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Meditation Differently

Meditation Differently


Item Code: IDC246


Hardcover (Edition: 1992)

Motilal Banarsidas Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN 81-208-0870-3

Language: English
Size: 8.8" 5.7"
Pages: 226
Weight of the Book: 452 gms
Price: $27.00   Shipping Free
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About the Book:

Despite the interest in meditation, few works have studied what meditation means within the original traditions. Meditation Differently presents a translation of an important Tibetan work which contrasts and compares two central traditions of Buddhist meditative practice - the Mahamudra and the rDzogs-chen, particularly the sNyingthig version. This traditions is supplemented by a detailed commentary based on original Tibetan sources by Dr. Guenther, an eminent scholar of Buddhism and modern thought. This critical commentary is a hermeneutical and phenomenological study of the key ideas in the understanding of being and experience, utilizing development in modern thinking to bring out the nuances of Buddhist thinking.

A translation and commentary on Pad-madkar-po's definitive work on the four tuning in phases introduces the Mahamudra approach to meditation. To understand the rDzogs-chen approach, a philosophical introduction to the rDzogs-chen understanding of Being is presented which shows how this understanding can be compared to the modern philosophy and the development of the scientific study of dynamic processes and cosmology. In this context a phenomenological account of the empowerments is made accessible as stepping stones towards the recovery of the richness and autonomy of being. This flashes out the background for an approach to some to the more difficult aspects of the sNying-thig tradition with its emphasis on the lighting up of Being. Dr. Guenther's study is a critical and revealing approach to the problem of meditation that is at once true to the subject-matter and relentless in bringing out in the contemporary context what is said in a comprehensible and clear manner

About the Author:

Dr. Herbert V. Guenther is Professor Emeritus of Far Eastern Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. In over 25 books and numerous articles he has communicated in contemporary languages the living spirit of Buddhism as it bears on the perennial problems of human existence. Recently Dr. Guenther has been cited by the Ananta-Jyoti Vidyapitha for his outstanding contributions to Buddhist studies.


Chapter One: The Mahamudra Approach:
	The Four Tuning-in Phases

Chapter Two: Padma dkar-po's Definitive
	Investigation of the Four Tuning-in Phases'

Chapter Three: The rDzogs-chen Approach:
	Symmetry Transformations: the Realms of Potentia and Actuality

Chapter Four: The Gestalt Experience of Being and the Closed System Potential

Chapter Five: The Empowerments as Psychological

Chapter Six: The Lighting' and the 'Lamps'

Chapter Seven: rTse-le rGod-tshangs-pa Sna-tshogs
	Rang-grol's 'The Sun's Life-giving Force'

Literature References
Index of Technical Terms Tibetan
Sanskrit Index
Index of Names and Subjects

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Customer Comments

  • The only contemporary author (in any language) with requisite understanding of both the subject matter, the languages in question (Indic, Tibetan, and European) and the concerns of the serious reader not content with the often insultingly over-simplified or under-informed presentations that seem to be mostly commercially motivated.
    This work lays bare specific information that most Tibetan "masters" of today either don't know about or won't reveal to their audience. As Guenther has pointed out elsewhere, the aire of secrecy is often maintained to hide a lack of understanding or knowledge. This work covers essential ideas concerning the rDzogs-chen that are it's most complex and subtle (and hence, usually "secret") notions and ideas. Anyone interested in the topic should own this book.
    There are, by the way, problems with the later index numbering of references, but they can be sorted out by the reader. Still, given the rarity of the information covered, the coherence of its presentation and the prerequisitory nature of the information, it is a "must-have".
    - Lhun gyis grub pa
    23rd Jun 2004
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