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Secrets of Mantra, Tantra, Yantra and Rudraksha

Secrets of Mantra, Tantra, Yantra and Rudraksha


Item Code: IDJ956

by Dr. Jaiprakash Sharma


Indica Publishers, Delhi
ISBN 8177272055

Size: 8.3" X 5.3"
Pages: 160
Price: $16.50
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Back of the Book

Do you also believe that the so called occult systems of Tantra, mantra and yantra are meant only for the unkempt and dirty beings experimenting on only sex? If so, you must read this book to know that these ancient gems of wisdom are not meant for filthy ascetics and foul 'vaamacharis', but for every person willing to find a harmony with his or her inner and outer selves. Read in details as to how a bead of rudraksha can take you on to the path of glory and emancipation. A 'must' book for every awakened person seeking to achieve even his mundane objectives with the help of these practices.

About the Author

Dr. Jai Prakash Sharma, Lal Dhage Wale, belongs to a family where education of astrology is given to the child from the childhood. His ancestors were the court Jyotishi of various Mughal and British Emperors. The seeds of astrology which were planted by his grandfather in early childhood, grew fast on account of his keen interest. Even during the school days, he had started reading the Janma Kundlis of his friends and teacher. Everybody in his school, neighbourhood and family praised his knowledge nad believed that he had got a special power from Maa Bhagwati beside the regular blessings of his grandfather.

His interests aren't limited to just astrology; he has been doing research to master vaastu Shastra too. The extenstive research on Vaastu and Astrology has also helped Panditiji to pen his views, opinions and predictions. So he authored several books for the benefit of masses, books that are easily understood and followed by the layman.

He know the direction by which a small change can make a bit difference. According to him, Vaastu is not an unknon superstitious phenomnenon. Its based on extensive scientific reseach into the placement and positioning of the objects in a given area with respect to the stars and the planetary positions. Objects like a pot, aquarium, your bed or even a chair plays a vital role when it cames to Vaastu, an analytical study that extends itself to cosmic science and astrology. That not only reflects on the growth but helps to enhance the performance as well.

His precision and perfect calculations has left many spellbound. This has helped him even more to cpome out of unfavourable conditions with flying colours. No wonder, the last of people consulting him includes not only the common people but top bureaucrats, politicians and well known celebrities also.

His efforts and contribution to the field of Vaastu and astrology is beyond comparison. He is so devoted to these subjects that he has developed it for the benefit of the masses with a scientific approach.

Pt. Jai Prakash Sharma (Lal Dhage Wale) has received several prestigious awards and honours including 'The Pride of India' award by the then Prime Minister, Shri Chandrashekhar and the 'Raj Jyotishi' Award by the then Chief Minister of Delhi, Shir Sahib Singh Verma on 12th April, 1998. Due to his supremacy and control over his knowledge and subject, he has been sought regularly by the print as well as the electronic media to express views and opinions regarding Vaastu and Jyotish that could help the masses to understand the magical effets of Vaastu Shastra and its magical remedies.

With the co-operation and inspiration of Mr. Arun Bansal and Dr. K.P. Modgil, Pt. Jai Prakash Sharmaji (Lal Dhage Wale) celebrates the birth anniversary of his God father, Dr. K.K. Mishra, on every 17th August. All leading astrologers, Vaastu experts and luminaries of the society discussed the various aspects of occult sciences besides other social achievements. The Pursharth Award crated by Pt. Jai Prakash Sharma ji, the founder President of Pursharth Society (a leading NGO) is delivered to the persons who have devoted their lives for the benefit of mankind.

On 5th Jan.1997, Pt. Jai Prakash Sharmaji raised a slogan in association with Dr. K. K. Mishra -"Pt. Jai Prakash Sharma Aur Dr. K.K.Mishra Ne Thana Hai Ki Jyotish Ko Shiksha Me Lagoo Karwana Hai" in the presence of Dr. A.K. Walia (presently the Finance Minister of the government of Delhi) with a rally of 51 cars.

Now-a-days, he is at it again, applying himself on his new book that will yet again reinforce his belief and extensive research in the field of Vaastu along with Aachrya Vinay Singhal.

Panditji has made his ancestors proud by taking the family profession to new scientific heights. He has many dimensions to his personality. A hi-tech Astrologer and Vaastu Consultant by profession, he is also the author of several bestselling books, besides a social reformer.

As per the tradition of his ancestors, Panditji has fed the knowledge of strology and Vaastu science in the blood of both his sons, Rajat and Abhay. According to them, their father has handed them the key to success. By exploring his honesty, good character and by getting his blessings, they will always remain in high spirits. Currently, Panditji is striving to introduce astrology and Vaastu Shastra as a science in various universities which affects human life from birth till death.

