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The Skanda-Purana (23 Volumes)

The Skanda-Purana (23 Volumes)
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Item Code: IDF415

by Dr. G.V. Tagare

Hardcover (Edition: 2007)

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

Language: English Translation in 23 Volumes
Size: 8.8" X 5.4"
Pages: 7725
Weight: 12 Kg
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Publisher's note

The purest gems lie hidden in the bottom of the ocean or in the depth of rocks. One has to dive into the ocean or delve into the rocks to find them out. Similarly truth lies concealed in the language which with the passage of time has become obsolete. Man has to learn that language before he discovers that truth.

But he has neither the means nor the leisure to embark on that course. We have therefore planned to help him acquire knowledge by an easier course. We have started the series of Ancient indian tradition and mythology in English translation. Our goal to universalize knowledge through the most popular international medium of expression. The publication of the puranas in English translation is a step towards that goal.


All religions be it islam Christianity or Hinduism lay great emphasis on the sanctity of certain places and enjoin pilgrimage to them. Large rivers mountains and forests have always been venerated as the abodes of gods.

Ancient Sutras and old Smrtis like Manu and Yajnavalkya do not attach importance to Tirthas but the later literature on this branch of Dharmasastra is very extensive. The Mahabharata regards pilgrimage to Tirthas more meritorious than sacrifices.

Hence it was natural that Puranas and digests on Tirthas vied with one another in glorifying their respective Tirthas. The Skanda Purana is not one book but a library of such Sthaal Puranas or Tirtha Mahatmyas. Hence its importance for researches in different disciplines.

The great oriental scholar Dr. Jan Gonda has succinctly emphasized the importance of these sthala puranas in his Medieval religious literature in Sanskrit as follows.

This genre of literature is not only very useful for deepening out knowledge of the cultural and religious history of india in general but also most valuable for those who want to reconstruct the development of regional history and local cults or to gain a deeper insight into various religious institutions for instance the recommendation of pilgrimage to poor people as a substitute for expensive sacrifice into beliefs and practices e.g. those who bathe here go to heaven and those who die here are not born again and in connection with the conviction in religious suicide and worship of the deceased and into the significance of holy places local variants of myths and legends and so on. They give information on topography.

The Skp is thus a mine of social cultural political historical geographical religious and philosophical information.

it need not however be supposed that the Skp or the Mbh underestimates the importance of moral purity. The Skp kasikhanda quotes Mbh vana 82.9-12 and exhorts the need of self control knowledge and penance for obtaining the full advantage of pilgrimage.

The Skp is specially important as it covers practically the whole of india. Thus it describes the topography cultural traditions etc. of the Himalayan region of Uttara Pradesh Orissa (in Purusottama ksetra-mahat-mya) Malwa Rajasthan and a part of Gujarat western india along with Gujarat and south india. The Skp has thus covered the major part of india (except such states as maharashtra and Punjab). The authors of each of these Mahatmyas knew their respective regions like the palm of their hand and describe the topography of the area particular Tirtha its location legendary history its distance and directions from the main Tirtha. Naturally these Tirtha-mahata-myas came to be written at different times by different authors. Hence the criticism or evaluation of a particular Khanda should not be regarded as applicable to the whole of the Skp thus the ignorance about the beginning of the kali age or the dates of Vikramaditya Saka, Pramati etc. in Kaumarkakahanda should be attributed to the author of that particular khanda and not to authors of other parts. Similarly the author of the Kasikhanda does not mean that the whole of the Skp is of that poetic standard. The general literary standard of other authors however is certainly high.

This Purana is called Skanda according to the NP 104.2-4 Vyasa this Purana Skanda and described it as consisting of a hundred thousand verses and all the rites and rituals regarding Siva have been revealed by Skanda.

The Skp in the concluding (44th) Adhyaya of the last Khanda informs us.

This skanda Purana was formerly disclosed by Kumara (skanda).

This Purana contributing to longevity and pleasing to the people of four Varnas was certainly created by the greatsouled Skanda.

in the traditional list of Mahapuranas the Skp holds the thirteenth rank but in its extent in number of verses it is the first.

The Skp is found in two versions or forms (1)Khandas and (2) Samhitas the Samhitas are six in number viz ,(a) Sanatkumara (b) Suta (c) Sankari (d) Vaisnavi (e) Brahmi and (f) Saura the total number of verses in these Samhitas is one hundred thousand.

But the NP recognizes the Khanda version. The Skp has the following seven khandas.

(1) Mahesvara (2) Vaisnava (3) Brahma (4) Kasi (5) Avanti (6) Nagara and (7) Prabhasa the NP 104.3 states that the Skp contains 81,000 verses a figure confirmed by the Skp in the colophon of each Adhyaya. The Mtp 53.41-42 the Vap 104 and the Bhp 12,13 give 81,000 as the number of its verses. But the AP 272.17 states that the Skp has 84,000 verses a view confirmed by the Skp.

The Venkateshwar Press edition of the Skp which we translate contains 94313 verses. The incidents mentioned in this Purana took place in the Tatpurusa Kalpa.

There are four editions of this Khanda type of Skp (1) the Venkateshwar Press (VP) (2) Bangavasi (BV) (3) Naval Kishore Press Lucknow and (4) the Gurumandala (GM) edition but these editions vary in their contents for ecample the catruastiti linga mahatmya in Part i of the Avanti Khanda is not found in the Lucknow edition. in Part ii of the Avanti Khanda some 110 chapters differ considerably from those in the VP edition. The GM includes the spurious Satya Narayana mahatmya in the Reva khanda but it is not found in the VP Edition.

The Skp Vii states that the entire Purana was narrated formerly by Skanda to Bhrgu. Angiras got it from Bhrgu Cyavana got it from Angiras Reika got if from Cyavana. it is thus traditionally handed down. The Purana is silent as to how it came up to suta through Vyasa. The rest of that last chapter of the Skp is Phalasruti.

The present text of the Sky is somewhat different from that of the 11th cent. A.D. Some of the verses then existing in the Skp and quoted as such by Laksmidhara in the Kalpataru (A.D. 1110) are not found in the present day text of the Sky. For example, in the Kalpataru on Tirtha (pp. 36-3 some 19 verses are quoted from the Sky, but they are untraced in the present text of the SkP, though they are found in LP 92.120-142. in the Kalpataru on p. 44 three verses are quoted from the Sky but are not found in our Sky text, though they are traced in the Ly 92.97-99

There is thus an urgent necessity of preparing a critical edition of the Skanda Purana. I have, however, followed here the VP edition.

The position of the Skp as a Mahapuraa is not disputed by anyone. But the very nature of Sky being a library of Ksetra and other Mahatamyas, is basically different from other Puraias, say the VP or the Bhp. Hence we should not stretch the Sky on the Procrustean bed of puranam paica1akca- zam. in fact (as observed by A.D. Pusalkar in Studies in Epics and Puratnas, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bombay) the paflca laksatzas are observed in their breach by a number of Puranas except the VP. The Sky not being one book, is not expected to follow the five laksanas. it is true that many books in the Sky share the Puranic ideas about Sarga, Pratisarga, Manvantara, but the lakksanas Vamsa and Vansabycarita are totally absent except a few unconnected semi-historical references in the Kaumarikaichanda and Brahmakhanda (see infra, the section on "Semi-historical References in the Skanda Puraa").

As society in Puranic india is of utmost importance and interest, let us first see society as depicted in the Sky. Like other Puranas, the Sky nostalgically remembers the ideal social condition in the Krta Age-a classless society, free provision of shelter, food, clothes and ornaments by trees, absence of the concept of Adharma etc. the evolution of varnas like Ksatriyas and the introduction of the performance of sacrifices appeared in treta Yuga.

But as P.V. Kane Points out Varna is not jati or caste Jati has the following characteristics.

(1) Heredity caste is assigned by birth

(2) Endogamy and Exogamy

(3) Certain restrictions as to food (what food is to be taken from whom etc.)

(4) Occupation A particular caste is to follow a particular occupation.

(5) Gradation of castes on a social scale jati thus lays special emphasis on birth or heredity, while Varna emphasized duties.

But Brahmana ksatriya vaisaya and sudra are equally important parts of the body of the Purusa. it thus represents the organic nature of the Hindu Society.

The Skp strongly asserts equality between man and man.

Humanity being the common factor who is low and who is high? Asks Skp iV if four sons are born from the same person from the same woman how can they belong to four different varpas. The distinction between one varna and another does not hold water. Hence nobody should every regard that there is difference between man and man like Sankara Vedanta the Skp also espoused elsewhere the stand of equality. Listing the created castes god Brahmi asserts the equality of these casters to Narada all those subjects are born from parts of my body and hence are equal.

This equality is voiced in other Puranas as well e.g. all varnas are born of the person the respetive duties of Brahamanas Ksatriyas, vaisyas and Sutras are based on old Smrtis like Manu Yajnavalkya. But even brahamanas took to different vocations like agriculture medical profession begging at forbidden houses and became degraded. it resulted in the creation of eleven castes among brahmanas who neither dine dor marry inter.

