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Find exquisite Tibetan Thangka Paintings and Art framed in Traditional Tibetan Silk Brocade and Veil that will mesmerize you only at Exotic India!

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ZE87 : Museum Quality - Paradise of Padmasambhava (Tibetan Buddhist)

ZE37 : Ganesha Mandala

ZE59 : Guardians of Four Directions with Chenrezig - Tibetan Buddhist

TC90 : Large Size Tibetan Buddhist Bhavachakra of Human Life (The Wheel of Life)

ZE89 : Medicine Buddha - Tibetan Buddhist Deity

TC40 : Red Tara (Kurukulla) - Tibetan Buddhist Goddess

TO48 : Shadbhuja Ganesha Seated on a Rat

TP66 : Shakyamuni Buddha and 35 Confessional Buddhas - Tibetan Buddhist (Large Size)

TP82 : Superfine Large Size Thangka of the Life of Buddha Shakyamuni - Tibetan Buddhist

TR76 : Superfine Museum Quality Thangka of Guru Padmasambhava's Lineage - Tibetan Buddhist

TQ01 : Superfine Tibetan Buddhist Mandala of Kalachakra (Museum Quality)

ZE34 : Superfine Vajradhara Refuge Tree - Large Size

TH10 : The Future Buddha Maitreya - Tibetan Buddhist

TK11 : The Tibetan Buddhist God of Wealth - Kubera

TH57 : Tibetan Buddhist Wrathful Deity Yamantaka

TZ06 : Five Dhyani Buddhas (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

TZ05 : Kubera Mandala with Syllable Mantra

TC48 : Three Dimensional Kalachakra Mandala - Tibetan Buddhist

TZ01 : OM (AUM0 Mandala (Large Thangka)

TZ02 : Standing White Tara

TD39 : Vajrapani Buddha

TG87 : Three Dimensional Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra Mandala

TK37 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Bhaishajyaguru (The Medicine Buddha)

TO63 : Newari Dancing Ganesha - Large Size

TF64 : Paradise Of Tibetan Buddhist Deity Padmasambhava (Superfine Thangka)

TG70 : Super Large Eleven Headed Avalokiteshvara Mandala with Five Dhyani Buddhas - Tibetan Buddhist

TS47 : (Tibetan Buddhist) The Four Harmonious Friends

TV79 : Lord Ganesha

TE45 : Maya Devi and Buddha's Birth (Tibetan Buddhist)

TQ18 : Milarepa The Great Mystic Poet and Yogi of Tibet (Tibetan Buddhist)

TD79 : Super Large Size Thousand Buddhas Wall - Tibetan Buddhist

TC53 : Tibetan Buddhist Five Dhyani Buddhas - Large Size Thangka

ZE21 : Three Dimensional Representation of Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra Mandala

TD52 : Tibetan Buddhist Shri Yantra Mandala

TL37 : Graceful White Tara - Tibetan Buddhist Seven Eyed Goddess

TN02 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Future Buddha Maitreya

TC46 : Vajrayogini Mandala - Tibetan Buddhist

TY42 : Achalanatha (Tibetan Buddhist Goddess)

TG58 : Large Size Mandala of Tibetan Buddhist Lord Buddha

TC42 : The Wheel of Transmigration (Tibetan Buddhist)

TI15 : Tibetan Buddhist Goddess White Tara Mandala

TO12 : Tibetan Buddhist OM Mandala with Ashtamangala Symbols

TQ42 : The Cosmos of Healing (Tibetan Medicinal Painting)

TQ35 : Vishva-Vajra Mandala with Ashtamangala Symbols (Tibetan Buddhist)

TD30 : Mandala of Thousand-Armed Avalokiteshvara (Tibetan Buddhist)

TO91 : Large Size Wheel of Life - Tibetan Buddhist

TN12 : OM Mandala with Ashtamangala Symbols

TP41 : Om (AUM) Mandala

TV13 : Ekadashamukha (Eleven-Headed) Avalokiteshvara (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

TF33 : Tibetan Buddhist Large Size Wheel of Life (Srid pahi hkhor lo)

TG92 : Red Mandala of Tibetan Buddhist Deity Gautam Buddha

TQ91 : The Six-Armed (Shadbhuja) Mahakala (mGon po phyag drug pa) -Tibetan Buddhist

TN99 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Adi-Buddha Vajrasattva

TG73 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Chenrezig (Shadakshari Avalokiteshvara)

TN78 : Two-Armed Mahakala-Tibetan Buddhist Deity

TM57 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Buddha Shakyamuni Seated on the Six-Ornament Throne of Enlightenment and the Events from His Life in Golden Orb

