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The Kautiliya Arthasastra: 3 Volumes

The Kautiliya Arthasastra: 3 Volumes


Item Code: IDE739

by R.P. Kangle

Hardcover (Edition: 2010)

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN 8120800427

Language: English
Size: 9.8" X 6.6"
Pages: 1200
Weight of the book: 2.4 Kg.
Price: $145.00
Discounted: $108.75   Shipping Free - 4 to 6 days
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From the Jacket:

The Kautiliya Arthasastra is the oldest and most exhaustive treatise on the governance and administration of a state. Starting with the bringing up and education of the young prince, it proceeds to the appointment of ministers and the organization and functioning of various state departments, including the setting up of a secret service. It then sets forth a code of civil and criminal law. In the matter of foreign relations, it puts before the ruler the ideal of a 'vijigisu' (would-be world conqueror) and discusses in great detail the various situations he may have to face in his dealings with foreign states, whether friendly or inimical, and points out how he should conduct himself in every case so as to achieve his goal. The present edition comprises three parts.

Part I is a new critical edition of the text based on all manuscript evidences available so far as well as on portions of ancient commentaries that have been published. It also takes into account the new commentary on the entire text by T. Ganapati Sastri.

Part II is a new English translation of the text; the critical and explanatory notes consider the various readings in the text as well as the different interpretations found in the commentaries or offered by modern scholars.

Part III is a study of the text and deals with all problems that are likely to arise in connection with its study, such as the origin of the Arthasastra as a science, the authorship and date of the work, social conditions reflected in it, the economy of the state visualized in it, the administrative setup recommended, law and its administration, foreign polity and so on. It also attempts an assessment of its importance and relevance in modern times.

About the Author:

R.P. Kangle taught Sanskrit for over thirty years in Government colleges in Gujarat and Maharashtra (old Bombay Presidency) and retired as Professor of Sanskrit from the Elphinstone College, Bombay in 1954. The three-part work on the kautilya Arthasastra was published by the University of Bombay between 1961 and 1965. Other publications to his name are in Marathi: The Plays of Kalidasa, Ancient Indian Political Science, Ancient Poetics Marathi translations of the Kautiliya Arthasastra, etc.