Part I
Publisher's Note
Editorial v
Abbreviations vii
Introduction xi
Skanda Purana
Book I: Mahesvarakhanda
Section I: Kedarkhanda
1 Daksa's insolence 1
2 Satys Arrival at Daksa's Sacrifice7
3 Virabhadra Comes to the Yajna13
4 A Fight between Vibhadra and Visnu and Others20
5 Meritoriousness of Devotion to Siva 26
6 Curse to Brahma and Others 42
7Worship of the Linga 47
8The Story of a Thief: incarnation of Rama 53
9The Churning of the Ocean 64
10Siva Swallows the Poison 74
11Procedure to Ganesa Worship: Manifestation of Laksmi 82
12 Devas Taste the Divine Nectar 90
13 The Fight between Devas and Asuras 96
14 Resuscitation of Dead Daityas 106
15Nahusa and Yayati: Their indrahood and Fall 109
16 Dadhicys Gift of His Body 118
17Vrtra Killed: Bali Prepares for War 126
18Vamana's Arrival Balys Sacrifice 151
19Sukra Curses Bali: Vamana Grants Boon to Bali 169
20 The Nirunatva of the Siva Linga: The Manifestation of Bhavani 176
21Parvatys Penance 181
22Sankara's Revelation of Himself to Parvati: Their Dialogue196
23Siva's Marriage207
24The Marriage Ceremony of Siva: The Arrangement for Accommodating Devas and Others 214
25The Marriage Ritual 220
26The Marriage Celebration of Siva and Parvati: Auspicious Festivities227
27The Birth of Kumara Karttikeya 232
28Preparations of Devas and Daityas for War 242
29The Battle Between Suras and Taraka 247
30Taraka is Slain 254
31The Greatness of Sivalinga 258
32The Burning of Kala 268
33The Greatness of Sivaratri Vrata 277
34Siva Loses to Parvati in a Game of Dice 287
35Parvati as Sabari Brings Back Siva: Siva's Coronation 301
Index 307
Part II
Publisher's Note v
Editorial vii
Abbreviations xv
Skanda Purana
Book I: Mahesvarakhanda
Section II: Kaumarikakhanda
1Redemption of Five Apsaras by Arjuna 1
2 Glorification of Holy Places 10
3Greatness of the Tirtha at the Confluence of Mahi and Sea 21
4Dialogue between Narada and Arjuna: Different Kinds of Charitable Gifts 29
5Dialogue between Narada and Sutanu 38
6Narada Settles Brahmanas at the Holy Spot 51
7 Nadijangha's Story 64
8 Prakarakarna's Story 74
9 The Vulture's Story 81
10 Revival of indradyumna's Renown 86
11The Previous Births of the Tortoise 90
12Great Efficacy of the Worship of Siva: The Story of Sage Lomasa 95
13 Satarudriya Lingas 101
14The Legend of Vajranga 122
15The Birth of the Asura Taraka 130
16Taraka and Devendra Prepare for War 136
17The Fight between Yama and Grasana 143
18The Battle between the Armies of Taraka and the Devas 148
19The Battle between Visnu and Kalanemi 155
20Visnu Fights with Daityas 161
21Taraka's Victory in the Battle 169
22The Birth of Parvati 193
23Himavan Consoled 199
24Kama is Burned 204
25 Mahadeva Meets Parvati: Eagerness for Marriage with Parvati 208
26The Marriage of Hara and Gauri Celebrated 220
27 Parvati Enraged: The Origin of Ganesa227
28Parvati Goes to the Mountain for Penance234
29Kumara Becomes Commander-in-chief of the Deva Army: (i) Legend of Arbuda 236
30Skanda installed as the Commander-in-chief254
31 Kumara's March against the City of Tarakasura 260
32 Taraka is Slain 264
33 The Greatness of Lingas installed by Kumara 278
34 The Greatness of Kumaresa 284
35Greatness of Stambhesvara 294
36Description of the Five Lingas Concluded 295
37 Bhuvanakosa: Evolution of the Universe: Description of Dvipas or Continents 301
38The Position of the Higher World 309
39The Greatness of Barkaresvara 315
40The Birth of Mahakala: The Arrangement of Four Yugas 335
41 Kinds of Sins; Procedure of Siva Worship; Rules of Good Conduct 361
42The Story of Brahmana Aitareya 378
43Establishment of Bhattaditya 401
44Description of the Divyas (Ordeals) 410
45The Story of Nandabhadra 418
46 Events Connected with Baladitya 430
47Installation of Goddesses at Bahudaka Tirtha 444
48The Description of Somanatha 453
49Dialogue between Kamatha and the Sun-god 456
50 Human body-A Miniature Cosmos: Departure of the Soul to the Next World 462
51The Greatness of Jayaditya 470
52The Story of Kotitirtha 478
53Greatness of Tripurusasala and the Glory of Narada's Lake482
54The Glory of idol Lake486
55The Characteristics of Yoga 491
56Brahmesvara, Moksesvara and Garbhesvara505
57The Glory of Nilakantha506
58End of Arjuna's Pilgrimage507
59The Departure of Ghatotkaca to Pragjyotisa513
60The Birth of Barbarika519
61The Liturgy of Ganesvara525
62 The Practice of Mahavidya 531
63Vikaya's Accomplishment of Siddhi 538
64 The Greatness of Bhimesvara 545
65Disagreement between Bhima and Yudhisthira: installation of Kalesvari551
66Krsna beheads Barbarika: Greatness of Guptaksetra Concluded562
Part III
Publisher's Note v
Editorial vii
Abbreviations xi
Skanda Purana
Book I: Mahesvarakhanda
Section II: Arunacalamahatamya
1The Manifestation of the Taijasa Linga-Arunacala 1
2Greatness of immovable Linga of Sankara 8
3 Parvati Goes to Kanci for Penance 13
4Parvati Goes to the Hermitage of Gautama19
5The Greatness of Brahmapuskara25
6 Description of Various Holy Places at Aruncala31
7 Different Tirthas on Arunacala43
8The Propitiation of Arunesvara 47
9The Efficacy of the Circumambulation of Arunesvara54
10 The Fight with Mahisasura65
11 Mahisasura Slain: His Head Stuck to Gaurys Hand74
12 The Reunion of the Goddess with Siva82
13Granting of Boons to Parvati 90
1 Introduction: Markandeya's Query 95
2 A List of Different Sacred Places of Siva on the Earth97
3Markandeya's Further Query 106
4The Greatness of Arunacala 108
5 Rewards and Punishments Resulting from Previous Karmas 113
6 Expiatory Rites 116
7Holy Rites for Special Attainments 120
8 The Description of Creation 125
9 Dispute between Brahma and Visnu127
10 Manisfestation of the Fiery Linga131
11Visnu's Exploration of the Top of the Column of Splendour133
12Brahma's Requests the Ketaka Bunch to Perjure136
13Brahma Requests the Ketaka Bunch to Perjure138
14Manisfestation of Sankara140
15 Brahma Prepares to Eulogize Siva143
16 Description of the Temple of Arunacala by Brahma and Visnu145
17 The Sports of Siva and Parvati151
18 Parvatys Devotional Service to Arunacalesvara154
19 Demon Mahisa Slain by Durga161
20Parvatys Eulogy of the Lord of Arunacala168
21Siva Praises Parvati 171
22The Story of Vajrangada 175
23 The Story of Kaladhara and Kantisali180
24 Vajrangada Attains Salvation 181
Index 187
Part IV
Publisher's Note v
Editorial vii
Abbreviations xi
Skanda Purana
Book II: Vaishnavakhanda
Section I: Venkatcala Mahatmya
1Narada's Vision of Yajnavaraha 1
2Propitation of Sri Varaha by Mantras 13
3 Manifestation of the Lord to the Eyes of Everyone at the Request of Agastya16
4 Narada Approaches Padmavati 20
5 Srinivasa Enchanted on Seeing Padmavati25
6 Marks of Visnu's Devotee 31
7 Preparations for the Marriage of Padmalaya38
8 The Marriage of Srinivasa and Padmavati44
9The Story of Hunter Vasu: The Greatness of Padmasaras 48
10The Story of Emperor Tondaman59
11Kasyapa Absolved of Sins69
12 The Greatness of Svamipuskarini76
13 The Greatness of Svamipuskarini81
14 The Greatness of Svamipuskarini86
15 The Greatness of Ramakrsna Tirtha90
16 The Merit of Making a Gift of Water92
17The Greatness of Venkatacala96
18The Glory of Sri Venkatacala99
19The Greatness of Papavinasana Tirtha102
20 Merit from Gift of Lands111
21 The Greatness of Akasaganga119
22Qualifications of Those Who Are Fit to Receive Charitable Gifts125
23Great Efficacy of Cakratirtha 131
24The Episode of the Gandharva Sundara135
25The Greatness of Jabalitirtha 139
26 The Greatness of Tumburu (Ghona) Tirtha143
27Sri Venkatacala Contains All the Tirthas152
28In Praise of Kataha Tirtha158
29 Arjuna Proceeds on a Pilgrimage166
30Description of the Hermitage of Bharadvaja171
31 Agastya's Departure to the South176
32The Birth of Suvarnamukhari180
33The Efficacy of Suvarnamukhari186
34The Miraculous Power of Agastya Tirtha and Agasteyesvara 193
35The Confluence of Kalya with Suvarnamukhari198
36Glorification of the Boar incarnation (of Visnu) 204
37The Arrival of Sankha, Agastya and Others at Sri Ventakacala 209
38Manifestation of Lord Visnu to Agastya and others 214
39Anjana's Penance for Getting a Son222
40 The Proper Times for Sacred bath in Viyadganga 226
Index 229
Part V
Publisher's Note v
Editorial vii
Abbreviations xiii
Skanda Purana
Book II: Vaishnavakhanda
Section II: Purusottama-ksetra Mahatmya
1A Dialogue between Jaimini and the Sages 1
2Yama's Prayer 5
3 Story of Markandeya and the Greatness of Yamesvara9
4The Redemption of Pudarika and Ambarisa 14
5Pundarika and Ambarisa Attains Salvation 22
6 Description of the Land of Utkala 29
7The Story of indradyumna 31
8The Messenger Vidyapati Returns 39
9Vidyapati Reports to indradyumna45
10Dialogue between Narada and indradyumna50
11Dialogue between Narada and indradyumna (Continued) 60
12 Description of the Holy Place Ekamravana (Bhuvanesvara) 72
13The Greatness of Kapotesa and Bilvesvara82
14Narada Consoles indradyumna and Urges Him to Perform Horse-sacrifices 85
15Indradyumna's Grief Dispelled: Manifestation of Four-formed Visnu 89
16Installation of the idol of Nrsimha 93
17Indradyumna Performs a Thousand Horse-sacrifices 98
18 The Eternal Banyan Tree Emerges 109
