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Learn Hindi in A Month (Concise, Precise, Simplified)

Learn Hindi in A Month (Concise, Precise, Simplified)


Item Code: IHK009

by Ishwar Datt


Readwell Publication
ISBN 8187782005

Language: (With Hindi Words Transliterated into English)
Size: 7.0 Inch X 4.9 Inch
Pages: 200
Price: $9.00
Discounted: $6.75   Shipping Free
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Back of the Book

Hindi numerically the biggest of the Indo Aryan family is the official language of the Government of India. It is a sweet language its literature is rich in mystical experiences spiritually and beauties of Nature. Most of the English speaking nations disgusted with the science and scientific progress blinded by the dazzle of scientific achievements and fatigued by the speed of life are seeking refuge in religion and spiritually. Without passing through the crucible of persona experiences one can learn mush form Hindi Literature. It is here that the need to learn Hindi arises. The author of Readwell’s learning Hindi in a month has done a wonderful job in simplifying the procedure of learning Hindi through English. If you are seeking spiritual enlightenment, mental peace and communion with the Almighty Hindi, can go long way. Foreigners will discover a new world through Hindi whereas Indians will be Indians by learning Hindi.


Sometimes ago while I was in search of a book on science subject I chanced to see a book about which loud claims of learning a language in a short time without the aid of a teacher were made. My curiosity knew no bounds and I wondered if it was possible to verify those claims. After reading a few pages here and there it took me no time to realize that this was a case of over estimation not that this could not be done but because the book had many drawbacks. However it prompted me to create a work myself which should be worthwhile and should really benefit the learner. Although I will not claim that one can master a language in a given period of time because language in a given period of time because language is a boundless thing yet I have taken cares to present my work in a simple and easy to understand manner. A beginner can follow the lessons without any pause and realize that this language is just not that difficult to learn as he had dreaded.

There were writers who ignore grammar and fill their books with translated sentences in the pious belief that one can learn a language with the aid of only readymade sentences. But this is wrong. Knowledge of grammar is essential for learning correct language. The superstructure of translations howsoever well mastered just disappears as soon as the learner is asked to with grammatically correct sentences. The learner realizes that he is nowhere near the language and that the learning of grammar is basic to the learning of correct language. Once he understands the rules of grammar he has crossed more than half the way towards the learning of the language and easy presentation of these rules smoothens his further path.


1Alphabets, Vowels 11
2 Consonants 13
3 Vowels & Consonants put together 19
4 Building the words 22
5 Introducing Conjunctions 30
6 Grammar Noun 39
7 Grammar Gender 42
8 Grammar Number 54
9 Grammar Case 61
10 Grammar Pronouns 74
11 Grammar Verb 81
12 Grammar Tense 89
13 Grammar Auxiliary Verbs 109
14 Grammar Compound Verbs 113
15 Grammar Participles 116
16 Grammar Moods 120
17 Grammar Adverb 126
18 Grammar Pronoun 128
19 Grammar Adjective 133
20 Imperatives & Useful Expressions 144
21 Use of No 153
22 Interrogatives 156
23 Some More Expression
About the Shop
24 Seasons & weather 164
25 Time 166
26 Requests & Permissions 168
27 Apologies 169
28 Exercise for letters Reading 171
29 Conversation 178
30 Translation 183
Vocabulary 188
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