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Islamic Names (With Meanings)

Islamic Names (With Meanings)


Item Code: IDH413

by Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani

Paperback (Edition: 2005)

Idara Isha'At-E-Diniyat (P) Ltd.
ISBN 8171012868

Size: 7" X 4.5
Pages: 253
Price: $16.50
Discounted: $12.38   Shipping Free
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To choose a suitable name for a child has always been a matter of interest for Muslim family. Whenever a child is born, parents search for a good name for him or her. Islamic teachings have also encouraged the Muslims to select a meaningful and good name for their children. The Holy prophet has changed the names of several persons, because they carried a bad sense.

It is reported by Abdullah ibn Umar, the well-known Sahabi, that one of his sisters was named (Asiyah) which means 'disobedient'. The Holy Prophet changed her name to 'Jamilah' (Beautiful).

Many scientists today have admitted that the name of a person may influence his life, but the Holy Prophet has revealed this fact to his followers 1400 years ago when he advised the Muslims to select good names names are arranged in an alphabetical order and if some names are non-Arabic, their origin has been indicated before each. Where no such indication is found, it means that they are of Arabic origin.

This is also a good collection of the suitable names, which is easy to consult. It is hoped that it will assist the English Knowing Muslims in acquainting themselves with good Muslim names and their meanings. May Allah bless this effort with His approval and may make it useful for the Muslims and a source of His Pleasure in the Hereafter.

This is also the first book of my son Mr. Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani which reflects his literary interest. May Allah grant him a long peaceful life and make this book his first step towards a brilliant academic future and prologue to numerous greater services to Islam and Muslims.

Back of the Book

To choose a suitable name for a child has always been a matter of interest. The naming of a child should not be taken lightly, because the names are also a source of one's identity of the religion. It may also influence his nature, and attitude. Islamic teachings have also encouraged the Muslims to select a meaningful and good name for their wards. Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani has compiled the present comprehensive guidebook to fulfil the need of the Muslim families.


1 Foreword 9
2 Introduction 13
3 After the birth of child 13
4 Prayers of this Blessed occasion 14
5 Tahneek 15
6 Hair cutting; Aqeeqah and naming the child 15
7 KHATNAH or circumcision 16
8 Breast feeding 16
9 The child's clothing 17
10 Precaution against misfortune 17
11 Naming the child 18
12 Some Ahadith (Sayings) about naming the child 18
13 Naming after the name of the Holy Prophet 19
14 Giving good names 19
15 How to find a name 21
16 Frequent terms 23
17 Bibliography 24
Male Names
  A 29
  B 46
  D 51
  E 55
  F 56
  G 60
  H 63
  I 74
  J 80
  K 85
  L 92
  M 94
  N 114
  Q 120
  R 123
  S 129
  T 148
  U 155
  W 159
  Y 164
  Z 167
  A 175
  B 182
  D 185
  F 187
  G 192
  H 193
  I 198
  J 199
  K 201
  L 205
  M 206
  N 212
  P 216
  Q 217
  R 218
  S 224
  T 236
  U 239
  W 243
  Y 246
  Z 247
18 Some famous names of the Messengers of Allah 251
19 The name of Al-Ashrah Mubshsharah 251
20 The names of the wives of the Holy Prophet 252
21 Names of the children of the Holy Prophet 252
22 Daughters 252
23 The names of the scribes of the Wahi, the divine revelation 253
Sample Page

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Customer Comments

  • asalaam alaykaum.i would love you t help e to name my child a good naem.if ill have a baby or a girl by
    the middle of september this year
    - naimah
    2nd Apr 2012
  • female names
    - gift sylivia
    4th Jul 2007
  • can you name you child Asiyah
    - Asiyah
    19th Jun 2007
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