19The Lord Manifests Himself as Wooden idol 112
20Origin of the indradyumna Lake 116
21Indradyumna Gets the Royal Shrine Built122
22Indradyumna Goes to Brahma's Abode along with Narada 126
23Indradyumna Returns after Visiting Brahma130
24Devas Eulogize the Lord: Padmanidhys Reception135
25The Construction and installation of the Chariot of the Lord 139
26Indradyumna Worships the Lord: King Gala Submits to indradyumna145
27 Installation of the Four Deities 149
28The Lord Adopts the Form of Nrsimha: Dialogue between Brahma and indradyumna 158
29 The Lord Grants Boons to indradyumna163
30 The Greatness of Pancatirtha168
31The Procedure for the Sacred Ablution of the Lord in the Wooden Body 181
32 The Rite of Jyestha Pancaka188
33The Chariot-Procession Called Gundica Yatra194
34 In Praise of Chariot-Procession203
35The Procedure of Preserving the Chariot207
36The Festival's of Lords Retiring o Sleep209
37King Sveta Attains Salvation214
38The Great Efficacy of Nirmalya etc. 219
39Festival to be Celebrated during Caturmasya229
40Pravarana (Covering) Festival of Nrsimha235
41The Festival of Holy Bath on Pusya Day237
42The Festival of the Transit (of the Sun) to Capricorn239
43The Festival of Swing 241
44 Description of the Jyesthapancaka Vrata245
45The Procedure of Splitting Damanaka Grass248
46Celebration of Yatra by Daksa (on Aksayatrtiya) 250
47Meditation on the Lord in Different Forms254
48Popularization of the Lord's Worship by indradyumna255
49The Merit of Listening to a Purana258
Part VI
Publisher's Note v
Editorial xi
Abbreviations xv
Skanda Purana
Book II: Vaishnavakhanda
Section III: Badarikasrama Mahatmya
1Superiority of the Holy Place Badarikasrama over all Tirthas 1
2Agni Eulogizes the Lord 7
3The Greatness of Agnitirtha ans Silas of Narada and Markandeya 11
4The Greatness of the Rocks of Garuda, Varaha and Narasimha 18
5The Greatness of Visala 23
6 The Greatness of Vasudhara 28
7The Greatness of Pancadhara and other Tirthas34
8The Greatness of Various Tirthas at Badari42
Section IV: Kartikkamasa-Mahatamya
1Praise of Karttika Vow 49
2 Rites to Be Observed in Karttika54
3The Glory of Karttika 59
4 The Procedure of Karttikasnana64
5The Daily Routine of Duties in Karttika70
6Directions for Karttikavarata73
7Special Efficacy of the Gift of Lamps78
8The Greatness of Tulasi (Basil Plant) 88
9Rites to be Performed on Vatsadvadasi, Yamatrayodasi, Narakacaturdasi and Dipavali 92
10The Greatness of the First Day in the Bright Half of Karttika 101
11 The Efficacy of Yamadvitiya (The 2nd Day of Karttika) 107
12The Efficacy of Dhatri 112
13Previous Life of Satyabhama122
14 The Birth of Jalandhara 127
15The Victories of Jalandhara130
16 Narada Visits Jalandhara 133
17 Dialogue between Narada and Jalandhara136
18 Rudra's Army Defeated 139
19The Fall of Virabhadra 142
20Fight between Siva and Jalandhara144
21Vrnda's Self-immolation 146
22Jalandhara Attains Salvation149
23The Origin of Dhatri and Tulasi152
24The Legend of Dharmadatta154
25Kalaha Attains Salvation 157
26Dialogue between King Cola and Visnudasa159
27King Cola and Visnudasa Liberated 163
28Dharmadatta Attains Salvation165
29The Story of Dhanesvara 168
30Fasts and Austerities of the Month171
31The Rite of Kusmandanavami177
32 The Efficacy of Bhismpancaka Vrata180
33 Rules Pretaining to Pbabodhini184
34The Procedure of Concluding the Vrata189
35Vaikuntha Caturdasi Vrata192
36The Efficacy of Listening to the Purana196
Section:V: Margasirsa-Mahatmya
1Fruit of Holy Bath in the Month of Margasirsa (Obtained by Gopis) 201
2The Application of Tripundra203
3imprinting Marks of Conch, etc. 207
4 Worshipping the Conch 212
5The Fruit of Conch Worship216
6The Fruit of Offering Tulasi Twigs and Sandalpaste 219
7Superiority of Jati Flower 223
8The Greatness of Tulasi 225
9The Procedure for Naivedya229
10The Concluding Rites in the Lord's Worship232
11The Story of Ekadasi 236
12Uninterrupted Ekadasi Vow243
13 importance of Jagarana in Ekadasi Vrata249
14The Greatness of the "Matsya" Festival253
15 Efficacy of the Name of Krsna257
16The Greatness of Srimadbhagavata262
17The Greatness of Mathura267
Section VI: Bhagavata-Mahatya
1The Greatness of Vrajabhumi273
2Pariksit and Others Meet Uddhava277
3Dialogue between Pariksit and Uddhava280
4The Recitation of Bhagvata286
Index to Section III 293
Index to Section IV 295
Index to Section VI 301
Index to Section VII 303
Part VII
Publisher's Note v
Editorial xi
Abbreviations xv
Skanda Purana
Book II: Vaisnava-khanda
Section VII: Vaisakhamasa Mahatmya
1The Greatness of the Holy Bath in Vaisakha1
2The Benefit of the Different Kinds of Charitable Gifts3
3Charitable Gifts (Continued) 7
4The Holy Rites to be Observed in Vaisakha11
5 The Excellence of Vaisakha 15
6 The Story of House-Lizard 18
7Salvation of a Pisaca (Globlin) 23
8Daksa's Yajna; Parvatys Birth etc. 27
9 The Birth of Kumara 34
10Glorification of the Gifts of Umbrellas: The Story of Hemakanta 41
11The Anecdote of King Kirtiman 48
12Yama's Lamentation 57
13Yama is Consoled 60
14Liberation of a Pisaca 66
15Story of a Ruler of Pancaladesa 70
16The Pancala King Attains Sayujya 76
17Story of Dantila and Kohala 81
18Previous Birth of the Hunter 86
19The Curse of Wind-god 92
20The Bhagavata Dharmas 98
21 Birth of Valmiki 106
22Liberation of Pitrs 111
23The Greatness of Aksaya Trtiya120
24Salvation of a Bitch: importance of Dvadasi124
25The Conclusion 132
Section VIII: Ayodhya-Mahatmya
1Ther Greatness of Visnuhari139
2 Brahmakunda and Sahasradhara149
3The Tirthas: Svargadvara: Candrahari: Conclusion of Candra Vrata 157
4 The Greatness of Dharmahari164
5The Efficacy of Tilodaki 171
6The Greatness of Sargadvara and Gopratara173
7Brhaspati, Rukmini and Other Kundas191
8 Ratikunda and other Holy Tirthas202
9The Glory of Various Tirthas211
10Pilgrimage to Ayodhya 216
Section IX: Vasudeva -Mahatmya
1 Query by Savarni 225
2 Meeting of Narayana and Narada228
3Sri Vasudeva to Be Worshipped by All231
4Sveta-Dvipa 234
5 Uparicara Vasu, a Pious King 238
6Fall of Uparicara Vasu 241
7 Uparicara Vasu Attains Liberation245
8Curse to Devendra 249
9Genesis of Yajnas involving Himsa251
10 The Grace of Vasudeva 254
11Churning for the Nectar: Birth of the Position Kalakuta 257
12Churning of the Ocean: Birth of Fourteen Precious Jewels 261
13Gods Drink the Nectar 263
14 The Marriage Festival of Laksmi and Narayana266
15 Eulogy of Laksmi-Narayana270
16 Description of Goloka 277
17Manifestation of Vasudeva281
18incarnations of Vasudeva 285
19Narada Meets Nara and Narayana290
20The Duties of Four Varnas293
21 Duties of Celibates (Students) 298
22Duties of Householders 299
23Duties of Forest-Hermaits and Recluses306
24The Nature of Knowledge310
25Vairagya and Bhakti 316
26 Eligibility for Kriya-Yoga etc. 321
27Procedure of Puja Mandala Construction 325
28Kriya-Yoga: Meditation on the Forms of Radha and Krsna 333
29Kriya-Yoga: Procedure of Worship of Vasudeva 336
30Description of Yoga and Limbs341
31Euology of Nara and Narayana344
32Text-transmission of Vasudeva-Mahatmya346
Index to Section VII 351
Index to Section VIII356
Index to Section IX 359
Part VII
Publisher's Note v
Editorial xi
Abbreviations xiii
Skanda Purana
Book III: Brahma-khanda
Section I: Setu Mahatmya
1The Merit of Visiting Setu 1
2The Construction o Setu 10
3 Dharmatirtha Becomes Famous as Cakratirtha18
4 Redemption of Durdama from a Curse27
5Redemption from Curse of Alambusa and Vidhuma32
6Battle between the Goddess and Mahisasura 44
7 Mahisasura Killed 49
8Sudarsana Becomes a Vampire 54
9 Redemption of Sudarsana and Sukarna60
10 The Sanctifying Power of Papavinasa66
11 Glorification of Sita Lake: indra Absolved of the Sin of Brahmana-Slaughter 73
12Glorification of Mangala Tirtha79
13The Glory of Amrtavapi: Salvation of Agastya's Brother 87
14Brahma's Redemption from Siva's Curse 91
15The Glory of Hanumatkunda: Dharmasakha Blessed with a Hundred Sons 96
16 The Glory of Agasti Tirtha: The Story of Kaksivan 101
17The Glory of Agastyakunda: The Marriage of Kaksivan 109
18 The Glory of Ramakunda: Dharamaputra's Atonement for False Speech 113
19The Glory of Laksmanatritha: Balabhadra's Redemption from the Sin of Brahmana-Slaughter122
20The Glory of Jataritha: Dharmaputra Obtains Unlimited Wealth 127
21The Glory of Laksmitirtha: Dharmaputra Obtains Unlimited Wealth 132
22The Glory of Agnitirtha: Duspanya Relieved of His Ghosthood 136
23The Glory of Cakratirtha: Aditya Gets Golden Hands 144
24The Glory of Sivatirtha: Bhairava Absolved of the Sin of Brahmana-Slaughter 149
25The Glory of Sankhatirtha: Vatsanabha Freed from the Sin of ingratitude 154
26The Greatness of Ganga, Yamuna and Gaya: Janasruti Attains Perfect Knowledge 159
27The Glory of Kotitirtha: Krsna Atones for His Sin of Killing His Uncle 167
28The Glory of Sadhyamrtatirtha: Pururavas Liberated from a Curse 175
29 The Glory of Sarvatirtha: Sucarita Attains Sayujya 182
30 The Glory of Dhanuskoti186
31 The Glory of Kotitirtha: Asvatthama's Liberation from the Sin of Killing Sleeping Persons 195
32The Glory of Dhanuskoti: Dharmagupta Gets Rid of His Madness 204
33The Glory of Dhanuskoti: Paravasu Liberated from the Sin of Brahmana-Slaughter 209