Sanskrit Text with a Glossary

An English Translation with Critical and Explanatory Notes

Book 1Concerning the Topic of Training1-54
1Enumeration of Sections and Books1
2Sec. 1Enumeration of the Sciences5
3Sec. 1(Continued)7
4Sec. 1(Continued)9
5Sec. 2Association with Elders10
6Sec. 3Control over the Senses12
7Sec. 3(Continued)13
8Sec. 4Appointment of Ministers15
9Sec. 5Appointment of Councillors and Chaplain17
10Sec. 6Ascertainment of the Integrity of Ministers by Means of Secret Tests18
11Sec. 7Appointment of Persons in Secret Service21
12Sec. 7(Continued)
Sec. 8Rules for Secret Servants23
13Sec. 9Keeping over the Enemy's Seducible and Non-seducible Parties28
14Sec. 10Winning over the Enemy's Seducible and Non-seducible Parties30
15Sec. 11The Topic of Counsel32
16Sec. 12Rules for the Envoy36
17Sec. 13Guarding against Princes39
18Sec. 14Conduct of the Prince in Disfavour
Sec. 15Behaviour towards a Prince in Disfavour43
19Sec. 16Rules for the King45
20Sec. 17Regulations for the Royal Residence48
21Sec. 18Protection of the King's Person51
Book 2The Activity of the Heads of Departments55-189
1Sec. 19Settlement of the Countryside55
2Sec. 20Disposal of Non-agricultural Land59
3Sec. 21Construction of Forts61
4Sec. 22Lay-out of the Fortified City67
5Sec. 23Duties of the Directory of Stores72
6Sec. 24The Setting up of Revenue by the Administrator75
7Sec. 25Records and Accounts and Audit Office80
8Sec. 26Misappropriation of Revenue by Officers and Its Recovery85
9Sec. 27Inspection of Officers Work89
10Sec. 28The Topic of Edicts92
11Sec. 29Examination of Precious Articles Received in the Treasury97
12Sec. 30Starting of Mines and Factories105
13Sec. 31The Superintendent of Gold in the Workshop110
14Sec. 32The Royal Goldsmith in the Market Highway116
15Sec. 33The Superintendent of the Magazine122
16Sec. 34The Directory of Trade127
17Sec. 35The Director of Forests129
18Sec. 36The Superintendent of the Armoury131
19Sec. 37Standardisation of Weights and Measures134
20Sec. 38Measures of Space and Time138
21Sec. 39The Collector of Customs141
 22Sec. 39(Continued)144
23Sec. 40The Superintendent of Yarns146
24Sec. 41The Director of Agriculture148
25Sec. 42The Controller of Spirituous Liquors153
26Sec. 43The Supervisor of Animal Slaughter157
27Sec. 44The Superintendent of Courtesans158
28Sec. 45The Controller of Shipping162
29Sec. 46The Superintendent of Cattle165
30Sec. 47The Superintendent of Horses170
31Sec. 48The Superintendent of Elephants174
32Sec. 48(Continued)177
33Sec. 49The Superintendent of Chariots
Sec. 50The Superintendent of Foot Soldiers
Sec. 51The Commandant of the Army179
34Sec. 52The Superintendent of Passports
Sec. 53The Superintendent of Pastures181
35Sec. 54The Administrator's Activity
Sec. 55Activity of Secret Agents182
36Sec. 56The City Superintendent185
Book 3Concerning Judges190-253
1Sec. 57Valid and Invalid Transactions
Sec. 58Filing of Law-suits190
2Sec. 59Concerning Marriage196
3Sec. 59(Continued)201
4Sec. 59(Continued)205
5Sec. 60Partition of Inheritance208
6Sec. 60(Continued)211
7Sec. 60(Continued)213
8Sec. 61Concerning Immovable Property216
9Sec. 61(Continued)219
10Sec. 61(Continued)
Sec. 62Non-observance of Conventions222
11Sec. 63Non-payment of Debts226
12Sec. 64Concerning Deposits230
13Sec. 65Law Concerning Slaves and Labourers235
14Sec. 65(Continued)
Sec. 66Undertakings in Partnership239
15Sec. 67Rescission of Sale and Purchase242
16Sec. 68Non-conveyance of Gifts
Sec. 69Sale without Ownership
Sec. 70The Relation of Ownership248
17Sec. 71Forcible Seizure245
18Sec. 72Verbal Injury246
19Sec. 73Physical Injury247
20Sec. 74Gambling and Betting
Sec. 75Miscellaneous Offences250
Book  4The Suppression of Criminals254-291
1Sec. 76Keeping a Watch over Artisans254
2Sec. 77Keeping a Watch over Traders259
3Sec. 78Remedies during Calamities262
4Sec. 79Guarding against Persons with Secret Income265
5Sec. 80Detection of Criminals through Secret Agents267
6Sec. 81Arrest on Suspicion, with the Article and by the Act268
7Sec. 82Inquest on Sudden Deaths272
8Sec. 83Investigation through Interrogation and through Torture274
9Sec. 84Keeping a Watch over Departments277
10Sec. 85Redemption from Corporal Punishment281
11Sec. 86Capital Punishment283
12Sec. 87Violation of Maidens285
13Sec. 88Punishment for Transgressions288
Book 5Secret Conduct292-313
1Sec. 89Infliction of Secret Punishment292
2Sec. 90Replenishment on the Treasury296
3Sec. 91The Salaries of State Servants302
4Sec. 92Conduct Proper for a Dependent305
5Sec. 93Proper Behaviour of a Courtier307
6Sec. 94Continuance of the Kingdom
Sec. 95Continuous Sovereignty309
Book 6The Circle of Kings as the Basis314-320
1Sec. 96Excellences of Constituents314
2Sec. 97Concerning Peace and Activity317
