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Item Code: IDD693

by Lalita Ramakrishna

Paperback (Edition: 2003)

ISBN 81-259-0641

Language: English
Size: 8.6" X 5.4"
Pages: 139
Weight of the Book: 184 gms
Price: $17.00
Discounted: $12.75   Shipping Free
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  1. River in the Ramayana
  2. Attributes of Lord Rama
  3. Lord Rama's Ancestors
  4. Monkeys in the Ramayana
  5. Couples in the Ramayana
  6. War in Lanka
  7. Rakshasas in the Ramayana
  8. Ramayana: Some Questions
  9. Monkeys and their Deeds
  10. Women in the Ramayana
  11. Rishis in the Ramayana
  12. Coronation of Lord Rama
  13. Dasharatha's Ministers and Priest
  1. Rivers in the Mahabharata
  2. Lineage of the Kauravas and Pandavas
  3. Women in the Mahabharatas
  4. Couple in the Mahabharata
  5. Rishis in the Mahabharata
  6. War in Kurukshetra
  7. Vyuhas (Army Formations) in the Kurukshetra War
  8. Arjuna's Ten Names
  9. Mahabharata: Some Questions
  1. Lord Krishna's Name
  2. Appearance of Lord Krishna
  3. Women in the Bhagavata
  4. Asuras killed by Lord Krishna
  5. How Lord Krishna Helped the Pandavas
  6. The Syamantaka Gem
  7. Wives of Lord Krishna
  8. Lord Krishna: The Vanquisher
Hindu Pantheon
  1. Apsaras
  2. Code of Conduct during War
  3. Astra and their Weapons
  4. Deities and their Weapons
  5. Deities and their Consorts
  6. The Seven Immortals: Chiranjivis
  7. Deities of Nature
  8. Birth of Mythological Characters
  9. Characters in Mythology: Their Death
  10. Dashavatara
  11. Deities and their Vehicles
  12. Gifts from the Ocean of Milk
  13. Heroes and their Charioteers
  14. Names of Lord Ganesha
  15. Names of Kartikeya
  16. Appearance of Lord Ganesha
  17. Names of Lord Shiva
  18. More about Lord Shiva
  19. Nava Durgas
  20. Names of Goddess Uma
  21. Symbols of Goddess Saraswati
  22. Legends about Goddess Saraswati
  23. Names of Goddess Saraswati
  24. Name of Surya
  25. The Twelve Forms of the Sun God
  26. The Seven Horses of Surya
  27. How many of each?
  28. Navagrahas
  29. Festivals
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