34The Glory of Dhanuskoti: Sumatys Liberation from Great Sins 215
35The Glory of Dhanuskoti: The Jackal and the Monkey Liberated 221
36The Glory of Dhanuskoti: Duracara Liberated from the Sin of Associating with Sinners 227
37Ksirakunda 241
38The Glory of Ksirakunda: Kadru's Expitation for her Deceitful Action 246
39The Glory of Kapitirtha: Rambha and Ghrtaci Liberated from their Curse 256
40 The Glory of Gayatri and Sarasvati Tirthas261
41The Glory of Gayatri and Sarasvati Kundas: Destruction of Kasyapa's Sin 266
42Rnamocana and Other Tirthas 274
43The Glory of Ramanatha 278
44 The installation of the Linga of Ramanatha 288
45Rama's Discourse on Philosophy297
46The Reason for the installation of Ramanatha 303
47Rama's Sin of Brahma-hatya309
48Cessation of Great Sins incurred by King Sankara 314
49Eulogy of Ramanatha 323
50The Story of Punyanidhi 334
51 Pilgrimage to Setu 342
52The Glory of Setu 349
Index 367
Part IX
Publisher's Note v
Editorial ix
Abbreviations xiii
Skanda Purana
Book III: Brahma-khanda
Section II: Dharmaranya Mahatmya
1Yudhisthira's Enquiries 1
2Yudhisthira's Queries 11
3Indira's Fear 13
4Dharmaranya Established as a Holy Place20
5Good Conduct 31
6Norms of Good Conduct for Householders44
7Code of Conduct for Women etc. 54
8The Coming of Visnu 62
9 Different Spiritual Lineages and Their Goddesses67
10The Service Rendered by the Merchant Class77
11Dharamaranya Becomes Satyamandira82
12The installation of Ganesa84
13Greatness of Bakularka 87
14 Destruction of Visnu's Head94
15The Story of Hayagriva 99
16The installation of Ananda105
17 The Greatness of Srimata108
18 The Story of Matangi and Karnataka111
19The Greatness of indresvara and Jayantesvara 123
20 Description of Dhara Ksetra126
21Gotras, Pravaras etc. of the Residents of Dharamaranya 131
22installation of the Deities 135
23Lohasura Devastates Dharmaranya136
24The Greatness of Dharmaranya140
25The Greatness of Sarasvati141
26The Greatness o Dvarika 143
27The Episode of Balahaka: The Glory of Govatsa Linga 144
28The Greatness of Holy Spots148
29The Legend of Lohasura Concluded150
30 Rama's Life 156
31 Rama's Pilgrimage to Dharmaranya164
32Satyamandira Established170
33 Rama Returns to Ayodhya175
34Rama's Copper-plate Grant to Brahmanas179
35Ruins of Dharmaranya Repaired184
36Hanuman Makes His Appearance189
37Return of Modha Brahmanas204
38Acquisition of the Character by Brahmanas209
39Different Families and Groups in Dharmaranya215
40Merit of Listening to the Purana236
Section III: Brahmottara-Khanda
1The Greatness of Pancaksara (Five-syllabled) Mantra 243
2 The Story of Kalmasapada: Greatness of Gokarna 249
3 The Greatness of Gokarna and the Caturdasi of Siva 259
4The importance of Caturdasi271
5The Story of Gopakumara 275
6The importance of Pradosa 282
7The importance of Pradosa [Continued] 288
[The Procedure of Siva's Worship]
8 The Religious Vow to be Observed on Mondays: The Story of Simantini 300
9The (Spiritual) Power of Simantini313
10Bhadrayu Resuscitated 320
11Rsabha's Advice to Bhadrayu328
12 Description of Sivakavaca333
13 The Marriage of Bhadrayus339
14 Bhadrayus Gets Siva's Favour344
15Efficacy of the Holy Ash 350
16Efficacy of the Holy Ash (Continued) 356
17Efficacy of the Holy Ash (Continued) 362
18Observance of the Vow of Uma-Mahesvara366
19The Story of Sarada 372
20 The Great Efficacy of Rudrakasa: The Story of Mahananda 379
21The Greatness of Rudradhyaya386
22The Efficacy of Listening to the Purana392
Index to Section II 403
Index to Section III 411
Part X
Publisher's Note
Skanda Purana
Book IV: Kasi-khanda
Section I: Purvardha Mahatmya
1Increase in the Height of Vindhya1
2Satyaloka 9
3The Heritage of Agastya 20
4 The Characteristics of a Chaste Woman 30
5 Agastya's Departure 41
6Tirthadhyaya 53
7The Seven Holy Cities 59
8The World of Yama 71
9The Regions of Celestial Damsels and of the Sun 81
10The Worlds of indra and Agni90
11The World of Vahni (Fire-God) 103
12The Worlds of Nirrti and Varuna117
13Gandhavati and Alaka 125
14Somaloka 138
15Description of the Stellar World144
16The World of Sukra (Venus) 150
17 The Worlds of Mars, Jupiter and Satrun161
18The World of SevenSages172
19The Story of Dhruva 174
20The Story of Dhruva: The Vision of the Lord 184
21The Story of Dhruva: Dhruva's Eulogy of Visnu 192
22Brahma Praises Kasi 203
23Caturbhujabhiseka 213
24Sivasarman Attains Salvation219
25Agastya Visits Skanda 226
26Description of Manikarnika234
27 The Greatness of Ganga 246
28 The Greatness of Ganga (Continued) 261
29A Thousand Names of Ganga272
30 The Greatness of Varanasi312
31The Manifestation of Bhairava323
32The Manifestation of Dandapani336
33Description of Jnanavapi 351
34In Praise of Jnanavapi 366
35 Sadacara - Conduct of the Good376
36The Rites and Duties of a Religious Student398
37The Characteristics of Women406
38The Characteristics of Women (Continued) 420
39Manifestation of the Lord of Avimukta431
40Duties of a Householder 439
41The Path of Yoga 454
42Means of Dodging Kala 470
43King Divodasa's Valour 475
44Description of Kasi 484
45 The Arrival of Sixty-four Yoginis491
46Description of Lolarka 496
47Description of Uttararka 502
48The Greatness of Sambaditya507
49Description of Draupadaditya and Mayukhaditya 511
50Description of Khakholkaditya520
Part XI
Publisher's Note v
Abbreviations ix
Skanda Purana
Book IV: Kasi-khanda
Section II: Uttarardha
51Description of Sun-gods Called Aruna, Vrddha etc. 1
52Description of Dasasvamedha11
53Siva's Attendants Go to Varanasi19
54 The Greatness of Pisacamocana Tirtha28
55Ganesa Proceeds on a Mission to Kasi35
56Manifestation of the Maya of Ganesa40
57Manifestation of Dhundhi Vinayaka and Fiftysix Vinayakas 47
58Attainment of Salvation by Divodasa59
59Pancanada Comes into Being77
60Manifestation of Bindumadhava90
61The Greatness of Visnava Tirthas102
62 Manifestation of Bindumadhava122
63. The Story of Jyesthesa 131
64. The Secret of Jyesthesvara139
65. Manifestation of the Bull-emblemed Lord148
66Sailesa and Other Lingas 155
67In Praise of Ratnesvara 167
68 The Origin of Krttivasas 184
69The Assembly of Sixtyeight Holy Spots191
70Establishment of the Deities204
71 Exploits of Durga 212
72Victory of Durga 220
73The Greatness of Omkara 230
74 The Greatness of Omkara (Continued) 246
75Manifestation of Trilocana254
76The Power of Trilocana 261
77The Greatness of Kedara 273
78The Greatness of Dharmesa279
79Dharmesakhyanam 285
80The Vrata Called Manoreathatirtya294
81The Legend of Dharmesvara301
82Exploits of Amitrajit 307
83Manifestation of Viresvara317
84Tirthas from the Confluence of Ganga and Varana up to Manikarnika 327
85 Granting of Boons to Durvasas336
86Manifestation of Visvakarmesa342
87Daksa's Sacrifice 352
88Sati Casts off Hr Body 361
89Manifestation of Daksesvara369
90 The Story of Parvatisa 379
91The Greatness of Gangesvara381
92The Story of Narmadesvara382
93 Manifestation of Satisvara384
94Manifestation of Amrtesa and Other Lingas387
95Vyasa's Arms Get Paralysed391
96Vyasa Released from the Curse398
97Holy Spot in Varanasi 414
98. Departure unto the pavilion of Salvation436
99The Greatness of Sri Visvesvara444
100Index to Kasikhanda 450
Index 461
Part XII
Publisher's Note v
Abbreviations ix
Skanda Purana
Book V: Avantya-khanda
Section I: Avantiksetra Mahatmya
1 The Greatness of Mahakalavana 1
2 The Decapitation of Brahma 5
3 Brhma's Expiation 12
4 The Origin of Vaisvanara 16
5 The Arrival of the Lord 24
6 Getting Rid of Skull 29
7 Mode of Life in Mahakalavana 40
8 The Greatness of Apsarah Kunda 46
9 The Greatness of Mahisakunda and Rudrasaras 53
10 The Glory of Kutumbikesvara 55
11 The Greatness of Vidyadhara Tirtha 55
12 The Greatness of Sitala 57
13 The Glory of Svargadvara 57
14 The Greatness of Catussamudra 58
15 The Glory of Sankaraditya 60
16 The Efficacy of the River Nilagandhavati 62
17 The Greatness of Dasasvamedha 64
18 The Glory of Ekanamsa 64
19 The Glory of Harasiddhi 67
20 Pilgrimage to Fourteen Tirthas 69
21 The Greatness of Hanumatkesvara 70
22 The Efficacy of Rudrasaras 72
23 Pilgrimage to Mahakalesvara 74
24 The Greatness of Valmikesvara 77
25 The Greatness of Sukresvara and Other Shrines 80
26 The Glory of Mandakini-Ksetra 81
27 The Glory of Ankapada (Restoration of Sandipani's Son) 90
28 The Greatness of Somavati Tirtha 99
29 The Great Efficacyu of Anaraka Tirtha 108
30 Offering Lights to Anarakesvara 111
31 The Greatness of Saubhagyesvara and Other Tirthas 118
32 Arjuna's Eulogy of the Sun-god 125
33 The Greatness of Kesavaditya 134
34 The Greatness of Saktibheda Tirtha 137
35 The Greatness of Agastyesvara 145
36 The Greatness of Naradipa 147
37 The Importance of Angariki Caturthi 153
38 The Story of Abdhaka 157
39 The Greatness of Mahakalavana 162
40 The Origin of the Name Kanakasrnga 162
41 The Genesis of the Name Kusasthali 165
42 The Genesis of the Name Avanti 168
43 The Greatness of Name Ujjayini 172
44 The Greatness of Name Padmavati 177
45 The Efficacy of Kumudvati 180
46 The Genesis of the Name Amaravati 182
47 The Genesis of the Name Visala 184
48 The Genesis of the Name Pratikalpa 188
49 Sipra: The Remover of Jvara 192
