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Puranic Cosmology

Puranic Cosmology


Item Code: NAE657

by Srila Krsna-Dvaipayana Vyasa

Hardcover (Edition: 2007)

Gopsons Papers Ltd.
ISBN 97819344055017

Language: Sanskrit Text With English Translation
Size: 9.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Pages: 320 (15 Color Illustrations)
Weight of the Book: 680 gms
Price: $40.00
Discounted: $30.00   Shipping Free
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Srilila Vyasadeva compiled eighteen maha (or Great) Puranas as follows: Brahma Purana, Padma Purana , Vishnu Vayu Purana ( or Siva Purana), Linga Purana, Garuda Purana, Narada Purana, Bhagavata Purana, Agni Purana, Skanda Purana, Bhavisya Purana, Brahma –Vaivarta Purana, Markandeya Purana, Vamana Purana, varaha Purana, Matsya Purana, Kurma Purana and Brahmanda Purana.

Sri Sukadeva Gosvami said: In the Srimad-Bhagavatam there are ten divisions o statements regarding the following: the creation of the universe, subcreations, planetary systems, protection by the Lord, the creative impetus, the change of Manus, the science of god, returning home, back to godhead, liberation, and the summum bonum.

We have taken several chapters dedicated to describing “ planetary systems” and features of consmography and cosmology from the four Puranas included in this volume. For the Sanskrit texts of visnu Purana we used parimal Sanskrit series no. 21: Visnumahapuranam with Sanskrit commentary “Atmaprakasa” of Sridharacarya” Edited by Pt. Thaneshachandra Upreti: Second Revised Edition 2003:Parimal Publications Delhi. Furthermore, we cross-refrenced by using the Gorakhpur Edition of visnu Purana. The Sanskrit texts for the other-puranas used in this for Nag Publishers 11-A/U.A., (Post office Building) Jawahar Nagar, Delhi-11007, India. Third Edition 2004

The Speaker / narrator of the Visnu Purana is Parasara muni speaking to sri maitreya the is markandeya Rsi and the Linga Purana is Suta Gosvami.

The cosmology portion of srimad- Bhagavatam’s Fifth canto rendered and commented upon by His divine grace A.C, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is, in our opinion, totally fulfilling and comprehensive. It was directly inspired by Lord Sri Krsna to succinctly explain Bhagavata cosmology to the world. Nevertheless, before his departure, srila Prabhupada also expressed a strong desire to construct a temple of Vedic Planetarium using specific insights and additional details from other Puranas. A recently discovered letter sheds more light on this:




Book 1 Vayu Purana 1
Chapter 15 Adhyaya 49 93
Chapter 14 Adhyaya 48 87
Chapter 13 Adhyaya 46 79
Chapter 12 Adhyaya 45 63
Chapter 11 Adhyaya 44 61
Chapter 10 Adhyaya 43 57
Chapter 9 Adhyaya 42 49
Chapter 8 Adhyaya 41 41
Chapter 7 Adhyaya 40 37
Chapter 6 Adhyaya 39 31
Chapter 5 Adhyaya 38 23
Chapter 4 Adhyaya 37 20
Chapter 3 Adhyaya 36 19
Chapter2 Adhyaya 35 13
Chapter 1 Adhyaya 34 93
Chapter 16 Adhyaya 50 113
Book 3 Linga Purana 210
Chapter 1 Adhyaya 54 213
chapter 2 Adhyaya 55 221
Chapter 3 Adhyaya 56 231
Chapter 4 Adhyaya 57 235
Book 4 Visnu Purana 240
Chapter 1 Amsa 2; Adhyaya 1 243
Chapter 2 Amsa 2;Adhyaya 3 251
Chapter 3 Amsa 2; Adhyaya 4 257
Chapter 4 Amsa 2; Adhyaya 5 273
Chapter 6 Amsa 2; Adhyaya 6 279
Chapter 7 Amsa 2; Adhyaya 8 297
  Appendix 354

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