophones and Homonyms 32
  Contextual Factors 48
  Four classes of Words: Yaugika, Rudha, Yogarudha and Yaugidarudha 59
  Etymology versus Popular Usage 63
  The Primary Meaning of a Word: Different Views 69
  The Buddhist theory of Apoha 78
  Criticisms of the Theory of Apoha 86
3. Sphota: The Theory of Linguistic Symbols 95-148
  The Doctrine of Sphota 97
  Patanjali's Vie of the Sphota 100
  Other Earlier Views 109
  Bhartrhari's Discussion about the Nature of the Sphota 116
  How the Sphota is Comprehended 124
  Arguments against the Sphota Doctrine 132
  Classifications of the Sphota 136
  Misconceptions about the Sphota 140
  Bhartrhari's Philosophy of Language 146
4. Conditions of Knowing the Meaning of a Sentences: 149-187
  The Mimamsa Definition of a Sentence 151
  Akanksa 157
  Yogyata 164
  Samnidhi 166
  Elliptical Sentences 169
  Tatparyajnane 176
5. The Comprehension of the Meaning of a Sentence 189-227
  Relationship of Words in a Sentence: Bheda or samsarga 191
  Anvitabhidhana Theory of Verbal Comprehension 193
  Abhihitanvaya Theory of Verbal Comprehension 203
  Tatparya as a Separate Vrtti 213
  Bhartrhari'S Theory of Akhan Davakyasphota 224
6. Laksana or Metaphor 229-273
  Definition of Metaphor 231
  Conditions for a Metaphor 231
  The Normal and the Actual Meanings in a Transfer 233
  Gauni Vrtti or Qualitative Transfer 242
  A Buddhist View 245
  Classification of Laksana 256
  Incompatibility of the Primary Sense 258
  Nirudha- laksana or Faded Metaphor 262
  Motive Elements in Laksana 264
  Compound Words 267
  Bhartrhari's views on Laksana 270
7. Vyanjana or Suggestion 275-315
  Vyanjana 277
  Theory of Dlwani 283
  Criticisms against the Dhvani theory 289-302
  (a) Dhvani and Anumana 290
  (b) Dhvani and Arthapatti 293
  © Dhvani and Laksana 295
  (d) Dhvani and Abhidha 298
  (e) Dhvani and Tatpayavrtti 301
  (f) Dhvani and Vakrodti 302
  Classification of Dhvani 302
  Intonation 312
  Bibliography 317
  Index 355

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