50 The Greatness of Sipra 195
51 The Genesis of the Name Amtodbhava 199
52 The Glorification of Sipra 203
53 Sundara Kunda and Pisacamocana 209
54 The Greatness of Nilaganga 213
55 The Greatness of Vimaloda Tirtha 216
56 The Greatness of the Confluence of Ksata 219
57 Praise of Gaya Tirtha 225
58 The Procedure of Sraddha 227
59 The Greatness of Gaya Tirtha 233
60 The Importance of the Intercalary Month 236
61 The Greatness of the Intercalary month 242
62 The Glory of Gomati Kunda 243
63 The Greatness of tirthas and a thousand epithets of Visnu 246
64 The Pilgrimage to Kalabhariava Tirtha 273
65 The Greatness of Nrsimha Tirtha 275
66 The Greatness of Nrsimha Tirtha 278
67 The Greatness of Kutumbesvara 281
68 The Greatness of Akhadesvara 283
69 The Greatness of Karkaraja Tirtha 285
70 Index of all tirthas (in this text) 290
71 The Glory of Avantiksetra 296
Index 209
Publisher's Note v
Abbreviations xi
Skanda Purana
Book V: Avantyakhanda
Section II: Caturasiti Linga Mahatmya
1Agastyesvara 1
2Guhesvara 6
3Dhundhesvara 10
4Damarukesvara 13
5Anadikalpesvara 16
6Svarnajvalesvara 19
7Trivistapesvara 23
8Kapalesvara 26
9Svargadvaresvara 30
10Karkotesvara 33
11Siddhesvara 35
12Lokapalesvara 37
13Kamesvara 40
14Kutumbesvara 44
15Indradyumnesvara 47
16Isanesvara 49
17Apsarevara 52
18Kalakalesvara 54
19Nagacandesvara 57
20Pratiharesvara 59
21Kukkutesvara 61
22Karkatesvara 66
23Meghanadesvara 68
24Mahalayesvara 71
25Mukusvara 73
26Somesvara 78
27Anarakesvara 83
28Jatesvara 90
29Ramesvara 96
30Cyavanesvara 100
31Khandesvara 104
32Pattanesvara 107
33Anandesvara 109
34Kanthadesvara 113
35Indresvara 116
36Markandeyesvara 119
37Sivesvara 123
38Kusumesvara 127
39Akruresvara 129
40Kundesvara 133
41Lumpesvara 136
42Gangesvara 139
43Angaresvara 142
44Uttaresvara 144
45Trilocanesvara 149
46Viresvara 160
47Nupuresvara 172
48Abhayesvara 174
49Prthukesvara 177
50Sthavaresvara 180
51Sulesvara 183
52Omkaresvara 186
53Visvesvara 188
54Kantesvara 192
55Simhesvara 196
56Revabtesvara 198
57Ghantesvara 201
58Prayagesvara 204
59Siddhesvara 207
60Matangesvara 211
61Saubhagyesvara 215
62Rupesvara 220
63Dhanuhsahasraka 224
64Pasupatisvara 227
65Brahmesvara 231
66Jalpesvara 234
67Kedaresvara 238
68Pisacesvara 242
69Sangamesvara 246
70Durddharesesvara 251
71Prayagesvara 255
72Candradityesvara 261
73Karabhesvara 266
74Rajasthalesvara 270
75Vadelesvara 274
76Arunesvara 278
77Puspadantesvara 282
78Avimuktesvara 286
79Hanumatkesvara 291
80Svapnesvara 295
81Pingalesvara 300
82Kayavarohensvara 307
83Bilvesvara 312
84Uttaresvara 318
Index 323
Part XIV
Publisher's Note v
Abbreviations xi
Skanda Purana
Book V: Avantyakhanda
Section III: Reva Khanda
1Purana texts Described 1
2The Greatness of Reva 6
3Markandeya Rescued in the Pralaya 10
4Boons to Narmada 13
5Naming the River Narmada 17
6Epithets of Narmada Explained 21
7The Advent of Kurma Kalpa 25
8The Advent of Baka Kalpa 27
9The Origin of Narmada 30
10The Benefits of Bath in Narmada 34
11The Greatness of Narmada 40
12Eulogy of Narmada 48
13The Story of Twenty one Kalps 50
14kalaratri Annihilates the Universe 53
15Turbulence of the Annihilation (Pralaya) 58
16Eulogy of Siva by Brahma 62
17Annihilation by Twelve Suns 64
18Glorification of Narmada 68
19Varahakalpa 69
20Varagakalpa (continued) 74
21The Origin of the River Kapila 81
22The Origin of Visalya 87
23The Greatness of the Confluence of Visalya 89
24The Greatness of the Confluence of Karanarmada 91
25The Greatness of the Confluence of Nilaganga 91
26The Observance called Madhuka Trtiya 92
27Creating Agitation in Tripura 106
28Destruction of Tripura Glorification of Jvalesvara and Amaresvara Tirthas 107
29The Greatness of the Confluence of Kaveri and Narmada 117
30The Glory of Daru Tirtha 121
31The Greatness of Brahmavarta 122
32The Greatness of Patresvara Tirtha 123
33The Greatness of Agni Tirtha 125
34Description of Ravi Tirtha 129
35Glorification of Meghanada Tirtha 131
36The Glory of Daruka Tirtha 133
37Glorification of Deva Tirtha 135
38The Greatness of Narmadesvara Tirtha 137
39The Greatness of kapila Tirtha 143
40The Greatness of Karanjesvara Tirtha 146
41The Greatness of Kundalesvara Tirtha 151
42The Greatness of Pippalada Tirtha 151
43The Greatness of Vimalesvara Tirtha 156
44Eulogy of Sulabheda 159
45Andhaka Gets a Boon 162
46Abduction of Saci 165
47Devas Return to Svarga 168
48Andhaka Blessed 170
49Glorification of Sulebheda 177
50Rules About the Eligibility for Dana 181
51Glorification of Danadharma 185
52The Story of Dirghatapas 190
53Rksasrnga goes to Svarga 191
54Dirghatapas goes to Heaven 195
55Kasiraja Attains Moksa 200
56Fruit of Dana Described 203
57The Sabara goes to Svarga 214
58The Greatness of Sulabheda Tirtha 217
59The Greatness of Aditya Tirtha 219
60The Greatness of Adityesvara Tirtha 220
61The Greatness of Sakresvara Tirtha 226
62The Greatness of Karodisvara Tirtha 227
63The Greatness of Kumaresvara Tirtha 229
64The Greatness of Agastyesvara Tirtha 230
65The Greatness of Anandesvara Tirtha 231
66The Greatness of Matrurtha 232
67The Greatness of Lunkesvara Tirtha 233
68The Greatness of Dhanda 242
69The Greatness of Mangalesvara Tirtha 243
70The Greatness of Ravi Tirtha 244
71The Greatness of Kamesvara Tirtha 245
72The Greatness of Maninagesvara Tirtha 245
73The Greatness of Goparesvara Tirtha 251
74The Greatness of Gautamesvara Tirtha 253
75The Greatness of Sankhacuda Tirtha 254
76The Greatness of Paresvara Tirtha 254
77The Greatness of Bhimesvara Tirtha 256
78The Greatness of Naradesvara Tirtha 257
79The Greatness of Dadhiskanda and Madhuskanda Tirtha 260
80The Greatness of Nandikesvara Tirtha 261
81The Greatness of Varunesvara Tirtha 262
82The Greatness of Panca Tirtha 263
83The Greatness of Hanumantesvara Tirtha 264
84Kapi and Other Tirthas 274
85The Greatness of Somanatha Tirtha 279
86The Greatness of Pingalesvara Tirtha 288
87The Greatness of Rna-tray-Mocana Tirtha 290
88The Greatness of Kapilesvara Tirtha 290
89The Greatness of Putikesvara Tirtha 291
90The Greatness of Jalasayi Tirtha 292
91The Greatness of CanddadityaTirtha 301
92The Greatness of Yamahasya Tirtha 302
93The Greatness of Kalhodi Tirtha 305
94The Greatness of Nandikesvara Tirtha 306
95The Greatness of Narayana Tirtha 306
96The Greatness of Kotisvara Tirtha 308
97The Greatness of Vyasa Tirtha 309
98The Greatness of Prabhasa Tirtha 325
99The Greatness of Nagesvara Tirtha 328
100The Greatness of Markandesvara Tirtha 331
Part XV
Publisher's Note v
Abbreviations xi
Skanda Purana
Book V: Avantyakhanda
Section III: Reva Khanda
101The Greatness of Samkarsana Tirtha 333
102The Glory of Manmathesvara Tirtha 333
103The Greatness of the Confluence (of Erandi and Narmada) 334
104The Greatness of Suvarnasila Tirtha 351
105The Greatness of Karanja Tirtha 352
106The Greatness of Kamada Tirtha 352
107The Greatness of Bhandari Tirtha 354
108The Greatness of Rohini Tirtha 354
109The Greatness of Cakra Tirtha 356
110The Greatness of Dhautapapa Tirtha 358
111The Greatness of Skanda Tirtha 358
112The Greatness of Angirasa Tirtha 362
113The Greatness of Koti Tirtha 363
114The Greatness of Ayonisambhava Tirtha 364
115The Greatness of Angaraka Tirtha 364
116The Greatness of Pandu Tirtha 365
117The Greatness of Trilocana Tirtha 366
118The Greatness of Indira Tirtha 366
119The Greatness of Kalhodi Tirtha 369
120The Greatness of Kambukesvara Tirtha 370
121The Greatness of Soma Tirtha 372
122The Greatness of Kohana Tirtha 375
123The Greatness of Karmadesvara Tirtha 378
124The Greatness of Narmadesvara Tirtha 378
125The Greatness of Ravi Tirtha 379
126The Greatness of Ayoniprabhava Tirtha 382
127The Greatness of AgniTirtha 384
128The Greatness of BhrkutesvaraTirtha 384
129The Greatness of Brahma Tirtha 385
130The Greatness of Devatirtha 386
131The Greatness of Nagesvara Tirtha 387
132The Greatness of Adivaraha Tirtha 390
133The Glory of Kaubera and other Tirthas 391
134The Greatness of Ramesvara Tirtha 395
135The Greatness of SiddhesvaraTirtha 396
136The Greatness of Ahalya Tirtha 396
137The Greatness of Karkatesvara Tirtha 398
138The Greatness of Sakra Tirtha 399
139The Greatness of Somatirtha 400
140The Greatness of Nandahrada Tirtha 401
141The Greatness of Tapesvara Tirtha 402
142The Greatness of Rukmini Tirtha 404
143The Greatness of Yojanesvara Tirtha 411
144The Greatness of Dvadasi Tirtha 413
145The Greatness of Siva Tirtha 413
146The Greatness of Asmahaka Tirtha 414
147The Greatness of Siddesvara Tirtha 422
148The Greatness of Mangalesvara Tirtha 423
149The Greatness of Linga Varaha Tirtha 425
150The Greatness of Kusumesvara Tirtha 427
151The Greatness of SvetavarahaTirtha 431
152The Greatness of Bhargalesvara Tirtha 433
153The Greatness of Adityesvara Tirtha 434
154The Greatness of Kalakalesvara Tirtha 437
155Attainment of Siddhi by Canakya 438
156The Greatness of Suklatirtha 447
157The Greatness of Humkarasvami 450
158The Greatness of Sangamesvara Tirtha 452
159The Greatness of Anarakesvara Tirtha 453
160The Greatness of Moksa Tirtha 461
161The Greatness of Sarpa Tirtha 462
162The Greatness of Gopesvara Tirtha 463
163The Greatness of Naga Tirtha 464
164The Greatness of Samvauresvara Tirtha 464
