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Power Unlimited (Relation of Man with God)

Power Unlimited (Relation of Man with God)


Item Code: IDH277

by D. N. Saraf

Hardcover (Edition: 1996)

Abhinav Publications
ISBN 8170173337

Size: 8.6" X 5.8"
Pages: 393
Price: $27.50
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About the Book

Power Unlimited, or Relation of Man with God, points out a way of solving our modern, practical, day-to-day problems by reference to the spirit within us. The book talks of certain tools for the development of greater potential through discovery of a latent power inherent within each one of us. It shows that it is not only possible, but it has become imperative, to pursue higher values in life without abandoning right worldly responsibilities.

The author, D. N. Saraf, feels that true spirituality embraces the whole of life health of the physical body, the mind and the life energies. It accepts life, seeks to improve and perfect it.

D. N. Saraf is intensely inspired by the teachings of his spiritual master, Mahatma Mangat Ram, the story of whose life and spiritual attainments forms fascinating part of the book. Through some of the most reverting quotations, Saraf has drawn on the wisdom of many great saints, sages and philosophers, both of the East and the West, to supplement the line of approach recommended by his master.

Although Saraf has relied on the wisdom of great saints, his is not the path of a yogi or a renunciate. A top former government manager responsible for development of handicrafts in India, Saraf tries to traverse a middle path useful for people like householders or career persons. A book rewarding for both men of the world and seekers of the spirit.

About the Author

Simple and full of humility, D. N. Saraf Hails from Samba in Jammu & Kashmir (India). He did his M. A. (Economics) and B. Com. From Punjab University, and took a special course in marketing at Harvard Business School USA. In his professional field he has been associated with such prestigious bodies as the Crafts Council of India, the American Marketing Association and the Institute of Management, UK.

From his home state, where he held the high office of director of Industries & Commerce, Mr. Saraf moved to the Central Government at Delhi holding several positions in the handicrafts field from 1956 to 1976. he retired as Development Commissioner for Handicrafts. He has also held several UN assignments.

Widely travelled and author of several books (the last one being 'in the Journey of Craft Development 1941-91') Mr. Saraf has delved, for over half a century, into unfathomable reaches of the beauty and creativity of Crafts. At the same time he has been deeply interested in the 'Spirit' which lends a unique special dimension to his life and work, and which passion has culminated in the present volume.

Introduction xvii-xxiv
Chapter 1The Purpose of Life1-19
Perpetual happiness-Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha-Bondage to freedom-Cognition of our divinity-peace of Mind-Darkness to Light-Matter revealing Spirit-This wonderful word-Liberations and Life Divine
Chapter 2 The Reality We Are20-43
Self-realization-Intellectual conception not enough-Sachchidananda-Truth-Consciousness-Bliss-Temporary happiness-Satyam, Sivam, Sundaram-Beauty in manifestation-We owe it to the world
Chapter 3Our Constituents and Their Care44-75
Our amazing body and the universe-Right use and care of the body-Body health-Naturopathy-Weight-loss-Blood Pressure-Tension-Importance of diet and exercise-Sleep and relaxation-Yoga-Kundalini-Hara: secret of the belly-Our mysterious mind-Intellect (Budhi)-Our individual soul-Spirit (Atman)
Chapter 4Righteousness76-102
Simplicity-Desire-Consumerism: the dreadful monster-renunciation (Vairagya)-Contentment-Ego-Humility-Goodness-Nonviolence-Anger-Dealing with others-Selfless service-Sublime Association of the True (Satsang)-Righteous living-The Nature of Righteous Life-Right conduct-Purity and discipline of life
Chapter 5Attitude to Work103-140
Work as Worship-Perfection as ideal-Gospel of work-Karmayoga-renunciation in action-Creativity-Living and acting now-Marketing and Management-A question of ethics-The intangible wealth-Problem solving-Attitude to Suffering-Depression-Fear and Worry-Death and its dignity-Fate vs. Effort
Chapter 6Relation of Man with God141-183
Oneness of man and God-Realization of God-Worship-Self-analysis-Glimpse of God-Merging with Self-Bhakti (Devotion)-Faith-Grace-Gratitude-Prayer-Surrender-Repentance-Silence-Guru Concept and Gurudom
Chapter 7The Word and Meditation184-223
'Shabad'-The Descent of Revelation-There the Eternal Word Alone Exists'-More about the Word-Meditation-Post-meditative hours-The Yoga of Samata-On Technique-In part-conclusion-Ida, Pingala, Sukhmana, Chakras and Kundalini-Elixir-A glimpse of the final state of Bliss
Chapter 8Oneness-Theory and Practice 224-53
Religions-Plurality vs. Universality of Religion-Role of Women in Religion-A Universal Religion-Love and Devotion-Poverty: a spiritual shame and shame and social slur-World leaders pledge to fight poverty
Chapter 9Development-An Integral View 254-280
Progress-Environment-Harmony with Nature-Harmony and Peace-Science and Spirituality-Science in service of society-Science and life-Complementary roles-Vision of a new world-A new global consciousness-Power concept: wealth creation-Drug menace-Future
Chapter 10Power Unlimited281-317
The spiritual path-Service of others-An unseen dimension of human being-Inexhaustible source of Energy-Divine power operating in us-Men of god, Faith and Action-Will-power-Concentration and controlled attention-Power of prayer-Positive thinking-Creative thinking-Intuition-Miracles-Spirituality and Modern Management-Towards perfection-For youth specially-Need of a new religious outlook-Advice of Gandhi and Nehru-Self-discipline-Infinite possibilities
IWrong religious notions, beliefs and superstitions318-320
IIA student of philosophy meets Mahatma Mangat Ram321-325
IIIElements and their offshoots326-327
IVKundalini Yoga with a note on sex328-334
VHow I overcame fear of death335-337
VISome selected common prayers338-341
VIIManu's Laws, Buddha's Precepts, Christ's Commandments and Muhammad's Selected Teachings342-345
VIIIHuman Relations Checklist346-347
IXThe Ten Commandments of Good Human Relations348
Select Bibliography387-393
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