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Power Pranayama: Discover the Healing Potential of Your Breath (With DVD)

Power Pranayama: Discover the Healing Potential of Your Breath (With DVD)


Item Code: NAC720

by Renu Mahtani M.D.

Paperback (Edition: 2011)

Jaico Publishing House
ISBN 9788184951530

Size: 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch
Pages: 253 (Illustrated In B/W)
Weight of the Book: 360 gms
Price: $27.50   Shipping Free
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Back of the Book

Free DVD Contains:

Right postures while practicing Pranayama
Identifying correct pattern of breathing
Step-by-step technique of Pranayama
Imager for: Stress Management, Energization, Joint Pain & Backache, Heart & Hypertension, Asthma & Allergies and Diabetes

Pranayama is in vogue today but few are really aware of its subtle yet profound effects on the mind. Pranayama involves much more than a few breathing exercises; it is a holistic experience that encompasses the body and the mind. The book explains in simple terms:

How to identify and correct our faulty patterns of reathing
How to practice pranayama with understanding and safety
Logical explanations for various aspects of Pranayama – why one nostril is usually more open than the other and what are its implications on our mindset and diseases
How Kapalbhati can offer peace of mind
How the vibrations of chanting soothe the mind and heal the body
How pranayama creates the interface to connect with the mind
How to program our mind towards self-empowerment, health & happiness.

This book is for one and all who desire to create positive health.

Dr. Renu Mahtani M.D., a practicing physician, runs a centre in Pune to share Yoga and Pranayama – be it breath therapy, restorative traditional yoga, ashtanga vinyasa (power) yoga or management of mind! Special breathing techniques are imparted for chronic diseases, low immune conditions, anxiety, depression, attention disorders, obsessive disorders, migraine and dyslexia. For more information visit

Advance Acclaim

There is a growing awareness about the importance of breathing and breath regulation through yoga (pranayama). Renu Mahtani, a physician trained in conventional medicine but with a deep commitment to yoga practice and therapy has succeeded in blending science, ancient wisdom from the yoga texts, and practical knowledge, in a way which is unusual and makes the book ‘Power Pranayama’ definitely worth reading. Technical terms are dealt with in a way which can be easily understood by a person with no specific knowledge of medicine. The book has many therapeutic applications of pranayama.
—Shirley Telles MBBS, Ph.D., .Director of Research Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar, India

As a regular and long-standing practitioner of Pranayama for the last half a decade, I have experienced and enjoyed its benefits. But even for a practitioner like me, the book proved to be an extremely useful read.

The book brings out the theoretical and practical aspects of Pranayama. It is enriched by perceptive quotes from various authorities. It provides the logic for various parts of Pranayama and also indicates the potential benefits. Dr. Renu Mahtani brings her expertise both as a qualified MD and as a passionate teacher of Pranayama.

My compliments to Dr. Mahtani for such an excellent book. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in living a healthy life.
—Ravi Pandit Chairman & Group CEO KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd.

Indian sages of yore have given the science of Yoga and Pranayama to give the agitated human mind some tranquility and help elevate its Godliness. In this book, the whole science and the art of the procedures are explained in lucid language for the reader to follow in his own way I recommend this book very strongly. It gets very high marks in my assessment. May Dr. Renu’s book be the beacon light for practitioners of those sciences for all times to come.

—Padma Bhushan Prof. B.M. Hegde, MD, FRCP FRCPE, FRCPG, FRCPI, FACC, FAMS. Retd. Vice Chancellor, Manipal University Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes Chairman, State Health Society’s Expert Committee Former Prof. Cardiology, The Middlesex Hospital Medical School, University of London Affiliate Prof. of Human Health, Northern Colorado University

The book is probably, the best ever Handbook of Pranayama for Health, Happiness and Harmony. It contains everything right from conscious breathing to the state of a total Self harmony, all attainable through the methodical process of Pranayama. The author communicates that the breath is the physical counterpart of the mind and the act of conscious breathing is verily the mind in a positive action. It holds a very practical promise to the modern man, showing how breath is the vehicle to identify stress, as well as, an unfailing barometer of relaxation. The implications of Pranayama to the brain and mind and to common disorders of health, have been dealt with most pragmatically.
—Dr. R.S. Bhogal, Principal, G. S. College of Yoga & Cultural Synthesis, Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla-410403


Breath could be called the ‘wonder drug’, a panacea to our modern time problems of health — physical, intellectual and emotional! Pranayama and breath awareness have stood the test of time and now even scientific researchers are proving their value and uniqueness.

Written by Dr. Renu Mahtani, MD (Medicine), a practicing physician from Pune, ‘Power Pranayama — Discover the healing potential of your breath’ is a knowledge based book, with a strong foundation of relevant anatomy, physiology and the body- mind dynamic. The techniques and the concepts are supported with logical explanations to satisfy the quest of our ever enquiring mind.

The book deals with the transforming power of Pranayama in a very scientific way, not just for the body but also for the mind. The educated young and middle aged professionals are commonly facing mental unrest, irritability, emotional lability, insomnia, lack of energy and ill health! Devoting just 15 minutes a day to Pranayama can transform them and improve their performances in their respective fields with a positive drive!

The importance of good breathing, breath awareness and mind management, is the need of the time, not just to keep the body but also to get a focused and balanced mind-set for success in icy avenue of life!


Acknowledgements xi
Introduction: Healing is a Journey xiii
Section I – Holistic Health
1. What is Health 3
2. Stress and Illness 8
3. Holistic Human Personality 15
Section II – Philosophy Meets Physiology
4. Prana – Our Energy System and Health23
5. Chakras – The Energy Hubs 34
6. Health is a Mental Babit 40
7. Active Healing – Restoring Prana 44
Section III – Breath-Work
8. Breath – The Affirmation of Life 55
9. The Mechanics of Breathing 59
10. Stress Affects Breathing 66
11. Conscious Deep-Breathing 75
Section IV – Pranayama
12. The Power of Pranayama 85
13. The Principles and Language of Pranayama 93
14. Starting pranayama102
15. Cleansing breaths – Kapalabhati and Bhastrika 114
16. Swara Yoga – The science of Nasal Breath 126
17. Nadi Shuddhi Pranayama – Energy Channel Cleanser 139
18. Vibrations for healing – Ujjayi, Bhramari and Om Chanting 147
Section V – Tapping the Healing Potentials of the Mind
19. The Power of Silencing the Mind through the Breaths159
20. Mind the Power 162
21. Mental housekeeping 174
22. Connecting with the Subconscious Mind Consciously through Pranayama 187
23. The power of Words 197
24. The power of Visualization - Imagery 204
25. Practising Imagery 210
26. Healing U-turns 222
Faq’s About the Practice of Pranayama 22
A Practical Routine 231
References 235
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