165The Greatness of Siddhesvara Tirtha 465
166The Greatness of Siddesvari Tirtha 466
167The Greatness of MarkandesvaraTirtha 467
168The Greatness of Ankuresvara Tirtha 470
169The Abduction of Kamamohini 473
170Mandavya Impaled 477
171Dialogue between Sandili and the sages 479
172The Greatness of Mandavya Tirtha 484
173The Greatness of Suddesvara Tirtha 491
174The Greatness of Gopesvara Tirtha 492
175The Greatness of Kapilesvara Tirtha 493
176The Greatness of Pingalesvara Tirtha 495
177The Greatness of Bhutisvara Tirtha 498
178The Greatness of Gangavahaka Tirtha 500
179The Greatness of Gautamesvara Tirtha 503
180The Greatness of Dasavamedha Tirtha 504
181The Creation of Bhrgukaccha Tirtha 511
182The Greatness of Bhrgukaccha Tirtha 517
183The Greatness of Kedaresvara Tirtha 522
184The Greatness of Dhautapapa Tirtha 524
185The Greatness of Erandi Tirtha 526
186The Greatness of Kanakhalesvara Tirtha 527
187The Greatness of Kalagnirudra Tirtha 531
188The Greatness of Salagrama Tirtha 532
189The Greatness of Udirna Varaha Tirtha 533
190The Greatness of Candrahasa Tirtha 537
191The Greatness of Dvadasaditya Tirtha 540
192The Birth of Sripati 541
193The Greatness of Sripati Tirtha 549
194The Marriage of Sripati 555
195The Glori of Sripati 562
196The Greatness of Hamsatirtha 565
197The Greatness of Mulasthana Tirtha 565
198The Greatness of Sulesvara Tirtha 566
199The Greatness of Asvina Tirtha 575
200The Greatness of Savitri Tirtha 576
201The Greatness of Deva Tirtha 578
202The Greatness of Sikhitirtha 579
203The Greatness of Koti Tirtha 580
204The Greatness of Paitamaha Tirtha 580
205The Greatness of Kurkuri Tirtha 582
206The Greatness of Dasakanya Tirtha 583
207The Greatness of Suvarnabindu Tirtha 584
Part XVI
Publisher's Note v
Abbreviations xi
Skanda Purana
Book VI: Nagara Khanda
1The Birth of the Linga 1
2Dialogue between Trisanku and vasistha 7
3Hariscandra Coronated as King 10
4Visvamitra Performs a Yajna fro Trisanku 12
5Performance of a satra for Trisanku 17
6Attainment of a Boon by Visvamitra 19
7Trisanku Attains Svarga 21
8Killing of Vrtra 22
9Filling up the Nagabila 33
10King Camatkara cursed 37
11Gift of a city to Brahmanas 39
12Advice to the sons 45
13Glory of Acalesvara 46
14Efficacy of Circumambulating Camatkarapura 49
15Efficacy of Circumambulating Camatkarapura (Continued) 52
16Merit of Residing near Raktasrnga 53
17Viduratha goes ahunting 54
18King Viduratha in a Hermitage 56
19Greatness of Pitrkupika Tirtha 64
20Greatness of Balamandana Tirtha 67
21Glory of Balasakhya Tirtha 73
22Greatness of Balamandana Tirtha 79
23Greatness of Mrga Tirtha 83
24Origin of Visnupadi Tirtha 85
25Greatness of Visnupati Ganga 88
26Greatness of Gokarna Tirtha 92
27Characteristics of the Four Yugas 99
28The Refuge to all tirthas 106
29Greatness of Siddhesvara Ksetra 108
30Manifestation of Siddesvara 127
31Greatness of Naga Hrada 129
32Greatness of the Hermitage of Seven Sages 138
33Greatness of Agastya's Hermitage 148
34Fight Between Devas and Asuras 152
35Installation of Citresvara Pitha 155
36Greatness of Citresvari Pitha 160
37The Palace called Dussila 165
38Greatness of Dhundhumaresvara 168
39Greatness of Yayatisvara 170
40Greatness of Citrasila 171
41Manifestation of Jalasayin 176
42Menaka Meets Visvamitra 181
43Dialogue between Visvamitra and Menaka 184
44Greatness of Visvamitresvara 186
45Greatness of Tripuskara 189
46Greatness of Sarasvati Tirtha 195
47Greatness of Mahakalesvara 199
48Installation of Uma Mahesvara 204
49King Kalasa Turns into a Tiger 208
50Dialogue between the cow and the tiger 211
51Greatness of Kalasesvara 213
52Greatness of Rudrakoti 221
53Greatness of Bhrungarta 223
54Greatness of Carmamunda 231
55Greatness of Nalesvara 234
56Greatness of Sambaditya 236
57Bhisma's Pilgrimage 239
58Greatness of Siva Ganga 243
59Vidura Builds the Lord's Temple 244
60Greatness of Naraditya 247
61Birth of Visakanya 249
62Greatness of Sarmistha Tirtha 251
63Greatness of Somanatha 259
64Greatness of Camatkari Durga 264
65Greatness of Anartakesvara and Surakesvara 266
66Murder of Jamadagni 271
67Sahasrarjuna Killed 277
68The Sea Recedes 280
69Creation of Rama Hrada 282
70Birth of Karttikeya 284
71Installation of Skanda's Sakti 290
72Dhrtarastra's Pilgrimage to Hatakesvara Ksetra 293
73Pilgrimage of Dhrtarastra and others 296
74Installation of Lingas by Kauravas Pandavas and Yadavas 300
75Greatness of Yajnabhumi 301
76Installation of Mundira Kalapriya and Mulasthana 302
77Importance of Harasraya Vedika 308
78Greatness of Rudrasirsa 314
79Greatness of Valakhilyasrama 318
80Importance of the sight of Visnu 323
81Fall of Suparana's wings 328
82Greatness of Suparnesvara 332
83Greatness of the deity Suparna 335
84Madhavi Born as Subhadra 338
85Greatness of Mahalaksmi 340
86Greatness of Saptavimasatika 341
87Greatness of Soma's Shrine 344
88Greatness of Ambavrddha 346
89Greatness of the Padukas of Srimata 351
90Greatness of Vasordhara 355
91Creation of Agni Tirtha 362
92Greatness of Brahmakunda 363
93Greatness of Gomukha Tirtha 365
94Greatness of Lohayasti 369
95Greatness of Ajapalesvari 372
96Dialogue between Dasratha and Sanaiscara 379
97Dasaratha's Penance 383
98Greatness of Rajavapi 387
99Sage Durvasa visits Rama 389
100Srirama goes to the city of Sugriva 393
101Installation of Ramesvara in the Middle of the setu 398
102Erection of five Palatial Shrines for Laksmana and others 402
103Greatness of Anartaka Tirtha Kupika 404
Publisher's Note v
Abbreviations xi
Skanda Purana
Book VI: Nagara Khanda
104Installation of Kusesvara and Lavesvara 413
105Removal of the Raksasa Lingas 422
106Greatness of the Vanished Tirthas 423
107Installation of Citrasarma Linga 426
108The Astasasti Tirthas 432
109Greatness of Astasasti Tirthas 435
110Greatness of Sixty Eight Tirthas 437
111Lamentation of the King of Anarta 438
112The Creation of Barren Land 446
113Greatness of Agnikunda 448
114The Term Nagara 456
115Gotras of Sages 463
116Greatness of Amba Revati Tirtha 467
117Emergence of Bhattikatirtha 472
118Installation of Raivatakesvara and Ksemamkari 479
119Defeat of the Army of Gods 481
120The Origination of Katyayani 487
121Mahisasura Defeated 489
122Creation of Kedara 496
123Glory of Sukla Tirtha 502
124Creation of Mukhara Tirtha 506
125The Story of King Satyasandha 513
126Greatness of Satyasa 520
127Greatness of Karnotpala Tirtha 523
128Origin of Atesvara 525
129Greatness of the Hermitage of Yajnavalkya 530
130Creation of Pancapinda Cow 536
131Katyayani's Distress 541
132Creation of Vastupada 545
133Origin of Ajagrha 549
134Origin of Tirthas like Saubhagyakupika 554
135Boon to a Chaste Lady Dirghika 560
136Origin of Dirghika 567
137Mandavya Impaled 570
138Origin of Dharmarajesvara 571
139Greatness of Dharmarajesvara 573
140The Son of Dharmaraja 578
141Greatness of Mistannadesvara 579
142Greatness of the Trio of Ganapatis 584
143Provocation of Jabali 587
144The Story of Citrangadesvara Phalavati and Jabali 592
145Greatness of Amarakesvara Ksetra 606
146Greatness of Amaresvara Kunda 610
147Dialogue between Vyasa and Suka 611
148Greatness of Vatikesvara 618
149Manifestation of Kelisvari 619
150Greatness of Kelisvari 627
151Greatness of Bhairava Ksetra 630
152Greatness of Cakrapani 635
153Origin of Apsara Kunda 639
154Greatness of Citresvara Pitha 643
155A Ksatriya Addresses his wife 647
156Manibhadra cheats a Brahmana Named Puspa 651
157Boons to Puspa by the Sun god 655
158Manibhadra's death 659
159Puspa Acquires Prosperity 665
160Brahmanas Invited for Purascarana 666
161Greatness of Puspaditya 668
162Procedure of Purascarana Saptami 670
163Creation of Brahma Nagara (Community) 677
164Installation of Nagesvara etc 680
165Origin of Asva Tirtha 684
166Birth of Parasurama 687
167Visvamitra Renounces Kingdom 691
168Greatness of the source of Dharotpatti 697
169Greatness of Dhara Devi 702
170Creation of Dhara Tirtha 705
171Battle between Vasistha and Visvamitra 707
172Sarasvati Cursed 709
173Saravati Gets Rid of the Curse 711
174Birth of Pippalada 713
175Gift of a Boon to Yajniavalkya 721
176Origin of Kamsaresvara 722
177Creation of Pancapindika 724
178Origin of Pancapinda Gauri 730
179Rites Preliminary of Yajnas 736
180Brahma Begins the Yajna 742
181Greatness of Gayatri Tirtha 746
182The Yajna of Brahma the first day 752
183Creation of Naga Tirtha 758
184The Yajna of Brahma The Third day 762
185Creation of Holy places 765
186Importance of an Atithi 775
187Greatness of Raksasprapya Sraddha 777
Publisher's Note v
Abbreviations xi
Skanda Purana
Book VI: Nagara Khanda
188The Groups of Mothers Cursed 783
189The antecedents of Audumbari 789
190Origin of Yaksma Tirtha 792
191Occurrence of Evil Omens 799
192Greatness of Savitri 800
193Gayatri Grants Boons 808
194Description of Tirthas 809
195Story of the Daughter of Chandogya 814
196Brhadbala proceeds to the city of anarta 818
197The Expiation of Paravasu 819
198Sudri Brahmani Tirtha 829
199Greatness of Eight Nagara Families 538
200Bhartryajna Prescribes expiatory Rites 852
201Decision on Problems relating to Nagaras 855
202Bhartryajna's Decision 858
203Purification of Nagaras 860
