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Learn Arabic in 30 Days

Learn Arabic in 30 Days


Item Code: IDJ597

by N. S. R. Ganathe

Paperback (Edition: 2007)

Balaji Publications

Size: 6.8" X 4.6"
Pages: 168
Weight of the Book: 125 gms
Price: $8.00
Discounted: $6.00   Shipping Free
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Author's Preface

Arabic, the language of Islam, is spoken today by some 50 millions of people and, beyond this, has served for centuries as the sacred, literary and official language of Middle East countries. It is one of the international languages.

Arabic is a semitic language and so different from those usually studied in India and Europe. In this language the roots consist of unpronounceable skeleton of three consonants, called radicals, and these rots are not words. The addition of vowels, prefixes. Suffixes to the root makes words. Thus in Arabic a root like 'k-t-b' 'write appears in words like katab' - he wrote, 'kaatib - writer, 'kitaab - book; and with prefixes 'ma-kaatib - place for writing, 'ma-ktab' - school, 'ye-ktub' - he is writing.

LEARN ARABIC IN 30 DAYS is written for those who wants to learn Arabic in their leisure time without any teacher. It will guide them to read, write, understand and speak few simple sentences of their own.

To gain the full benefit of the book and its simplified system, it is essential that the notes gives at the end of the lesson should be carefully observed and adhered to.

Any suggestion from experts or from the general reader for improvement of this book, will be highly appreciated.

My thanks are also due to the authorities and to all my professional brothers for their support and appreciation of my works.


How to Writevii
FIRST PART (Alphabet and Pronunciation)
Read the following words5
Short Vowels7
Long Vowels10
Dipthongs & Nunations12
Double Consonant & Absence of Vowel14
The Method of Writing Arabic17
The Different Forms of Letters19
The Parts of the Body32
Domestic Articles37
Domestic Animals42
Wild Animals43
Week Days50
Months of the Hijri Year51
Months of the Christian Year52
The Ordinal Numbers56
THIRD PART (Sentences)
Sentences of One Word73
Sentences of Two Words74
Sentences of Three Words76
Interrogative Sentences78
The Clock81
For Reading Practice82
Definite Article85
The Nominal Sentences89
The Demonstrative Pronouns91
Independent Pronoun97
Past Tense - The Verbal Sentences99
Past Tense - The Nominal Sentences100
Attached Pronouns101
Conjugation of the Past-Tense103
The Objective Case104
The Object106
The Possessive Case107
The Prepositions109
Conjugation of the Present & Past Tenses111
Near Future & Distan Future114
The Imperative116
Joining of the Article 'Al'120
The Colioquial Arabic121
Conjugation of 'To Be' in Past Tense122
'To Be' in Present & Future Tense123
For Reading124
Differences of Tense125
The Noun of Agency127
Perfect Participle128
Irregular Verbs - Past Tense129
Some Irregular Verbs131
FIFTH PART (Conversations)
Useful Sentences135
With The Friend137
In The Market141
In The Hotel145
With The Doctor149
In The Book-Stall151
I Want a Room153
In the Textile Shop155
In the Post-Office159
On Journey163
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Customer Comments

  • i want learn arabib to hindi
    - saif ali
    11th Apr 2015
  • I want to learn Arabic to Urdu.
    - Asad
    1st Nov 2014
  • assalamo alaikom...Arabic, ... is spoken today by some 50 millions !!!! there are 22 arabe contries ...more thane 400 millions. Arabic is spoken by over 323 million people worldwide as a first language, which is about the same as the number of native English speakers.
    - jamalovic
    20th Jul 2014
  • i want to leaen hindi to arabic
    - masood ahmad
    26th Dec 2013
  • Hi I need this books to learn abrabic for South Sudan, Pls can any one quote the price for the same or just sms me i will return call

    Uganda +256776785650

    South Sudan +211 956 059 050
    - Mansur Kothia (
    27th Apr 2012
  • i want learn
    - ALOK
    22nd May 2010
  • to have review on this book
    - Mohammed
    11th May 2010
  • good english translator of arabic language for all islamic people who comes from different places stays in arabic countru it is easy to lean the language . good fluent arabic is speech those who read this type of books every day. thanking you
    - syed khursheed
    2nd Apr 2010
  • i want to learn abric to hindi or hindi to arbic
    - prakash rathi
    19th Mar 2010
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