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What Death Really Is Questions We All Ask

What Death Really Is Questions We All Ask


Item Code: IDI988

by G. de Purucker

Paperback (Edition: 2004)

Pilgrims publishing
ISBN 8177692429

Size: 5.9"X 4.9"
Pages: 122
Price: $9.00
Discounted: $6.75   Shipping Free
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Back of the Book

Light for the Mind.Love for the Heart. Understanding for the Intellect. All three must be satisfied before one can have peace.

What Death Really is, is a concise handbook to understanding the processes of dying and the after death states. It answers some of the most pertinent questions that one has about after death consciousness. Drawing from various world wisdom traditions, G. De Purucker reaches into the heart of the subject in a clear and understandable manner. This book provides a valuable overview that will be of interest to everyone on the spiritual quest.


In the unfolding pages of this booklet we are presented with ideas surprisingly still not familiar to the average reader, yet they touch on the deepest issues of our lives. Who are we? What are we here for? Why do we die? Where do we go when we die? And then what? Questions we all ask!

Death intrigues everyone because it is so universal, so inevitable. With all our modern scientific discoveries in genetics and biology and medicine, with all the ratiocinative philosophy filling our libraries, with all the pious outpourings from pulpits around the world, it is a subject that still for the millions remains unillumined. At best it is stoically accepted, by the vast majority it is feared.

But the Ancient Wisdom throws clear and radiant light on what we call death and in a series of public talks titled Questions we all ask, Dr. G. de Purucker often specifically addressed himself to responding to pertinent queries from his audiences on this important topic.

The startling fact is that Life and Death are not opposites. They are both but states of consciousness for the being who never dies, but rests, sleeps, rises again, and then dies and rests again; for life is growth, expansion of innate consciousness for ever, on and on without end.

But rest periods are needed, and they are called 'death'; whereas, strangely enough, one could just as well call 'life' death. There is no antinomy there, no contradiction. They are fundamentally one-states of being, as said, or phases of consciousness experienced by the Enduring Self. That is the great secret. To realize that is to change one's view of things, one's very life; for then you face inevitable death with a certain amount of wisdom and vision. There is no death so called!

It is simple. But the simple things are deep, for they are, in essence, the same as the great things. The saying is very old: What is above is the same as what is below, and what is below is the same as what is above. In the Divine Economy there is no Great and no Small. The controlling laws for all beings-atoms, man, universes, super-universes-are basically the same. Not always do we fully realize this until perhaps a ringing voice speaks out re-echoing the eternal message, dimmed through the long dark years for so many, but never fully lost to the memory of man.

And so in these pages we hear the spoken words. They are not empty theory, but sheer truth. Yet in them there is no You must Believe. With appealing logic and directness they set forth facts of universal Nature. Read them as such. Ponder them. Test them. And then see how 'life'-and 'death'-are changed.-W. Emmett Small.


Understanding Death9
Sleep and Death17
Through the portals of change27
The Heaven world or Devachan37
Some Questions Answered51
Further Questions Answered67
The Universal rule and picture83
Four Basic States of Consciousness95
A Summing Up103
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