204Procedure of Preta Sraddha 862
205Importance of Gaya Sraddha 866
206Importance of Balamandana 867
207Description of Indra Festival 881
208Greatness of Gautamesvara Ahalyesvara and Satanandesvara 887
209Origin of Sankhaditya and Sankhatirtha 894
210Importance of Tambula 901
211Greatness of Sankha Tirtha 908
212Greatness of Ratnaditya 909
213Efficacy of Kuharavasi Sambaditya 915
214Procedure of Ganapati Worship 924
215Necessity of the Performance of Sraddha 930
216Origin of Sraddha 936
217Sraddha Proper Time Eligible Brahmana etc. 947
218Rules Prescribed for Sraddha Perfromance 953
219Kamya Sraddha 955
220Importance of Gajacchaya 957
221Things Worthy of Beign offered in Sraddha 964
222Decision regarding caturdasi Sraddha 969
223Kinds of Sons Eligible to Offer Sraddha 972
224Procedure of Sraddha 973
225Procedure of Sapindikarana 978
226Fortunes in Twentyone Hells 981
227Means to Save one from Tortures in hells 988
228Disobedience by Andhakasura 990
229Birth of Bhrngiriti 993
230Vrka's Conquest of Indra's Kingdom 996
231Importance of Ekadasi Vrata 998
232Vratas and Niyamas to be Observed in Caturmasa 1005
233Benefits of Bath in Ganga 1008
234Procedure of Adopting Niyama 1011
235Importance of Dana in Caturmasya 1014
236Greatness of Gifting desired Objects 1017
237Greatness of Vrata 1020
238Importance of Penance 1022
239Efficacy of adoration penance etc. 1027
240Devotion explained 1032
241Characteristics of a Good Sudra 1034
242Eighteen Prakrtis (castes and Sub castes) 1039
243Importance of Saligrama worship 1043
244Twentyfour varieties of Saligrama 1049
245Devas go to the Mandara Mountain 1050
246Parvati's curse on Devas1054
247Greatness of Asvattha Tree 1057
248Greatness of Palasa Tree 1061
249Greatness of Tulasi 1062
250Creation of Bilva Tree 1064
251Curse to Visnu 1066
252Greatness of trees 1069
253Sankara Consoles Parvati 1073
254Tandava Dance of Sankara 1076
255Greatness of Laksmi Narayana 1085
256Efficacy of the name of Rama 1087
257Parvati's Penance 1091
258Hara is Cursed 1094
259Prayer to the Bull 1098
260Paijavana takes Leave 1105
261Dhyanayoga 1106
262Jnana Yoga Expalined 1112
263Origin of Matsyendranatha 1119
264Tarakasura Killed 1125
265Asunyasayana Vrata 1128
266Greatness of Sivaratri 1132
267Importance of Tula Purusa Dana 1139
268Description of Prthvi Dana 1143
269Greatness of Kapalamocanesvara 1146
270Making Gift of Papapinda 1159
271Creation of Seven Lingas 1162
272Characteristics of Different Yugas 1198
273Reckoning of Yugas 1202
274Origin of Duhsilesvara 1204
275Nimbesvara and Sakambhari 1213
276Origin of Eleven Rudras 1214
277In Praise of Dana Performed in Front of Rudras 1217
278The Legend of Yajnavalkya 1219
279Merit of Listenning to the Purana 1230
Index 1233
Part XIX
Publisher's Note v
Abbreviations xi
Skanda Purana
Book VII: Prabhasa Khanda
Section I: Prabhasa Ksetra Mahatmya
1Queries of Sages 1
2Merit in Gifting purana Texts 5
3Queries made by Devi 14
4The Extent of Prabhasa Ksetra 27
5Sages and Devas Residing in Prabhasa Ksetra 37
6Greatnes of Somesvara 40
7The Apperance of Somanatha 44
8The Glory of Somesvara 53
9The Garland of Skulls and Tattvas 55
10Supreme Excellence of Prabhasa 60
11Origin of Rajabhattarka 64
12Creation of Yamesvara 83
13Origin of Arkasthala 84
14Creation of Siddhesvara 87
15Origin of Papanasana 90
16Origin of Sunanda and other Mother Goddesses 90
17Procedure of worship 92
18The Birth of Moon God 109
19Incarnations of Sri Visnu 111
20Creation of the Moon 119
21Advice to Propitiate Siva 124
22Soma Gets a Boon 130
23Installation of Somesvara 138
24Importance of Somavara Vrata 148
25Description of Somavara Vrata 163
26Greatness of Gandharvesvara 168
27Greatness of Gandharvasenesvara 168
28Procedure of the Pilgrimage 169
29Reason why sea water is not fit for drinking 180
30Efficacy of the worship of Somesvara 187
32Vadavanala Outwitted 191
33The Story of Sarasvati 200
34The Descent of Sarasvati 209
35Greatness of Agni Tirtha 212
36Greatness of Praci Sarasvati 222
37Importance of Offering a Bracelet 226
38Kapardi Vinayaka 229
39Kedaresvara Linga 234
40Bhimesvara 239
41Bhairavesvara 240
42Candisa 241
43Adityesvara 242
44Somesvara 243
45Angaresvara 244
46Budhesvara 245
47Brhaspatisvara 245
48Sukresvara 246
49Sanaiscaresvara 247
50Greatness of Rahvisvara 253
51Greatness of Ketvisvara 255
52Greatness of Siddhesvara 255
53Greatness of Kapilesvara 255
54Greatness of Gandharvesvara 256
55Greatness of Vimalesvara 257
56Greatness of Dhanadesvara 257
58Greatness of Ajapalesvari 260
59Greatness of Ajadevi 264
60Greatness of Mangala 266
61Greatness of Lalitomavasalaksi 267
62Greatness of Catvaradevi 268
63Greatness of Bhairavesvara 269
64Greatness of Laksmisvara 269
65Greatness of Vadavesvara 270
66Greatness of Arghyesvara 270
67Greatness of Kamesvara 271
68Greatness of Gauri Tapovana 271
69Greatness of Gaurisvara 274
70Greatness of Varunesvara 275
71Greatness of Usesvara 276
72Greatness of Jalavasaganapati 276
73Greatness of Kumaresvara 277
74Greatness of Sakalyesvara 277
75Greatness of Kalakalesvara 279
76Greatness of Importance of the Pair of Lakulisa Lingas 281
77Greatness of Uttankesvara 282
78Greatness of Vaisvanaresvara 282
79Greatness of Lakulisvara 283
80Greatness of Gautamesvara 284
81Greatness of Sri Daityasudana 284
82Origin of Cakratirtha 288
83Greatness of Yogesvari 290
84Greatness of Adinarayana 295
85Greatness of Sannihita 298
86Greatness of Pandeavesvara 300
87Greatness of Bhutesvara 300
88Greatness of Nilarudra 302
89Greatness of Kapalisvara 303
90Greatness of Vrsavahanesvara 304
91Greatness of Tryambakesvara 307
92Greatness of Aghoresvara 308
93Greatness of Mahakalesvara 309
94Greatness of Bhariavesvara 310
95Greatness of Mrtyunjaya 311
96Greatness of Kamesvara 312
97Greatness of Yogesvara 314
98Greatness of Prthvisvara 315
99Greatness of Dandapani Cakradhara 317
100Durvasas Curses Samba 321
101Greatness of Sambaditya 323
102Greatness of Kantakasodhini 329
103Greatness of Kapalesvara 329
104Greatness of Kotisvara 332
105Greatness of Brahma 333
106Glorification of Brahmanas 339
107Procedure of the worship of Brahma 345
108Greatness of Pratyusesvara 355
109Greatness of Anilesvara 356
110Greatness of Prabhasesvara 357
111Greatness of Rameshvara Ksetra 358
112Greatness of Laksmanesvaraa 362
113Greatness of Janakisvara 362
114Greatness of Vamanasvami 363
115Greatness of Pukaresvara 364
116Greatness of Sankhodakakundesvari Gauri 365
117Greatness of Bhutanahesvara 365
118Greatness of Gopyaditya 366
119Greatness of Balatibaladaityaghni 369
120Greatness of Gopisvara 375
Part XX
Publisher's Note v
Abbreviations xi
Skanda Purana
Book VII: Prabhasa Khanda
121Greatness of Jamadagnyesvara 377
122Greatness of Citrangadesvara 378
123Greatness of Ravanesvara 379
124Greatness of Saubhagyesvari 381
125Greatness of Paulomisvara 381
126Greatness of Sandilyesvara 382
127Greatness of Ksemankaresvara 383
128Greatness of Sagaraditya 384
129Greatness of Ugrasenesvara 386
130Greatness of Pasupatesvara 390
131Greatness of Dhruvesvara 397
132Greatness of Siddhalaksmi 400
133Greatness of Mahakali 401
134Greatness of Puskaravartaka 402
135Greatness of Sitalagauri 403
136Greatness of Lomasesvara 404
137Greatness of Kankala Bhairava 405
138Greatness of Trnabindvisvara 405
139Greatness of Citraditya 405
140Greatness of Citrapatha River 409
141Greatness of Kapardicintamani 410
142Greatness of Citresvara 410
143Greatness of Vicitresvara 411
144Greatness of Puskara Kunda 411
145Greatness of Gajakumbhodara 412
146Greatness of Yamesvara412
147Greatness of Brahmakunda 413
148Greatness of Kundalakupa 420
149Greatness of Bhairavesvara 424
150Greatness of Brahmesvara 425
151Greatness of Savitrisvara Bhariava 425
152Greatness of Naradesvara Bhairava 426
153Greatness of Hiranyesvara 427
154Greatness of Gayatrisvara 430
155Greatness of Ratnesvara 431
156Greatness of Garudesvara 431
157Greatness of Satyabhamesvara 432
158Glory of Anangesvara 432
159Greatness of Ratnesvara 433
160Greatness of Raivatakaraja Bhattaraka 434
161Greatness of Anantesvara 434
162Greatness of Astakulesvara 435
163Greatness of Nasatyesvara 435
164Greatness of Asvinesvara 436
165Greatness of Savitri 436
166Details of Savitri Puja 450
167Greatness of Bhutamatrka 461
168Greatness of Salakatankata 471
169Greatness of Vaivasvatesvara 3471
170Greatness of Matrganabala Devi 472
171Greatness of Dasarathesvara 472
172Glory of Bharatesvara 473
173Greatness of four Lingas (Kusakesvara etc.) 474
174Greatness of Kuntisvara 474
175Greatness of Arkasthala 475
176Greatness of Siddhesvara 476
177Greatness of Lakulisa 476
178Greatness of Bhargavesvara 477
179Greatness of Madavyesvara 477
180Greatness of Puspadantesvara 477
181Greatness of Ksetrapalesvara 478
182Greatness of Matr Deities 478
183Greatness of Trisangama 479
184Greatness of Mankisvara 480
185Greatness of Devamatrgauri 480
186Greatness of Nagasthana 481
187Greatness of Prabhasa Pancaka 482
188Greatness of Rudresvara 485
189Greatness of Karmamoti 486
190Greatness of Moksasvami 486
191Greatness of Ajigartesvara 487
192Greatness of Visvakarmesvara 487
193Greatness of Yamesvara 487
194Greatness of Amaresvara 488