Pt. Jai Prakesh Sharma ji, who has devoted his life to doing research on relationship of astronomy with astrology has always acknowledged the achievement Mr. Arun Bansal & Mrs. Abha Bansal for inventing the Palm Computer which helps him a lot in his research work besides reducing the time consumed during this process procedure.

According to Pandit ji it is a chance that links two persons as brother and sister, but it is luck that helps one to make friends. Living with a friend, admirer and well-wisher like Mr. Arun Bansal is certainly the result of good Karma of his past life.

His is chief Patron of All India Astrologers Societies ®, fonder President of Pursharth (a leading NGO) besides patron & President of various social, charitable and astrological organizations. His will "to be recognized as real human being rather than a world renowned astrologer" is being fulfilled in his own life time.


We are delighted to present this concise book on the most mystical disciplines under the Sun. This project we took up as a challenge to impress upon the awakened readers that Mantra, Tantra, Yantra and Rudraksha are systems, not indulging in anything foul or under ther cover of an eeric darkness but they have been very much part of our rich ancient heritage. It is through them we unite Boga with Yoga and physical pleasures with astral or psychic bliss. Owing to certain unscrupullus 'Vaamachari practitioners' deliberately spreading the misconception about them so as to keep these 'gems'for their 'personal use' only, these disciplines had fallen down in the common man's estimation. It is precisely for expanding that myth we decided to come up with a book giving the details of these wonderful disciplines with their thread bare intellectual analysis. In order to explain the various Yantras wer have selected more than a dozen Yantras and have given these charts along with their description. We have also included the mythical bead 'Rudraksha' in this work only because we never wanted this amazing bead to remain hidden in the jargon of those grisly looking Babas who dupe the guillible in the lust for money. Now all can know the real worth- medicinal or spiritual - of the Rudrakshas of various faces.

It is hoped that our discerning readers will welcome our this endeavour and give us their feed back to enable us to improve upon it in our next edition. May these systems and the heads grant our readers peace and an empathy with their inner harmony.-by Pradeep Kumar

Mantra, Mantra and Tantra, Tantra Yantra and the Mandalas, Rudraksha
1.The Power of the Word25
2.The Mantra29
The Significance of Mantras, Various interpretations of Mantra, Mantras are energy based sounds, Mantras create thought energy waves, Mantras are tools of power and tools for power, Mantras have close, approximate one-to-one direct language based translation, Mantras have been tested and/or verified by their original framers or users, Mantras are energy which can be likened to fire, Mantra energizes prana, Mantras eventually quiet the mind
3.Beej Mantra37
Beej Mantras (Mystic Seed Letters) Aum, Dum, Kreem, Hreem, Shreem, Aim, Kleem, Hoom, Gam, Glaum, Kshraum
4.Sagun Mantra41
Every true Mantra fulfills six conditions
5.Nirguna Mantras45
Abstract Mantras, Soham, Aham Brahma Asmi, Tat Twam Asi, Om, Mantras of Ma
6.Mantras Meditation
Ecstasy Through Mantra Yoga
7.Mantras for Japa57
8.Mantras for Better Future63
Gayatri-the Prime Force of the Universe, Benefit Mantra for a Child, Mantras for Improving Life, Mantra for a Peaceful Life, Easy Mantras for Busy People, Mantra for Marriage, Mantra for Prosperity, Mantra for studies, Mantra for success, Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, Summary of the Mantra, Bhagavad Geeta Mantra, Guru Mantra, Summary of the Mantra
9.How Mantra Affected Our Health69
Two Different Mantra Therapy Intensives How to Conduct Your Mantra Intensive Gayatri Mantra
10.The Tantra75
the Birth of Tantra, History fo Tantra, Hindu Tantra, Tibetan Tantra, Japan's Shingon sect, New Age Tantra or Neo Tantra
11.Characteristics of Tantrism85
12.Tantra Yoga89
Tantra Yoga Meditation, Overcoming Negative Habits, Transformations
13.Tantra and Sex93
Sexual energy
14.Tantric Practices99
Mantra and Yantra, Identification with deities, Concentration on the body, Tantra and sex, Taboo-breaking, Advanced Tantric practices, Tantra in the modern world, Conclusions
15.Spiritual Experience in Tantra109
Spiritual Couple, Closed process, Open process Doubt, Trust, Competition, Understanding, Dependency, Autonomy, Conditions, Liberty, Boredom, Creativity, Insecurity, security Sensation of couple failure, Perfect love, separation, Unity
16.The Yantra117
What is a yantra? How do Yantras work? Yantras are poorly known in the Occident, "Disecting" a Yantra, The Yantric Contour, The Dot (Bindu), The Tiangle (Trikona), The Six points star (shatkona), The Circle (chakra), The Square (Bhupura), The Lotus (Padma)
17.Elements in Yantra125
18.Yantra and Pranapratishta127
Installation of life in a Shri Yantra, Internal meditations
19.Auspicious Period for Writing Yantras133
Months, Paksha, Thith, Nakshatra, Colours, Construction of Yantras
20.Some Important Yantra137
Baglamukhi Maha Yantra, Shree Yantra, Kuber Yantra, Gayatri Yantra, Santangopal Yantra, Durga Yantra, Kanakdhara Yantra, Ganpati Yantra, Mahalakshmi Maha Yantra, Bisa Yantra, Mangal Yantra, Subhlabh Yantra, Surya Yantra, Saraswati Yantra, Matsaya Yantra, Bandhan Mukti Yantras
History of Rudrakshas
22.Importance of Rudraksha154
Medicinally, Spiritually, Materially
23.Different Rudraksha157
Different Mukhi Rudraksha God/Goddess
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Customer Comments

