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Lifestyle of The Vedic People

Lifestyle of The Vedic People


Item Code: IDF139

by Pranati Ghosal

Hardcover (Edition: 2006)

D.K. Printworld (p) Ltd.
ISBN 8124603448

Language: English
Size: 8.9" X 5.8"
Pages: 302
Price: $30.00   Shipping Free
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From the Jacket :

Based on a deep analysis of the Vedic literature, the book deals with the aspects of everyday life of the Vedic people: their housing, mode of production and occupations, social organization, education, food and drink, entertainment, dress and cosmetics, etc.

Tracing the influence of Vedic learning on Upanisads and Sutra literature which have also been referred to here for details on the Vedic people and their traditions, this study focuses on the lifestyle of seers and the elite as well as that of the common people and stresses the importance of the ritualistic context in discussing aspects of daily life like preparing of food and food-eating habits, style of dressing, building of houses and so on. It deals with the Vedic people's approach to life, covering points such as their attitude towards knowledge and their quest for Brahman, their view of death and their yearning for heaven. This publication also examines the growth of the Vedic tradition from one based on the minimum requirements of life to a tradition involving refinement of things – a system of writing and a complex religion based on deep philosophical study and explanation of cosmology.

The book will be useful to all the students and scholars of ancient Indian religion and culture.

About the Author :

Dr. Pranati Ghosal (1956-) is a promising scholar in the field of Sanskrit, and Vedic Studies in particular, and is presently working with the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Varanasi. She is the co-editor of the Annual Bulletin and Proceedings of a number of seminars organized at Jnana-Pravaha. She has co-edited the recently published volume on Buddhism and Gandhara Art, Interaction Between Brahmanical and Buddhist Art, and Sakta Contribution to Varanasi. Dr. Ghosal has authored Jada-Bharata's Prasanavali: A Text on Advaita Vedanta, and several research papers which have been highly rated for their academic value and have been appeared in reputed journals and bulletins.


Foreword by R.C. Sharma vii
Preface ix
Key to Transliteration xv
Abbreviations xviii
Introduction 1
1. Food Habit 9
Grains 10
Barley 11
Wheat 11
Rice 11
Milk 15
Milk Products 16
Fruits and Vegetables 18
Meat 19
Fish 20
Preparation of Food 21
Use of Cooking Spices 22
Utensils / Implements 23
Drinks 25
Food Prescribed on Sacrificial Occasions 30
First Food to the Child 31
Manners Concerning Food 32
Restrictions and Prohibitions on the Use of Food 32
2. Dress Arrangement 37
Dress: As a General Term 38
Varieties of Dress 38
Variety of Materials Used for Dress 41
Use of Different Dresses on Different Occasions 42
Ornaments 46
Variety of Materials Used for Ornaments 49
Hair-dressing 50
Cosmetics 52
3. Housing System 57
Lay-out of the House / Building Plan 63
Construction of the House 65
House hold Furniture 69
4. Mode of Production and Other Occupations 73
Agriculture 73
Importance of Agriculture 74
Stages of Cultivation 75
Farmers 79
Agricultural Implements 80
Cattle Rearing 81
Trade & Commerce 83
Other Modes of Production 86
Hunting 87
Fishery 89
Vocations Related to Cottage Industries 90
Weaving 90
Smith 91
Carpentry 92
Pottery 93
Miscellaneous Vocations 96
Barber & Washer 96
Occupation related with House-Hold 97
Occupation related to the King / Administration 98
Occupation related to Conveyance 100
Professions related with Music and Dance 100
Forbidden Professions 102
5. Entertainment 103
Dicing 104
Mythological Background of Dicing 105
The Game – Its Classification 109
Dice: Its Material 114
Relation Between Names of Ages and Dice Racing 115
Chariot Race & Horse Race 115
Mythological Background of Races 116
Racing Horse 118
Contents of Skill / Pre-eminence 121
Plays / Games 121
Lottery Contest 122
Hunting 122
Cultivation of Fine Arts 122
Music and Dance 122
Dance and Music in Social Life 127
Musical Instruments 130
Employment of Music and Dance in Rituals 134
People's Attitude towards Music & Dance 143
6. Education 145
Students: Brahmacarin 147
Upanayana 148
Tenure of Studentship 149
Duties of a Student 149
Study 150
Subjects of Study 150
Time and Place of Study 152
Holidays 153
Eligibility of being a Student 154
Student's Manners 155
Teachers 156
Duties of a Teacher 159
Teacher's Desire for Students 160
Convocation 161
Relation between Teacher and Students 162
System of Free Education 163
Methods of Study and Teaching 164
Variety of Institutions 169
Women's Education 172
Education for Common People 173
7. Social Life 179
Classification of Society Based on Four Classes 179
Origin of Four Castes 180
Characteristic Features and Occupations 182
Right to the Vedic Studies 183
Four Orders of Life 186
Studenthood 187
Daily Routine of a Student 188
Domestic Life (Garhasthya) 192
Necessity of Domestic Life 192
A Pen-Picture of Domestic Life 194
Exceptions 197
Duties of Householder 198
Agnihotra 198
Pancamahayajna 204
Balikarma 207
Vanaprastha and Samnyasa 209
8. Views of Life 215
Srauta Sacrifices 218
Grhya Rites 224
Death as Viewed by People 225
Desire for Heaven 230
Quest for Supreme Knowledge 233
Pupilage 236
Its Tenure 237
Eligibility 239
Result: Liberation 240
Bibliography 247
Index 255

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