195Greatness of Vrddhaprabhasa 488
196Greatness of Jalaprabhasa 490
197Greatness of Jamadagnisvara 491
198Greatness of Pancamaprabhasa Ksetra 492
199Destruction of Daksa's Sacrifice 493
200Greatness of Kamakunda 497
201Greatness of Kalabhairava Smasana 500
202Greatness of Ramesvara Ksetra 501
203Greatness of Mankisvara 507
204Greatness of Sarasvati Sangama 509
205Greatness of Brhamanas Unfit for Sraddha 511
206Procedure for Performing Sraddha 519
207Eligibility (of Brahmanas) for Sraddha 530
208Brhamanas Eligible for Dana 538
209Glory of Markandeyesvara 543
210Greatness of Pulastyesvara 546
211Greatness of Pulahesvara 547
212Greatness of Kratvisvara 547
213Greatness of Kasyapesvara 547
214Greatness of Kausikesvara 548
215Greatness of Kumaresvara 548
216Greatness of Gautamesvara 549
217Greatness of Glory of Devarajesvara 549
218Greatness of Manavesvara550
219Greatness of Markandeyesvara 550
220Greatness of Vrsabhadhvajesvara 552
221Greatness of Rnamocana 553
222Greatness of Rukmavatisvara 554
223Greatness of Purusottama Tirtha 555
224Greatness of Indresvara 563
225Greatness of Anarakesvara 564
226Greatness of Mehesvara 568
227Greatness of Balabhadresvara 568
228Greatness of Bhairavesvara 569
229Greatness of Ganga 569
230Greatness of Ganapati 570
231Greatness of Jambavati Nadi (River) 570
232Greatness of Pandava Kupa 571
233Greatness of Pandavesvara 573
234Greatness of Dasavamedha (Tirtha) 573
235Greatness of Lingatraya 574
236Greatness of Durvasaiditya 575
237Greatness of vajresvara 578
238Greatness of Hiranya Nadi 586
239Greatness of Nagararka 587
240Greatness of Balabhadra Subhadra Krsna 589
241Greatness of Sesa 590
242Greatness of Kumari 391
243Greatness of Mantravali Ksetrapala 593
244Greatness of Vicitresvara 594
245Greatness of Brahmesvara 594
246Greatness of Pinga Nadi 595
247Greatness of Pingaladitya, Pingadevi & Sukresvara 596
248Greatness of Brahmesvara 596
249Greatness of Sangamesvara 597
250Greatness of Ganesvara 598
251Greatness of Sankaraditya 598
252Greatness of Sankaranatha 599
253Greatness of Guphesvara 599
254Greatness of Ghantesvara 600
255Glory of Rsitirtha 600
256Greatness of Nandaditya 607
257Greatness of Trita Kupa 611
258Greatness of Sasapana 613
259Greatness of Parnaditya 615
260Greatness of Siddhesvara 616
261Greatness of Nyankumati 617
262Greatness of Varahasvami 618
263Greatness of Chaya Linga 618
264Greatness of Nandani Gupha 618
265Greatness of Kanakanada 619
266Greatness of Kumbhisvara 619
267Greatness of Gangapathagangesvara 619
268Greatness of Camasodbheda 620
269Greatness of Vidurasrama 620
270Greatness of Praci Sarasvati 621
271Greatness of Jvalesvara 625
272Greatness of Tripura Linga Traya 625
273Greatness of Sanda Tirtha 625
274Greatness of Surya Praci 626
275Greatness of Trinetresvara 627
276Greatness of Umapati 627
277Greatness of Bhudhara (Yajnavaraha) 628
278Greatness of Mu (su) Lasthana 630
279Greatness of Cyavanaditya 637
280Greatness of Cyavanesvara 639
281Greatness of Cyanesvara (continued) 642
282Greatness of Krtya 644
283Greatness of Cyavanesvara (continued) 647
284Greatness of Sukanyasaras 648
285Greatness of Agastyasrama Gangesvara 648
286Greatness of Balarka 651
287Greatness of Ajapalesvari 652
288Greatness of Ajapalesvari 652
289Greatness of Lingatraya 653
290Greatness of Somanatha Installed by Kubera 653
291Greatness of Bhadrakali 657
292Greatness of Bhadrakali Balarka 658
293Greatness of Kubera 658
294Greatness of Ajogandhesvara 659
295Greatness of Indresvara 661
296Greatness of Rsitoya Nadi 661
297Greatness of Rsitoya 662
298Greatness of Guptaprayaga 665
299Greatness of Madhava 668
300Greatness of Sangalesvara 669
301Greatness of Siddhesvara 670
302Greatness of Gandharvesvara 671
303Greatness of Uttaresvara 671
304Greatness of Ganga 672
305Greatness of Naradaditya 675
306Greatness of Sambaditya 678
307Greatness of Aparanarayana 680
308Greatness of the birth of Mulacandisa 681
309Greatness of four faced vinayaka 686
310Greatness of Kalambesvara 687
311Greatness of Gopalasvami Hari 687
312Greatness of Bakulasvami 688
313Greatness of Uttararka 688
314Greatness of Confluence of Rsitirtha 688
315Greatness of Marudarya Devi 689
316Greatness of Ksemaditya 689
317Greatness of Kantakasosani 690
318Greatness of Brahmesvara 691
319Greatness of Unnata Sthana 692
320Greatness of Lingadvaya 698
321Greatness of Brahma 698
322Greatness of Durgaditya 700
323Greatness of Ksemesvara 701
324Greatness of gananatha 701
325Greatness of Unnata Svami 702
326Greatness of Mahakala 702
327Greatness of Mahodaya 703
328Greatness of Sangamesvara 703
329Greatness of Unnata Vinayaka 704
330Greatness of Talasvami 704
331Greatness of Kalamegha 705
332Greatness of Rukmini 705
333Greatness of Pingesvara Bhadra 705
334Greatness of Talasvami 706
335Greatness of Sankhavarta Tirtha 712
336Importance of Gospada Tirtha 713
337Greatness of Narayana Grha 733
338Greatness of Jalesvara 734
339Greatness of Humkara Kupa 741
340Greatness of Candisvara 742
341Greatness of God vighnaraja of Asapura 742
342Greatness of Candresvara Kala Kunda 743
343Importance of Obeserving the vow of Kapila Sasthi 743
344Greatness of Jaradgavesvara 746
345Greatness of Nalesvara 747
346Greatness of Karkotarka 747
347Greatness of Hatakesvara 748
348Greatness of Naradesvari 752
349Greatness of Mantra vibhusana Gauri 752
350Greatness of Durga Kuta Ganapati 753
351Greatness of Karuavesvari 753
352Greatness of Suparnela 753
353Greatness of Bhalla Tirtha 754
354Greatness of Kardamala 757
355Greatness of Guptesvara 760
356Greatness of Bahusuvarnakesvara 761
357Greatness of Srngesvara 761
358Greatness of Koitsvara 762
359Greatness of Narayana Tirtha 762
360Greatness of Srngaresvara 762
361Greatness of Markandesvara 763
362Greatness of Markandesvara 763
363Greatness of Ekadasa Rudra Linga 764
364Greatness of Gharghara Hrada and Kandesvara 764
365Greatness of Samvartesvara 764
366Greatness of Miscellaneous Sthana Lingas 765
Index 767
Part XXI
Publisher's Note v
Abbreviations xi
Skanda Purana
Book VII: Prabhasa Khanda
Section II: Vastrapathaksetra Mahatmya
1The Greatness of Damodara 1
2The Greatness of Bhava 11
3Principal holy places in Vastrapatha 12
4The Greatness of Dunnavillahrdgiri 13
5The Greatness of Gangesvara 13
6Seven Previous Births of the Deer Faced lady and king Bhoja 14
7The Greatness of Svarnarekha 26
8Propitiation of Rudra by Brahma 29
9The Rise of Bhava 31
10Sarasvata's advice to king Bhoja 51
11Pilgrimage to Vastrapatha 52
12Pilgrimage how it is to be done 56
13The Importance of Sraddha Dana 59
14Birth of Somesvara 63
15The Greatness of Damodara 71
16The Great Efficacy of Sivaratri 77
17The Efficacy of Bali's Sacrifice 88
18Subjugation of Bali 110
19Dialogue between Sarsvata and Bhoja 133
Index 137
Publisher's Note v
Abbreviations xi
Skanda Purana
Book VII: Prabhasa Khanda
Section III: Arbuda Khanda
1A Hollow near the Hermitage of Vasistha 1
2The acts of Uttanka A disciple of Gautama 4
3Vasistha's order to nadivardhana to fill up the cleft 9
4Origin of Acalesvara 13
5Greatness of Naga Tirtha 15
6Greatness of Vasistha's Hermitage 18
7Influence of Acalesvara 19
8Greatness of Three eyed in the pond of Bhadrakarna 22
9Eminence of Kedara 23
10Pilgrimage in the Arbuda Region during kali yuga 29
11Eminence of Kotisvara 35
12Greatness of Rupa Tirtha 37
13Greatness of Visnu 41
14Greatness of Siddhesvara 47
15Greatenss of Sukresvara 49
16Greatness of Manikarnikesvara 51
17Greatness of Pangu Tirtha 54
18Gretatness of Yama Tirtha 55
19Greatness of Varaha Tirtha 57
20Greatness of Candraprabhasa 59
21Greatness of Pindodaka Tirtha 62
22Greatness of Gracious Mother 64
23Greatness of Sukla Tirtha 72
24Greatness of Katyayani 74
25Greatness of Pindaraka Tirtha 77
26Greatness of Pindaraka Tirtha 79
27Effect of Cakra Tirtha 81
28Greatness of the Manusya Tirtha 81
29Greatness of Kapila Tirtha 83
30Eminence of Agni Tirtha 93
31Greatness of Raktanubandha 98
32Greatness of Vinayaka 102
33Greatness of Parthesvara 106
34Greatness of Krsna Tirtha 108
35Origin of mamu lake 113
36Origin of Eminent Asrama of Candi 118
37Origin of Eminent Naga Tirtha 137
38Origin of Eminent Siva Ganga Pool 140
39Importance of Offering barley to the worshipable linga of siva 144
40Eminence of Kamesvara 151
41Markandeya the origin of his place of Hermitage 154
42Eminence of Udalakesvara 158
43Eminence of Siddhesvara 158
44Effect of Gajatirtha 159
45Origin of Eminent Devakhata 159
46Eminence of Vyasa Tirtha 160
47Greatness of the Hermitage of Gautama 160
48Eminence of Kulasantavana Tirtha 162
49Eminence of Rama Tirtha 166
50Impact of Kotitirtha 168
51Greatness of Candorudheda Tirtha 169
52The Commanding peak of the mountain 171
53Origin of centre of Pilgrimage with Brahma's foot 174
54Eminence of Tri Puskara 176
55Greatness of Rudra Lake 178
56Greatness of the lord of caves 178
57Greatness of the Undivided Region 179
58Majesty of Umamahesvara 179
59Impact of the Mahoujasa Tirtha 180
60Impact of Jambu Tirtha 181
61Eminence of Gangadhara Tirtha 183
62Eminence of Katesvara Gangesvara 183
63Eminence of fruits of Arbuda as heard of 185
Index 186
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