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The Merchant and the State: The French in India, 1666-1739 (2 Volumes)

The Merchant and the State: The French in India, 1666-1739 (2 Volumes)


Item Code: IDE248

by Aniruddha Ray

Hardcover (Edition: 2004)

Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN 81-215-1111-9

Language: English
Size: 8.8" X 5.8"
Pages: 1108 (Color Illus: 7)
1738 gms
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From the Jacket:

The brief survey of the activities of the French East India Company in India, based principally on the unpublished factory records of the French archives, deals with their problems, their linkage with the mercantile groups and their relation with the local rulers. Starting with their arrival at Surat in 1666, this study closes with the occupation of Delhi by Nadir Shah in 1739, which marks the change of attitude of the European powers including the French towards the Mughal Empire. However this work tries to give a total appraisal of the activities of the French and not their commerce only thus trying to understand the perception of the French in India, revealing in turn the changing Indian politico-economic situation.

The fortune of the French in India declined from the end of the seventeenth century but considerably improved with the formation of another Company in 1719. New factories were established at Mahe, Karikkal and Patna. By 1730s, the investment of the company touched the English investment in Bengal where the activities of Dupleix, narrated here from his unpublished private letters, shows the rising commerce and the increasing aggressive attitude of the French.

About the Author:

Aniruddha Ray, retired Professor of Calcutta University, has published the following, namely, edn. of S.N. Sen, Foreign Biographies of Shivaji (1977); Some Aspects of Mughal Administration (1984); ed. with S.K. Bagchi, Technology in Ancient and Medieval India (1986); The Rebel Nawab: Revolt of Vizier Ali Khan of Oudh (1990); trans. and ed. with Ratnabali Chatterjee, Society & Culture of Medieval Bengal (in Bengali), (1992); with S. Arasaratnam, Masulipatnam and Cambay. A History of Two Ports-towns 1500-1800 (1994); ed. with others, Murshidabad Affairs, 1821-1850 (1995); Economic History of Mughal India (in Bengali), (1996); Economic History of Sultanate Period (in Bengali), (1997); Adventurers, Landowners and Rebels. Bengal c. 1575-c. 1715 (1998); Jadunath Sarkar (in Bengali), (1999); Medieval Indian Towns (in Bengali), (1999); ed., Tipu Sultan and His Age (2002); and ed. with K.S. Mathew and M.A. Nayeem, History of the Deccan (2002). Prof. Ray was the Secretary of the Indian History Congress. He has participated in seminars in USA, France, England, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Bangladesh.


List of Platesx

Volume I
Establishment and Stagnancy

Chapter 1
Early Efforts
Voyages till 15311
French in Madagascar10
Colbert and France13
Madagascar and Francois Martin

Chapter 2
Formation of the Company
The Company in France26
The Company in Motion29
Madagascar Problem33
France and India

Chapter 3
Early Years in India: Establishment and Expansion
Expeditions to India41
Francois Caron in India42
Francois Caron at Surat: Conflict45
Conflict at Masulipatnam52
Marcara Avacin: Aftermath62
Masulipatnam: Last Episode

Chapter 4
Problems of Survival
Surat 1670-167285
La Haye and San Thome, 167291
Pondicherry, Masulipatnam and San Thome97
Post San Thome

Chapter 5
New Beginnings (1675-1686)
The Company123
Pondicherry Since 1675129
Bijapur, Masulipatnam and Tanjore135
Surat, 1675-1686

Chapter 6
Prelude to Transfer to the Company of St. Malo
The Company, 1684-1692182
Surat, 1686-1697194
Masulipatnam and Pondicherry, 1686-1697214
Kaveripatnam, 1686-1693269
Bengal, 1673-1697

Chapter 7
The Company, 1697-1706336
Surat, 1698-1707354
Pondicherry, 1693-1706372
Bengal, 1697-1705

Chapter 8
Working of the Company of St. Malo
The Company, 1706-1709442
Pondicherry, 1706-1719453
Surat, 1708-1719483
Bengal, 1706-1719

Volume II
New Company and Expansion

Chapter 9
The Company of 1719
Company of Law, 1719-1731511
Other Overseas Domains520
Overseas Commerce: Some Observations

Chapter 10
Road to Expansion 1719-1732
Pondicherry, 1719-1731534
Bengal, 1720-1731599
Surat, 1720-1732626
Calicut and Mahe651
Chapter 11
Administrative Structure698
Pondicherry, 1727-1739704
Surat, 1733-1738726
Mahe, 1730-1739752
Karikkal, 1738-1739

Chapter 12
Dupleix in Bengal: The Last Flicker, 1732-1739
Dupleix in the Company, (Pre-Bengal Phase)805
Coastal Trade, Murshidabad and European Companies812
Chandernagore: Problems820
New Establishments and Relation with Murshidabad860
Nadir Shah and the French: New Alignments

Chapter 13

Appendices 1-20993

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