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Mahadeva's Jataka Tatva

Mahadeva's Jataka Tatva


Item Code: IDJ662


Paperback (Edition: 2002)

Sagar Publications

Size: 8.2" X 5.3"
Pages: 281
Price: $16.50   Shipping Free
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Mahadeva in JATAKA TATVA has hit the subject directly in a simple and racy language. All the SUTRAS are very short and easy to commit to memory. The entire book has been divided into five TATVAS: Viz.,(i) Samjna Tatva dealing with the main principles of Astrology; (ii) Sutika Tatva consists of conditions, place and circumstances at the time of delivery of the native, his destiny etc., (iii) Prakirna Tatva gives in great details an examination of the twelve houses or Bhavas; (iv) Stri Jataka Tatva is all about female horoscopy elucidating her character, qualities and personality and the 'to be' partner from all the angles; (v) Dasa Tatva though a difficult subject to be epitomized in a few pages of a single book yet contains all the basic and intricate relations of the planets during their Dasa and Antardasa - Main Period and the Sub-Period. These 48 Sutras are like an encyclopedia. If well learnt, shall pay immense dividend.

Mahadeva's actual name seems to be Shri Mahadevji Revashankarji Pathak of Rutlam. He lived from 1842 AD to 1888 AD. He was a great scholar of Astrology and had mastered such ancient works as Parasharihora, Lomasamhita, Jaiminisutra, Shambhuhora, Prakasa, Sukhaphakiki, Jatak Parijata, Manasagari, Lagna-Chandrika, Jataka-Bharana and Sarvartha-Chintamani etc. Amongst the early commentators of Mahadeva's Jataka Tatva with Hindi commentary has been Sri Nivasa Mahadevji Pathak (his son). The book had first seen the light of day in the year 1871 AD. He claims his father to be a descendant of Parasara.

I have no doubt in saying that JATAKA TATVA is a complete and masterful text on Natal Astrology.

I am grateful to Narinder Sagar of Sagar Publications for inspiring me to translate it after the Chamatkar Chintamani and Publish it so nicely.

ISamjna Tatva1
IISutika Tatva13
IIIPrakirna Tatva33
The First House: The Ascendant34
The Second House: Dhana Viveka69
The Third House: Sahaja Viveka86
The Fourth House: Chaturtha Viveka96
The Fifth House: Panchama Viveka115
The Sixth House: Shashta Viveka142
The Seventh House: Samthama Viveka165
The Eighth House: Ashtama Viveka185
The Ninth House: Navama Viveka205
The Tenth Hosue: Dasama Viveka220
The Eleventh House: Eleventh Viveka244
The Twelfth House: Twelfth Viveka247
Miscellaneous: Misra Viveka253
IVWomen Horoscopy: Strijataka Tatva266
VMain and Sub-Period: Dasa Tatva276
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