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Ma Anandamayee The Divine Mother Showers Grace On Us

Ma Anandamayee The Divine Mother Showers Grace On Us


Item Code: IDG619

by Prasanna Madhava


Sohan Printing Press

Size: 8.5" X 5.4"
Pages: 161
Price: $16.50   Shipping Free
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Back of the Book:

The manifestation of the divine as Shree Shree Ma Anandamayee is unique and unparalleled in the spiritual history of the world. The most exalted spiritual leaders and mahatmas came to Her during Her lifetime and acknowledged Her supreme Divinity.

Similarly, great political leaders, royal personages, scholars and people at large from all countries sought Her and received guidance and blessings, from Her.

The author, Air Vice Marshal (Retd) P.P. Madhava covers in Part One of the book the way Ma had drawn him and his family in 1967 and showered Her blessing on them through out their life.

Ma's Leela, the mystic incidents in childhood, marriage, revelation of Her Divinity, the surge of spiritual revival in Her presence, liberation of Many, identity of Her parents family and Her all-inclusive teaching are covered in Part Two.


Reading or hearing about the divine Mother, Shre Shre Anandamayee Me, is a joy in itself. Many devotees and eminent persons have written about their experience of M. Each author brought out some aspects of Ma and her Leela in this world as noticed by them. Sometimes, I wondered whether I should also write about Ma and our experience of Ma' grace. I did not come to any definite conclusion because Ma says a one should concentrate on Sadhana to the best of one's ability.

Recently, after attending the morning puja in the Samadhi Mandir of Ma, I was walking back to my room. Shree Somesh Chandra Banerjee, Additional General Secretary of Anandamayee Sangha and Formerly Chief Engineer in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarachal States, overtook me from behind and suggested that I should write about Ma in Telugu. When I told him that my current touch with Telugu was not very good, he asked me to write in English. Shri Banerjee is a close disciple of Ma and also closely related to Her having married Sharimati Gayatri Devi, and grand daughter of Didima and niece of Ma. Somehow, the manner and timing of this conversation gave me the feeling that it was prompting form Ma Herself and I decided to make the attempt.

I moved to my daughter Vijaya's house in Dehra Dun. Vijaya is principal of Hope town Girls' School, a residential school in Dehra Dun and she lives on the campus of the school. Whenever there was any important work for me, she gave me her full support. In the present case, she gave all the administrative facilities for this work and personally did some computer typing and arranging and centering the titles and the text of the whole book. Her secretary, Shardha Pradhan, helped by doing most of the computer typing and arranging and centering the titles and the text of the whole book before the printout was taken. I wish to record my sincere thanks to Vijaya and Shardha for this immense help. Shir SC Banerjee has seen the draft of the book and gave many useful suggestions, particularly with respect to Ma's immediate family.

The book is divided into two parts. Part I gives an account of how Ma has drawn and taken us under Her protective wing and our experiences of Her grace throughout our lives.

The second part (Part II) is a short account of Ma's advent, Her life, teachings and how She has transformed and revived the spiritual life of people in country and the world. This is rally is a very vast and deep subject. Even many volumes of writing cannot do justice to it. Here an attempt has been made to give the major events in a simple leaders, princes, foreigners, a few names are given as a simple only. Otherwise, the book will become too unwieldy. Similarly, only a few of the miraculous incidents and examples of those who are liberated are given so that the reader can get a more complete understanding of ma.

While writing this book, I could feel the guiding hand of Everything I needed, particularly the information I was looking for, presented itself to me with very little effort. The right books, journals, articles came to me as if by themselves. Thus, the search and research for information on Ma has become another experience of Ma's grace.

Revered Swami Vijayananda, who is ninety years old and hails from France but remained in India with Ma since 1951 (See Chapter 27) has very kindly written an introduction to this book. My humble pranam to him.
This is not meant to be a scholar's work. I is a work of devotion done with the help of Ma and is offered back to Her with humility.

Shir Vakas Sharma has very kindly arranged the printing of this book through Shri Rakes Sharma. My sincere thanks to them for the keen interest they have taken in bringing out this book.

I hope all the people who have some spiritual urge will be happy to read it and if they are not already on some line of sadhna, will derive some encouragement to take up spiritual endeavour for their own real welfare.


