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Sangitaratnakara (Sangeet Ratnakara) of Sarngadeva - Volume I.

Sangitaratnakara (Sangeet Ratnakara) of Sarngadeva - Volume I.


Item Code: IMD34

by R.K. Shringy & Prem Lata Sharma

Hardcover (Edition: 1999)

Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN 81-215-0508-9

Language: (Text and English Translation)
Size: 10.0" X 6.5"
Pages: 500
Weight of the Book: 880 GMS
Price: $42.50
Today's Deal: $38.25
Discounted: $28.69
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About the Book:

This monumental treatise from the 13th century sums up and organizes what had gone before, and in doing so provides both master plan and basic topics for subsequent musicological work, even to the present day. The combination of Devanagari text (from the Adyar edition) running concurrently with English translation, commentary, and footnotes, makes the work very convenient. Dr. Shringy's English translation and commentary, prepared under the expert supervision of Dr. (Miss) Prem Lata Sharma, is more devoted to a direct explication of Sarngadeva's verses. Its guiding principles (as evidenced in this first volume) are two. First, terms and ideas in the treatise are set in the larger general frame of Indian Sanskritic culture - as for instance a presentation of the Tantric metaphysics behind the doctrine of sound, which Sarngadeva took over and elaborated from Matanga's Brhaddesi. Second, complex technical principles are explicated in full - as for instance a demonstration of how to work with the 5040 permutations of kuta-tana "note-series" as Sarngadeva all too briefly set them forth. The work fulfils the urgent need for a standard and authentic work on the theory and practice of ancient Indian music in English.

The translation provides English equivalents for technical terms, makes constant parenthetical reference to Sanskrit originals in transliteration. Contains a detailed word index, with multiple senses distinguished, and a glossary.

About the Author:

Dr. R. K. Shringy received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Indian Philosophy and Religion from Banaras Hindu University in 1974. He worked as Research Assistant in the Department of Musicology, Banaras Hindu University. His published work is Philosophy of J. Krishnamurti: A systematic Study (1977, 1988). He died in 1983.

Dr. Prem Lata Sharma was Professor of Musicology, Banaras Hindu University (retired in 1987) and Vice-Chancellor, Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh. She also published the critical editions of Rasa vilasa (1972) and Eklingamahatmyam (1976).




  1. Preface


  2. Note on Translation


  3. Transliteration Code


  4. List of Abbreviations


  5. Introduction


  6. Table of Contents of Svaradhyaya- Chapter I


  7. Text and Translation
    Section - 1 : Introductory
    Section - 2 : The Genesis of the Human Embodiment
    Section - 3 : Nada, Sruti and Svara
    Section - 4 : Grama, Murcchana, Krama and Tana
    Section - 5 : Overlapping (Sadharana)
    Section - 6 : Varnalankara
    Section - 7 : Fati-s (Melodic Types)
    Section - 8 : Giti-s
  8. Appendices


  9. Word-index cum-glossary of technical words


  10. Half-time Index to Sanskrit sloka-s


  11. Errata
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