  • pls sir i want to have a power on my own to be able to solve my own problem.
    pls help me so whatis the way out.
    - Abdul-Latief
    2nd Dec 2013
  • Jai Sri Radhe
    - Syama
    7th Mar 2012
  • Har Har Mahadev !
    - Syama
    7th Mar 2012
  • I would be very glad to learn raj jyotish from you....i read your indica books, thats impress me.... let me know if you can give me course on astrology and vaastu shastra.....from one of your big fan...Gokool Vintish Singhh..... Mauritius.....
    - Gokool Vintish Singh
    20th Jan 2011
  • birth - 21/08/1982-i am having problems in my marriage.My husband wants a divorce and i dont. He has done the wrong and i have forgiven him, and i want to work on our marriage. How can i save my marriage. He is not with me for the past 5 months, and before it is too late how do i save my marriage. He is just not himself.
    His date of birth - 18/05/1980. Please help. Thanks
    - Nisha
    29th Oct 2010
  • my birthday is 30/09/1974 and my born time between 7.00am to 8.00am please give my further details and my carrier detail. my work is not good
    - malkit singh
    24th Sep 2010
  • sir my husband listen to me and what ever earn sending to the relatives.pz give any mantras and get our properties backl
    - amrit
    12th Jun 2010
  • when will i get kenya citizen when i wil i mary plz reply in my mail
    - mukesh
    18th Mar 2010
  • ramram pandit ji.i m very unlucky.i m not good in studies and mostly fail my there any way to improve that
    - sumeet
    8th Jan 2010
  • how to improve my luck.
    date of bith : 21/04/1972
    20th Nov 2009
    20th Nov 2009
  • I am having problems with my husband, he is bossy and can't stand me
    - amrita
    23rd Oct 2009
  • my married life is not a very happy one.We constantly fight and argue..Theres lots of anger and dislike..My husband doesnt want to believe in God and sometimes we fight because of this.He has difficulty finding a job also.Please panditji, tell me what to do.
    - vandana pillay
    18th Sep 2009
  • my d.o.b is 22/11/1984 i want my life partener very beautiful and respectful can u plz tell me any mantra wait for u reply
    - rohitbhatia
    4th Sep 2009
  • I want my marriage life to be strong. I came to know that my marriage life is weak and i want to know is there any mantra which make marriage life more stronger and happier. my d.o.b 24.09.2009 and my husband D.O.B 28.10.1966
    thanking you,
    Awaiging for your early reply
    - DURGA
    3rd Aug 2009
  • pls send details of the books by pandit jai prakash charma
    - prakashchander
    14th May 2009
  • my date of birth is 26/ husband date of birth is 18/11/ 1963after merriage my husband's bussinessis gone down
    - neetika
    11th May 2009
  • birthday 21/12/97 time 4.18pm
    brother 23/12/04 time 11.20am why so many problems
    - parveen
    6th Apr 2009
  • having lots of health problem and family unhappiness what is going on workplace lots of problems too i dont know why birthday 29/5/67 time 1.30pm
    - maneimaran suppaya
    6th Apr 2009
  • i am having alot of health problem no peaceful stste of mind even in prayers and family is having lots of unhappiness andthres no peace at home please help birthday 4.3.65 time 1.30am
    - binajit kaur
    6th Apr 2009
  • my d.o. b is 14 jan. 1955 ..gurdaspur..tme 16 present going through hell..any remedies ..lot of thanks..
    - Satinder Sharma
    16th Mar 2009
  • Dr Sir,
    my Birthday is 02/09/1977 and my born time is 23:15 at night. Pl give my futher ditels and my cerier ditels.
    - ashish
    6th Feb 2009
  • I would like to review this book before purchase
    - renuka p
    3rd Feb 2009
  • send me the book
    - harmeet
    2nd Feb 2009
  • Benefit Mantra for a Child

    Mantra for success
    - Shigui Zhu
    2nd Oct 2008
  • PDF
    - Ingrida
    18th Aug 2008
  • I would like to review this book before purchase. I am extremely interested in this topic and would like to see further details regarding the knowledge.

    Please send me a copy
    - Ganesh  (
    13th Aug 2008
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