Book 7The Six Measures of Foreign Policy321-384
1Sec. 98Enumeration of the Six Measures
Sec. 99Use of Measures in Decline, Stable Condition and Advancement321
2Sec. 100Conduct when Seeking Shelter325
3Sec. 101Policies for the Equal, the Weaker and the Stronger Kings
Sec. 102Peace-Treatises by the Weaker King327
4Sec. 103Staying Quiet after Making War
Sec. 104Staying Quiet after Making Peace
Sec. 105Marching after Making War
Sec. 106Marching after Making War
Sec. 107Marching with other Kings331
5Sec. 108Considerations about Attack on a Vulnerable King and the Enemy
Sec. 109Causes Leading to Decline, Greed and Disaffection among Subjects
Sec. 110Confederated Allies334
6Sec. 111March of two Allied Kings
Sec. 112Treaties with Stipulations, without Stipulations and with Deserters338
7Sec. 113Peace and War Connected with Dual Policy342
8Sec. 114Conduct of the King about to be Attacked
Sec. 115Allies Fit to be Helped346
9Sec. 116Pacts for Securing an Ally, Money, Land an Undertaking349
10Sec. 116(Continued)353
11Sec. 116(Continued)355
12Sec. 116(Continued)359
13Sec. 117Considerations about the King Attacking in the Rear361
14Sec. 118Recoupment of Powers Become Weak366
15Sec. 119Entrenching Oneself in a Fort in War with a Stronger King
Sec. 120Conduct of the King Surrendering with Troops369
16Sec. 121Conduct of the King Subjugating by Force372
17Sec. 122The Making of Peace
Sec. 123Liberation of the Hostage375
18Sec. 124Conduct towards the Middle King
Sec. 125Conduct Towards the Neutral King
Sec. 126Conduct towards the Circle of Kings380
Book 8Concerning the Topic of Calamities385-405
1Sec. 127Calamities of the Constituent Elements385
2Sec. 128Calamities of the King and Kingship390
3Sec. 129Vices of Man393
4Sec. 130Afflictions
Sec. 131Hindrances
Sec. 132Stoppages of Payment to the Treasury397
5Sec. 133Calamities of the Army
Sec. 134Calamities of the Ally401
Book 9The Activity of the King About to March406-432
1Sec. 135Relative Strength of Powers, Place and Time
Sec. 136Seasons for Marching on an Expedition406
2Sec. 137Employment of Different Troops
Sec. 138Enquipping Troops for War
Sec. 139Employing Suitable Troops against Enemy Troops409
3Sec. 140Revolts in the Rear
Sec. 141Measures against Risings by Constituents413
4Sec. 142Consideration of Losses, Expenses and Gains417
5Sec. 143Dangers from Officers420
6Sec. 144Dangers from Traitors and Enemies422
7Sec. 145Dangers with Advantage, Disadvantage and Uncertainty
Sec. 146Overcoming Dangers by Different Means427
Book 10Concerning War433-453
1Sec. 147Setting up of the Camp433
2Sec. 148March from the Camp
Sec. 149Guarding Troops during Calamities and at the Time of Attack435
3Sec. 150Covert Fighting
Sec. 151Encouraging the Troops
Sec. 152Disposition of Troops438
4Sec. 153Grounds Suitable for Fighting
Sec. 154Functions of Infantry, Cavalry, Chariots and Elephants442
5Sec. 155Arrangement of Battle-arrays
Sec. 156Distribution of Strong and Weak Troops
Sec. 157Modes of Fighting of Infantry, Cavalry, Chariots and Elephants445
6Sec. 158Staff, Snake, Circle and Diffuse Arrays
Sec. 159Counter-arrays against Them450
Book 11Policy towards Oligarchies454-459
1Sec. 160The Policty of Showing Dissensions
Sec. 161Forms of Silent Punishment454
Book 12Concerning the Weaker King460-473
1Sec. 162The Mission of the Envoy460
2Sec. 163Fight with the Weapon of Diplomacy
Sec. 164Assassination of Army Chiefs462
3Sec. 164(Continued)
Sec. 165Stirring up the Circle of Kings465
4Sec. 166Secret Use of Weapons, Fire and Poison
Sec. 167Destruction of Supplies, Reinforcements and Raids467
5Sec. 168Overreaching the Enemy by Trickery
Sec. 169Overreaching the Force
Sec. 170Victory of the Single King470
Book 13Means of Taking a Fort474-493
1Sec. 171Instigation of Sedition474
2Sec. 172Drawing the Enemy out by Means of Stratagems477
3Sec. 173Employment of Secret Agents481
4Sec. 174Laying Siege to a Fort
Sec. 175Storming a Fort485
5Sec. 176Pacification of the Conquered Territory491
Book 14Concerning Secret Practices494-511
1Sec. 177Secret Practices for the Destruction of Enemy Troops494
2Sec. 178Deceiving through Occult Practices499
3Sec. 178(Continued)508
4Sec. 179Counter-measures against Injuries to One's Own Troops510
Book 15The Method of the Science512-516
1Sec. 180Devices Used in the Science512
Index of Principal Topics517

A Study

1. Arthasastra: Scope and Origin1
2. The Kautiliya Arthasastra: Content and Form19
3. Sources40
4. Author and Date59
5. The State in Kautilya116
6. Society and Social Life143
7. State Economy166
8. State Administration194
9. Law and Administration of Justice215
10. Internal Security232
11. Defence and External Affairs244
12. Concluding Remarks266
Word Index295
General Index297

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