Part I
Ma Calls Us
Our Experiences of Her Grace
Chapter 11
The First Hesitant Steps
First hearing about Ma; My background; Initial Urge and Sandness, The first darshan and gradual pull t onwards ma; Lakshmi's lack of faith initially; Our pilgrimage to Tirupati; Many temples visited on the trip; Ma draws Lakshmi instantly: Birthday celebrations in Pune
Chapter 210
Chapter 312
Who is Ma?
Chapter 416
Ma's grace on us
Grace on Gurupurnima Day; Last darshan of Didima; Anxiety for recognition from Ma; Gifts from Ma
Chapter 520
Ma comes to our house
Chapter 624
My medical problems
Chapter 726
More instances of Ma's grace
Ma says in Telgu "I will go to Andhra"; Ma receives Lakshmi's sweet and distributes it personally; I take Ma for an evening drive: Blessings to NDA; Rathyatra; Darshan in Benares (Varanasi): Birthday in Varanasi: Birthday in Bombay
Chapter 830
Our Puja to Ma in the Pune Ashram
Chapter 933
Ma calls us for Didima's Sanyas Utsav
Chapter 1035
Ma's continuing Grace
Vijaya takes Diksha; Birthday at Kankhal; Gurupurnima in Dehra dun; Kumbh Mela at Allahabad; Bhagawat Saptah in Pune; Lilitha's fever cured: Lakshmi's father passes away
Chapter 1140
Transfer to Allahabad
Durga Puja in Gondal; Celebrations in Bangalore; Ma's call and exclusive darshan in Allahabad; Vijaya's marriage; Ma's blessings to Bhaskar, Ma's protection for medical category again
Chapter 1247
Delhi Days
Birthday celebration at Kankhal; Spiritual places seen during NDC Course; Our desire to offer a gold ornament to Ma, Ma gives us a house; Samyam Saptah at Kankhal; My last darshan of Ma; we Move to Shillong
Chapter 1352
Ma takes Mahasamadhi
Chapter 14
After Mahasamadhi
Progress in career and retirement; I got a 'house' in the ashram; Ma's presence in always there; Lakshmi's health slowly deterioration; Marriage of Lalitha and Bhaskar; Living by ourselves; Lakshmi passes away
Chapter 1562
Bhagawat Saptah for Lakshmi
Our prayer to Ma, Shobha Yatra
Chapter 1666
Ma's protection to Bhaskar (During Kargil War)
Chapter 1768
Time Moves On
Part II
Glimpses of Ma's Life and Teaching
Chapter 1870
Birth and parents; Early indications of Ma's Swarupa; Schooling
Chapter 1972
Marriage - Seva to Husband's family
Ma moulds Bholanathji; Gradual revelation in Astagrame; First time Ma addressed as Ma - Har Kumar's prophesy
Chapter 2074
Sadhana Leela - Play of Sadhana
Kheyala for play of Sadhana; Self Initiation; Initiation of Bholanath;
Chapter 21
Shahbagh Gardens - Dhaka
Siddheswari; Kali Puja; Supernormal powers; Congress of Indian Philosophers
Chapter 2279
Bhaiji and Gurupriya Didi
Chapter 2380
Movement out of Dhaka - Mahatmas come to Ma
Ma leaves Dhaka - comes to Dehra Dun
Chapter 2482
Continuously on the move
A revival of spiritual centers; Naimisharanya; Vindhyachal; Tour of South India; Many ashrams and Sangha come up
Chapter 2585
Ma's Divinity recognized by all
Sadgurus and Mahatmas; Political Leaders, Kamala and Pandit Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose; Indira Gandhi; Princes and Business Magnates;
Chapter 2689
Mahatmas in the Ashram
Swamis Paramananda, Virajananda, Swarupandanda; Bhaskarananda
Chapter 2793
Foreign devotees and MahatmasSwami Vijayananda; Swami Atmananda
Chapter 2896
The Teachings
All doctrines are equal to Ma; Teaching by silence; Teaching by Initiation; Shaktipath;
Chapter 2999
Teaching by Word
Object of human life; Guru; Sadhana; Vairagya; Satsanga; Service; Silence; Vibhutis; Avatars; About Ma Herself; General
Chapter 30108
Spinal Chakras - Ma explains to Bhaiji
Chapter 31111
Teaching by Activity
Chapter 32113
Some Miraculous Incidents
Chapter 33119
Kaivalya Dayini - Grantor of Liberation
Bhaiji; Haribaba; Liberation of a Desembodied Saint, Pandit Mahavir Parsad Trividi, Gary Yale Empie
Chapter 34124
Ma's Immediate Family, their Identity and Liberation
Dadamahasaya; Didima; Bholanathji; Ma's brothers and sisters
Chapter 35132
Merging in Ma's body - Ma explains its Significance
Attaining Ishwaratva and Swarupa; About other s merging in Ma - All deities are in Ma
Chapter 36134
Experiences and Sayings of Spiritually Exalted Mahatmas
Chapter 37138
Follow your Guru - All ashrams are Ma's Ashrams
Chapter 38140
Last days -1982
Chapter 39142
Conclusion -Some Reflections
Mission of Ma - a view; Ma and Sri Krishna; Coming of Styayuga; Knowing Ma in ' Reality' Prospect for devotees of Ma

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