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The Message beyond Words: The Illusion of Death and the Reality of Living

The Message beyond Words: The Illusion of Death and the Reality of Living


Item Code: IDK524

by Osho

Hardcover (Edition: 2010)

Osho Media International
ISBN 9788172610982

Language: English
Size: 8.6" X 6.8"
Pages: 546 (1 Colorful.)
Weight of the Book: 850 gms
Price: $40.00
Discounted: $30.00   Shipping Free
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About the Author

“There are three paths that begin at the point
Where a human being is: one is of happiness,
the second is of misery, and the third is of
liberation. Liberation is neither happiness nor
misery, liberation is beyond both.”

The Message beyond Words is an invitation to understand what death really is – and thus transform the way you live.

These talks are based on the ancient Kathopanished, which tells the story of a small boy, Nachiketa, Who is sent by his father to face the Lord of Death. This Upanishad is traditionally read as someone is dying, to inspire the people they love, the people who are present, to begin their search for a conscious life.

By exploring the methods described in this book, a person “frozen” in their fear of death can melt, flow, and really begin to live for the first time. Once you really face your fear about death, says Osho, your life will automatically transform and become conscious, joyful and silent.

Osho defies all categorization. As he says, “I am not much of a religious person, I am not a saint, I have nothing to do with spirituality. All those categories are irrelevant about me. You cannot categorize me, you cannot pigeonhole me. But one thing can be said, that my whole effort is to help you release the energy called love-intelligence. If love-intelligence is released, you are healed.”

“If someone who knows the mysteries of this Upanishad reveals its secrets to you, then the impact will be profound. It can be the alchemy that will transform your whole life.”



Mind can understand everything that is outside you. All that is objective is available to the mind: science and technology, philosophy and theology— all are mind-oriented.

But that which is within you is behind the mind, beyond the mind. It opens itself in your meditations — when you start dropping your thoughts and relaxing deeper and deeper, when only a witness is left. The body is far away and no longer you, the mind is just an echo in the valleys and is no longer you. In the innermost core of your being there is no thought, no cloud — a great silence.

In that silence arises authentic understanding. In that silence you are closest to the divine. That silence is a way, a bridge, a path, a connection to the ultimate.

Once you know the ultimate, the difficulty arises: How to convey it? And there is a tremendous urge to convey it, because millions of people are living in darkness, in blindness, stumbling, finding no way out. Millions of people are born in the night and die in the night; there is no dawn in their lives.

When one comes to the dawn, when one realizes the sunrise and his whole being becomes full of light and beauty and blessings, he wants to share it. This desire to share comes autonomously.

How to share that which is beyond words? All the masters have been struggling to find some way to communicate, commune. That’s why you find differences in their statements. Rather than thinking about their statements, it will be better to go within yourself and find the truth. Nobody can help you. The masters can only show the way. You have to walk.

Nobody can come inside you. That is the dignity of man, a great privilege: nobody can interfere in your inner life. You are alone there, the supreme-most sovereign.




  Preface vi
1 Death Is the Master 1
2 The Thirst for the Deathless 45
3 The Science of the Soul 75
4 Alight with the Inner Fin 105
5 Never Born, Never Dies 137
6 Bridging the Opposites 165
7 The Flowering of Godliness 191
8 The Purification of Intelligence 217
9 This, Is That 245
10 One Reality 273
11 One Space and One Soul 297
12 The Nature of Consciousness 325
13 Transformation Is Possible 347
14 The Fear of Dissolving 399
15 The Art of Effortlessness 423
16 A Trusting Heart 479
17 Don’t Be Afraid of Losing Yourself 449
  About the Author 470
  OSHO International Meditation Resort 472
  More OSHO Books 474
  For More Information 475


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