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Rule the World the Way I Did: Chanakya the Guru of Governance

Rule the World the Way I Did: Chanakya the Guru of Governance


Item Code: IDK459

by Shrikant Prasoon

Paperback (Edition: 2008)

Pustak Mahal
ISBN 9788122310108

Size: 7.8" X 5.3"
Pages: 221
Weight of the Book: 225 gms
Price: $12.00
Discounted: $9.00   Shipping Free
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There was a time when I was facing many difficulties in life and was badly in need of correct and practical solutions. I tried different options, searched at many places, talked to all wise men but the solution eluded me. Then, one day I picked up Chanakya's Niti Shastra. I started reading the book with a hope, and was delighted to find that each of my problems was discussed and easy solutions were printed in it in bold letters.

At that time, I wrote two articles in Hindi "Chanakya Ki Drishti Mein Nari" and "Chanakya Ki Vyawaharikta". Six years after that incident, I was assigned to wrote this book Rule the World – The way I did by Shri Ram Avtar Gupta. I got an opportunity to know that energetic man and his powerful mind better. The book in itself is an effort to explore the multifarious talents of Chanakya.

I sincerely hope that reading this book gives you both pleasure and wisdom.

Back of the Book

Chanakya has been called the Indian Machiavelli and to some extent the comparison is justified… Bold and scheming, proud and revengeful… availing himself of every device to delude and defeat the enemy, he sat with the reins of empire in his hands and looked upon the emperor as a loved pupil than as a master.

-Jawaharlal Nehru (The Discovery of India)

Chanakya is an unrivalled personality whose parallel cannot be found in history. Many people admire him for his wisdom and practical maxims, while many despise him for his unscrupulousness. Nonetheless, there is no one who is not awed by him. He was a shrewd politician, a master strategist, a crafty tactician, and an able administrator. He demolished a stale kingdom and an arrogant dynasty to establish a powerful and united kingdom.

This book is a peek into the life of this unmatched thinker. It also discusses his teachings and principles, which are still as contemporary and relevant to the modern times as they were myriads of years ago. Meant for all those who want to achieve an enviable position in life, the book will help you earn unprecedented power and success, and rule the world like Chanakya did.

Prof. Shrikant Prasoon is a reader, teacher, thinker, writer, poet and above all, a humanist. The more he reads and thinks, the more he writes on varied topics, but with one aim –'to show man the need of Nature and natural life'. He believes that all religions are integral and inseparable, living and developing parts of one basic Religion called Humanism; and all the systems are an outcome of the greatest celestial system, which is devised and regulated by the Unseen and Unknown Creator.

A retired Professor of English, he writes in Hindi with equal ease. His recent books Knowing Buddha, Knowing Guru Nanak, Panch Mahabhuta Tatwa & Sharira and Indian Scriptures have been widely acclaimed.


Section-IChanakya: The Man and the Legend9
A Peerless Personality11
The Mysterious Life of Chanakya15
The Varied Writings of Chanakya22
Leaves from the Life of Chanakya30
Section - IIChanakya Niti43
Niti - 145
Niti - 250
Niti - 356
Niti - 462
Niti - 569
Niti - 675
Niti - 783
Niti - 890
Niti - 997
Niti - 10102
Niti - 11109
Niti - 12116
Niti - 13125
Niti - 14132
Niti - 15138
Niti - 16145
Niti - 17151
Section – IIINiti Shastra157
Niti Shastra159
Section – IVArtha Shastra207
Artha Shastra209
Section – VConclusion 215
The Incomparable Chanakya217
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