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Item Code: IDF573

by Edited by: Iqbal Husain, Introduction by: Irfan Habib, Appreciation by: Prabhat Patnaik

Paperback (Edition: 2008)

Tulika Books
ISBN 9788189487416

Language: English
Size: 9.8" X 6.5"
Pages: 308
Price: $27.50
Discounted: $20.62   Shipping Free
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From the Jacket:

Karl Marx's articles in the New York Daily Tribune constitute a separate genre among his works, being originally published in English and based on events in various countries in the world. There is no doubt that the work Marx undertook for his Tribune articles not only influenced his later theoretical work, but also gave him an opportunity to apply the general principles of his method of historical materialism to the study of complex circumstances prevalent in different parts of the world. The perception of pre-colonial and colonial India that he put forth in the Tribune is a classic product of such application.

The sheer boldness of marx's explanation of India's pre-colonial non-history; the remarkable insight into the nature of colonial rule which made it so different from all previous conquests of the country; the lucidity of the exposition of the dialectics of colonial impact; the passionate sympathy for the suffering of the Indians and at the same time the utterly dispassionate account of the historical course that opened up before the country, entirely independent of the will and consciousness of the colonial rulers themselves- all these combine to make the Tribune set of articles a real classic on Indian history/.

About the Author:

Iqbal Husain the editor is former Professor of History at the Aligarh Muslim University. He has established the text of Marx's articles from the original files of the newspaper in which they appeared. He has also collected the extracts relating to India from the Marx- Engels correspondence during the period of the articles.

Irfan Habib former Professor of History Aligarh, has contributed an Introduction surveying Karl Marx's perception of India in all its aspects. He has also supplied a list of references to India in other writings and letters of Marx and Engels.

Prabhak Patnaik Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi has written a special Appreciation of what Marx's articles on India add to our understanding of his ideas and approach.


Abbreviations Ix
Acknowledgement Xi
Prefatory Note Iqbal Husain Xiii
Introduction: Marx's perception of India Irfan Habib Xix
Appreciation: The Other Marx Prabhat Patnaik Iv
New York Daily Tribune 1853
India 3
Revolution in China and in Europe 6
Sir Charles Wood's East Indian Reforms 7
The British Rule in India 11
India 18
The East India company-Its History and Results 21
The Indian Question 29
The Government of India 30
The East India Question 37
War in Burma 41
India 43
The Future Results of British Rule in India 46
Railway Construction in India 52
New York Daily Tribune 1855
The Late British Government 55
The New York Daily Tribune 1857
Whose Atrocities 59
The Revolt in the Indian Army 60
The revolt in India 63
The Indian Question 66
Indian News 71
State of the Indian Insurrection 74
The Indian Insurrection 77
Dispatch of Troops to India 80
The Revolt in India 83
The Indian Revolt 89
Investigation of Tortures in India 92
British Income in India 97
The Revolt in India 101
The Revolt in India 105
The Revolt in India 109
The Revolt in India 114
The Capture of Delhi 119
New York Daily Tribune 1858
The Siege and Storming of Lucknow 127
The Relief of Lucknow 131
The Approaching Indian Loan 138
Windham's Defeat 142
British Atrocities in India 148
Scheme for the Administration of India 152
The Fall of Lucknow 155
How Lucknow Was Taken 160
The Annexation of Oude 165
Lord Canning's Proclamation and Land Tenure in India 170
After the fall of Lucknow 173
The British Army in India 175
The Indian Army 179
Taxation in India 183
The Indian Bill 188
Transport of Troops to India 191
History of the Opium Trade [1] 196
History of the Opium Trade [2] 199
The Revolt in India 202
New York Daily Tribune 1859
Great Trouble in Indian Finance 209
British Commerce 215
Octomber and December
Trade with China 218
New York Daily Tribune1860
British Commerce 221
Army in India, Commerce 223
The New Sardinian, French and Indian Loans 225
British Commerce 226
New York Daily Tribune 1861
The British Cotton Trade 231
The Intervention in Mexico 233
Unsigned Articles in the New York Daily Tribune, 1853-58 not established to be by Karl Marx 235
Letters of Marx and Engels, 1852-62: excerpts Relating to India 255
References to India in other Writing of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels
Compiled by Irfan Habib 283
Bibliography 292
Index 298

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