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Peculiar Personal Problems of Men and Women

Peculiar Personal Problems of Men and Women


Item Code: IDF212

by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rah)

Paperback (Edition: 2005)

Idara Isha'at-E-Diniyat (P) Ltd.
ISBN 8171010148

Language: English
Size: 8.2" X 5.3"
Pages: 47
Weight of the Book: 82 gms
Price: $12.00
Discounted: $9.00   Shipping Free
Viewed times since 15th Oct, 2009


From the Back of the Book:

Muslim men and women often come across such tricky problems which need a perfectly trained scholar of Islamic Sharia to solve.

The book presents answers to a wide range of such questions, stating with authority what Islam enjoys or forbids in matters relating to Wadu (ablution), Ghusl (bath), Haiz (mensus), Nifas (after birth discharge), Mehr, Divorce, Burial rites etc. by one of the prominent scholar Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rah).

1. Description of Wudu (Ablution) 01
2. Rules regarding Bath 02
3. Things do not Break Fast and Which break it and require both Compulsory Fast and Recompensation 09
4. Conditions under which one is exempted from deserving Saum (Fast) 14
5. About 'Haiz' (Menses) and Istehada (Prolonged Morbid Mensuration) 14
6. About Menses 18
7. About Istehada (Prolonged Morbid Menstruation) 21
8. About Nifas (After - Birth Discharge) and Haiz (Menses) 22
9. About cleaning of the Pollution 24
10. About Salat 24
11. About Attaining Puberty 24
12. About Burial Rites 25
13. About People with whom matrimony is prohibited 25
14. About guardian 26
15. About Maihr (Money settled on the wife) 27
16. About Nikah (Matrimony) of the Kafirs (non-Believers) 30
17. About parity among wives 30
18. About Divorce before arrival of the Bride at the Bridegroom's house 30
19. About pronouncing three Talaqs (Divorces) 31
20. About Talaq (Divorce) or some conditions 32
21. About Rejoining (Raja-at) in Revocable Divorce (Talaq-e-Rajaie) 33
22. About taking Oath of not going to wife 34
23. About calling wife equivalent to mother 37
24. About Expiation (Kaffarah) 40
25. Le'an (Allegation of Adultery) 41
26. About Iddat (Wife's confinement on husband's death or Divorce) 41
27. 'Iddat' caused by death of one's husband 44
28. About maintenance of wife 46
29. About residence 47
30. About legitimacy of the issues 47
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