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Sleep, Dreams And Spiritual Reflections

Sleep, Dreams And Spiritual Reflections


Item Code: IDH298

by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Hardcover (Edition: 2009)

Yug Nirman Yojan Gayatri Tapobhumi, Mathura

Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 272
Price: $22.50
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Dreams have always been the focus of curiosity, interest, and quest of the human mind. These have led to varieties of false convictions and mystic notions on the one hand, and have accelerated research in Psychology, Neurology and Parapsychology on the other. The reality, origin, reflections and implications of dreams are discussed in great detail in this book, which is compiled from the translation of the Chapters 4 and 5 of the volume 18 of "Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya Vangmaya" series,

A detailed description of the history and trends in the oriental and occidental philosophy and science of dreams is presented here. The myths and facts about acquisition of extra sensory knowledge, precognition, and psychological depths of the unconscious mind and the unknown subtle world of the inner self through dreams are elucidate here. Thorough reviews of Freud's, Jung's and contemporary psychological theories vis-à-vis the relevant aspects of the ancient science of spirituality are discussed under broad perspectives.

The current status and future scope of research on dreams is discussed with substantial references. Special attention is focused on dream based early detection, diagnosis and therapies in the context of reported scientific experiments. The readers will also get to know how the decipheration of dreams could help resolving the complexities of psychosomatic disorders and elevation of one's psychology.

Sleep is an integral part of life. The variegated experiences of dreams also become possible in this phase. In normal case, for most of us sleep is almost an automatic, mechanical, or routine process. We do realize its importance in relaxing and recharging of the body and the mind but hardly pay any attention to its significant role in harmonizing the brain functions, mental stability and self-development. The present book unfolds the multiple facets of this natural and crucial process of daily-life.

Interrelationship of sleep, dreams and the limitless potentials of the conscious, subconscious, and the unconscious mind are lucidly focused here in great depth. The causes, pernicious effects, and remedies of insomnia, and other disorders of sleep are discussed with substantial examples. Live example of mysterious cases of sleepless healthy and normal life for several decades and those of decades long natural sleep are also reported with details on the ancient and modern research findings on such wonders of human brain. The trenchancy of mind and its improved learning capabilities during deep sleep is given special mention here and the results of recent experiments, research trends, and scope of the techniques like hypnopaedia is discussed together with specific yoga sadhanas of relevance.

It is said that the 'Time-capsule' existing in the inner cores of unconscious mind contains the key to realization of supernormal faculties like - clairvoyance, telepathy, premonition, intuition, audio-visual perception beyond the constraints of time and space, complete knowledge of the past and future and of the esoteric features of nature. The false convictions, illusions and the truth of the transcendental realities of dreams and the subliminal world of the unconscious mind are brought out trenchantly by the author with discussions on a wide varieties of live examples of dreams collected from authentic reports and research documents. The list of examples includes the dreams, which led to great scientific discoveries or masterpiece creations of literature, art and music in the modern age, as well as the significant dreams of the architects of world history.

The book presents the invaluable pearls of ancient knowledge in terms of - elucidation of the five levels of dream visa-vis the five subtle sheaths of consciousness and the deeper the soul. It is up to us how best we make use of this rare guidance on spiritual elevation and opportunity of epoch-making research bestowed on us.

It is hoped that the book would be interesting and informative to all those who would read it out of sheer inquisitiveness about dreams. It would, at the same time, motivate and effectively guide the researchers of the hidden domains of human mind.

What Is A Dream?7
The Deep Roots of Dreams10
Myths and Facts about Dreams12
Dreams - Linkage Between The Visible and The Invisible World21
Who Dreams While The Body Sleeps?31
Scientific Truth of Dreams35
How Would Freud Explain These Dreams?37
Tides Of The Inner Impulses Sensed Through The Dreams42
Mastering The Language Of Dreams48
Peeping Into The future Through The window Of Dreams52
Divine Help Of Invisible Guides Bestowed In Dreams55
Dreams May Matter61
Higher Horizons Of Dreams66
Realities Reflected In Dreams72
Dreams and Vision of Transcendental Realities77
Depth Of Life In the Mirror Of Dreams86
The Unfolded Secrets Of Dreams92
Events Folded In Dreams97
Why Some Dreams Are So Real?103
Junction Of The Gross And The Subtle Dimensions Of the World108
Do You Understand The Language Of Your Mind?112
Secrets Of life Hidden In Dreams115
Existence Of Dreams: Some Scientific Views119
Higher Realms Of Intellect and Dreams122
Impulse Of The Unconscious Mind127
Subliminal Nature Of Dreams131
Facts Behind Dreams136
Occidental History Of the Philosophy of Dreams145
Hidden Message of Dreams150
Dreams Are not Always Baseless155
Notice Your Specific Dreams159
Where Do Future Events Exist?163
Travel In The Past And The Future Via Dreams167
Dreams - Moments Beyond Life and Death171
Implications of Dreams176
Watch Tomorrow, Today181
Research On Dreams - The World Of184
The Spectra Of Dreams188
Interrelationship Of Sleep and Dreams208
Avoid Extremes IN Sleeping Habits212
Sleep Is Necessary But Not Inevitable214
He did not Sleep For 71 Years217
Sleep Of Childhood Broke In The Old Age219
Intellectual Significance And Optimal Use Of Sleep221
What Drives One Do That In Sleep?224
Dreams - Expressions Of Nature228
Dreams - The World Beyond Time, Space And Cause234
Read The Message Of The Inner Self241
Signs Of The Soul Inscribed In The Dreams246
The Majestic Path Of Ascent Via Dreams250
Yoga Sadhanas For Dreams And Self-Development254
Flashes Of The Infinity In Dreams257
The Unfolded Secrets Of The Soul260
The Five Levels Of Consciousness, Dreams And Yoganidra265
Subliminal Conjugation Of The Mind With The Soul267
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