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Voices of The Indian Diaspora

Voices of The Indian Diaspora


Item Code: IDJ341

by Anand Mulloo

Paperback (Edition: 2007)

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Limited
ISBN 8120831977

Size: 8.0 X 5.3"
Pages: 393
Price: $30.00   Shipping Free
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Voices of the Diaspora is a marvelous collection of the contemporary and historical experiences of the Indian Diaspora in different parts of the world. It reveals the accomplishments, the issues and problems faced by overseas Indians. The book also uncovers the potential of the 22 million People of Indian Origins for development in India as well as the countries with large Indian population. It indicates some of the reasons which have so far held back the NRIs and PIOs from actively pursuing investments and business opportunities in India.

Quoting several world leaders, Anand Mulloo shows what lies ahead of India on its way to becoming a world power. He maps out the need for leadership with vision, for social infrastructure, for work culture, education, individual and social responsibility.

Anand Mulloo has taken it upon himself to do an extensive research into the Diaspora by traveling around, collecting information and interviewing people. Very few people can do it. I want to compliment him on doing such a thorough job.

The author highlights the importance of networking the Indian Diaspora, based on the objectives and accomplishments of the Global Organization of People of Indian Origins (GOPIO) he shows how the tradition of openness of the global Indian family goes back to the Vedas, the mother of religions and philosophies.

In the wake of the Government of India's High Level Committee report, media accounts and other studies on the diaspora, Anand Mulloo has provided the best update on political situations and issues in countries such as Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and others. He talks about the implications and advantages concerning the PIO Card and Dual Citizenship.

The writer analyses the causes of success and failures of the Indian Diaspora in the countries of their adoption. He explains why Overseas Indians have been more successful in western countries than in certain developing countries. He advocates closer community relationships in order to ensure PIO success as a whole.

The book covers a detailed description of the migration of Indians overseas since ancient times and particularly during the last two centuries. It offers us a good comparison of the similarities and differences between the earlier Diaspora, termed (PIOs) and the newer immigrants (termed NRIs). The author describes in depth the history of Overseas Indians, their trials and tribulations in settling down, relationships with other Diaspora communities, African, Anglo-Saxon, Chinese, French within the host countries.

Voices of the Diaspora is a must book for business entrepreneurs, students, academicians, historians, community activists, philanthropists, diplomats, both Indian and PIO political leaders and all those interested to know more about the 22 million PIO communities settled in more than 160 countries, it is a valuable contribution to the growing literature on Diaspora Studies.

Back of the Book

Spread over a wide canvas, but focused entirely on the Indian diaspora, Mulloo attempts a diasporic perspective by using the interdisciplinary tools of history, economics, politics and sociology to narrate the story of overseas Indians. Secondly, he makes an important departure by taking a self-confident, indo-centric view of a resurgent India - but from a self-critical, realistic and optimistic perspective. Thirdly, Mulloo's analysis of NRIs and PIOs provides the intellectual framework for a deeper, critical understanding of the Indian diaspora - that global family of 22 million in over 125 countries. Finally, he positions the Indian diaspora, with its estimated combined income of $160 billion, as a huge asset in the creation of a global network and the building of economic bridges to assist both India and the host countries.

Written in an easy readable style and shorn of academic jargon, Voices of the Indian Diaspora is a contemporary effort at understanding overseas Indians. It is honest, compelling, thought provoking and substantial.

Mulloo's understanding of and love for India's great civilizational heritage is the recurrent theme of this book. But that does not prevent Mulloo from recognizing India's weakness and suggesting practical means to overcome them.

Anand Sawant Mulloo, former Head of Department of History, John Kennedy College, lecturer, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Mauritius, has held various responsible positions in media and educational administration at ministerial, private and parastatal levels.

Author of novel, Watch Them Go Down (1967), Dust of Time-collection of poems (1968), Our Struggle (1982), father of the Nation (2000), How your Child Cab be a Winner (2003), and former editor of Femmes des lies magazine, member of GOPIO Academic Council, Anand Sawant Mulloo offers us an interesting blend of his personal narrative style.

