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A Tibetan Eye-view of Indian Philosophy

A Tibetan Eye-view of Indian Philosophy


Item Code: IDD820


Hardcover (Edition: 1984)

Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

Language: English
Size: 8.8" X 5.8"
Pages: 222
Weight of the Book: 360 gms
Price: $19.00
Discounted: $14.25   Shipping Free
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About the Book


A Tibetan Eye-view of Indian philosophy is a translation of Grub' Mtha Shel Gyi Me Long i. e. Section I of the complete works of Thu'U bkwan blo-bznag chos Kyi-Nyi-ma, 16th century savant scholar of Tibet. It is presented herewith an introduction and notes. It is a view that is both interesting and instructive in being appreciative yet critical. The notes are not super -added but are based on information provided mostly by the Tibetan source


About the Author


Dr. Kewal Krishan Mittal is at present Chairman and Head of the Department of Buddhist Studies, University of Delhi. His publications are Materialism in Indian Thought (1974),Quest For Truth, edited volume in honour of Prof. S. P. Kanal (1976) and Perspectives of the Philosophy of Devaltma, edited (1983)


Grub mtha'

    Bendictory Verses
    Subject introduced
    The origin of the Thirthika Doctrines
    The Viewpoints
    The Lokayata Viewpoint
    The Samkhya Viewpoint
    Brahmavadi Viewpoint
    Guhyavada (Upanisadvada)

    Saiva, Nyaya and Vaisesika Viewpoints
    Digambara Point of View
    The Purpose of Presenting the Thirthika Views
    The rise of the Spiritual Buddhas
    The Vaibhasika School
    Sautrantika or Drstantika School
    The Development of the Mahayana viewpoint
    Nagarjuna's Thought
    The History of Vijnanavada
    Acarya Vasubandhu, the Younger Brother
    Philosophical Doctrines: A Brief Introduction
    Svatantra Madhyamika
    Summing up
  1. Manjughosa
  2. Nagarjuna
  3. Asanga
  4. Aryadeva
  5. Aryasura
  6. Bhava Viveka
  7. Buddhapalita
  8. Candrakirti
  9. Santideva
  10. Vasubandu
  11. Haribhadra
  12. Sthirmati
  13. Dinnaga
  14. Dharmakirti
  15. Gunaprabha
  16. Sakyaprabha
  17. Sunyata
  18. Dipankara
  19. Tsong-kha-pa
  20. Amitabha
  21. Lokitesvara
  22. Lalita Vajra
  23. Maitreyapada
  24. Ratna
  25. Kapila
  26. Vyasa
  27. Aksapada
  28. Kanada
  29. Avatara
  30. Kanakamuni
  31. Mahasanghika
  32. Sarvastivada
  33. Sthavirvada orTheravada
  34. Mahasammittiya
  35. Maha kasyapa
  36. Rahula
  37. Katyayana
  38. Upali
  39. Vinitadeva
  40. King Krikri (Krpina)
  41. Vasumitra
  42. Dharmatrata
  43. Bhuddadeva
  44. Samghabhadra
  45. Kumararata
  46. Srirata (Sriata, Srilabdha)
  47. Bhadantalabha
  48. Sarahapada
  49. Sukhavativyuha
  50. Rahulabhadra
  51. Madhyamika
  52. Santaraksita
  53. Jnanagarbha
  54. Kamalasila
  55. Vimuktisena
  56. Haribhadra
  57. Jetari
  58. Kambali
  59. Vijnanavada
  60. Bhadanta Nirupama
  61. Dharmapala


Sample Page

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