He has been conferred the "Hind Rattan Award" by the NRI Welfare Society on the January 25th 2007, at New Delhi.

Chapter 117
Gambling on Gulf20
We have Arrived 26
Home and Away from Home30
Singhvi's HCL Report37
A Spoke-and Hub-Relationship38
Ten Celebrated Global Indians39
The Ripple in the Pool40
India-A Global Dynamo43
You have to be a Giant45
Breeding Success48
Networking for a Purpose49
Openness-the Way to Greatness52
History of Conflicts57
A Lesson in Caribbean Politics58
Chapter 265
Indianness is the Best of Breed65
Why Will Indians Rule Soon?67
Indians versus Westerners69
What Hampers the Growth Success of Indians?70
A Game of Numbers72
You Need a Vision72
India as a World Power75
Chapter 381
Indian Presence Overseas82
Overtaken by the West82
South East Asia87
Africa, Mauritius and Reunion Island96
Other African Countries106
Mauritius and the Caribbean Islands, Fiji107
Similarities and Differences
Life in Sugar Plantations107
Seek Thou the Political Kingdom first108
Cultural Relations with India112
Invasion of Americanism114
Political Vulnerability115
The United Kingdom116
The United States125
Chapter 4129
About Diaspora129
Chinese Diaspora in Mauritius132
The Wider Chinese Diaspora139
The PIOs142
The Indian Muslims144
The Success Stories148
The Pains of Assimilation151
The Sindhi Traders153
The Gujarati Traders154
Other Classes157
Chapter 5159
The Indian Immigrants160
Indian Convicts162
The Recruits163
Recruitment Made Easy164
The Plantation System167
Was it a New System of Slavery?168
Who Were The Coolies?173
Why were Indians so Hated?176
Immigrant Chummun's Story177
A House on the Hills178
Vegetable Selling181
Indians in the Caribbeans182
The French Diaspora184
Privileges Enlarged under Indirect Rule185
The Dominance of English and French187
Mission Civilisatrice189
Power of the Church189
Anglo-French Colonial Alliance 192
Power Without Control193
The Oligarchy Always in Control198
Chapter 6201
A Sense of History202
Caste and Class Divisions204
Vagrancy Laws208
Then Came de Plevitz213
A Wounded Civilization216
South Africa217
The Seeds of Racism218
Spatial Segregation221
Colonialism; Racialism and Domination222
Economic Inequality Enforced by Law227
Racism, Colonialism and Casteism229
Culture as Domination232
Towards A New Indo-Centric Approach235
Chapter 7239
Euro-centric Blinkers241
Cultural Racism243
What they Never Hear In the West245
The Clash of Civilizations249
Modern Knowledge250
Stop The Aggression252
The Wonder That Was India253
Unity of Creation255
Chapter 8259
The Two Civilizations259
The Best Breed262
Indian Culture is One and Indivisible264
Hybrid Culture265
The Enemy Strikes Again271
Gujarati Traders274
Carrot and Stick275
Many Pathways277
The Deities Walking out of the Stones279
We are All Hindus280
Westerners Fearful of Indians284
Proud Legacy of Industriousness286
Chapter 9289
The Coloureds290
Coloureds, Creoles and Indians298
The Old Enemy301
The African Diaspora302
The Wretched of the Earth304
White-Masked, Black Skinned206
The Story of Alain309
The General Population and the Indo-Mauritians310
Being a Kreol314
Those Left Behind318
The Kreol Language321
Inter and Intra Ethnic Relations322
Recognizing their Indianness325
Long Live King Creole326
Chapter 10329
Getting There Together329
Media Power332
Living Our Values332
A Stronger India335
A Stronger Diaspora337
A. The Indian Media and the Diaspora341
B. NRIs/PIOs-Who are We?349
C. Tracing Our Roots362
D. Some Poems by Anand Mulloo370
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