TI43 : Tibetan Buddhist Wheel of Life

TQ59 : Gelugpa Refuge Tree (Tibetan Buddhist Guruparampara)

TN17 : Shadakshari Lokeshvara (Tibetan Buddhist Chenrezig)

TN73 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Arapachana Manjushri

TY05 : Tibetan Buddhist Thousand Buddha Wall

TY81 : Lord Hanuman

TQ38 : Adi-Buddha Vajrasattva (Tibetan Buddhist)

TN96 : Tibetan Buddhist Vaishravana (Kubera)

TI65 : Tibetan Buddhist Vajra Mandala

TY78 : Goddess Durga Riding on Lion

TY49 : Goddess Saraswati Playing Veena

TU65 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Manjushri

TP93 : Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Green Tara Mandala with Syllable Mantra (Large Size)

TX53 : Shadakshari Lokeshvara (Tibetan Buddhist Chenrezig)

TY57 : Temptation of Buddha by Mara (Tibetan Buddhist)

TQ02 : The Buddha Shakyamuni and the Events From His Life -Tibetan Buddhist

TV14 : Gautama Buddha and the Scenes from His Life (Tibetan Buddhist)

TM52 : Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Ushnishasitatapattra

TC31 : Tibetan Buddhist Kubera

TO09 : Tibetan Buddhist Syllable Mantra Mandala

TM24 : Padmasambhava The Great Tibetan Buddhist Wizard

TI60 : Gautam Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist)

TP61 : Paramsukha Chakrasamvara in Yab Yum (Tibetan Buddhist)

TX32 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Amitabha as Amitayus Buddha

TO18 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Vajrayogini Naro Kha Chod (Sarvabuddha Dakini)

TF90 : Tibetan Buddhist Medicine Buddha

TL02 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Amitabha Buddha

TS92 : Tibetan Buddhist Goddess White Tara

TR42 : Tibetan Buddhist Thousand Buddhas with Shakyamuni in the Centre Seated on Six-ornament Throne of Enlightenment with His two Chief Disciples Sariputra and Maudgalyayana

TT98 : Tibetan Buddhist Vishva Vajra Mandala with the Auspicious Mantras in Tibetan

TY10 : Tiebtan Buddhist God Manjushri

TP08 : Fine Thangka of Tibetan Buddhist Deity Chenrezig (Four Armed Avalokiteshvara)

TK62 : Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Kurukulla The Red Tara

TY02 : Vajrapani-Tibetan Buddhist Deity

TY66 : Fine Quality Buddha Mandala (Tibetan Buddhist)

TP35 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Chenrezig (Shadakshari Avalokiteshvara)

TN86 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Medicine Buddha

TY35 : Buddha Mandala -Tibetan Buddhist

TG84 : Kubera -Tibetan Buddhist Deity

TY63 : Super Rare Black Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra Mandala

TV25 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Thousand-Armed Avalokiteshvara Mandala in Red Hue

TP12 : Mahakala Panjaranatha (Lord of the Pavilion) -Tibetan Buddhist

TY59 : Super Large Mandala of the Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist)

TQ05 : Tibetan Buddhist Goddess White Tara Mandala with Syllable Mantra (Large Size)

TS88 : Shri Ganesha

TV24 : The Paradise of the Medicine Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist)

TV42 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Vaishravana (Kubera) Seated on White Snow Lion with a Banner of Victory and Mongoose

TU28 : Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra Mandala

TL26 : Tibetan Buddhist Om Mandala

TO57 : Sapta-lochani White Tara (Tibetan Buddhist Deity Seven-eyed Tara)

TQ62 : Tibetan Buddhist God Medicine Buddha

TY34 : Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Green Tara

TY62 : Tibetan Buddhist Vishva Vajra (Double Dorje) Mandala with Ashtamangala

TO41 : Mother Goddess Chandi -Tibetan Buddhist Deity

TJ06 : Chemchok Heruka with Consort (Tibetan Buddhist)

TN06 : Life of Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist)

TS91 : Life of Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist)

TX14 : Milarepa - A Great Mystic Poet, Singer and Siddha of Tibet -Tibetan Buddhist

TL11 : The Cosmos of Healing (Tibetan Buddhist)

TN35 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Medicine Buddha

TY32 : Tibetan Buddhist God Medicine Buddha

TV26 : Vaiduryaprabharaja (Tibetan Buddhist Deity Medicine Buddha)

TY73 : The Wheel of Life (Tibetan Buddhist Bhavachakra)

TY74 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Manjushri - Bodhisattva of Transcendent Wisdom

TY72 : Tibetan Buddhist Thousand Buddhas Wall

TC60 : The Buddha Mandala -Tibetan Buddhist

TY70 : Thousand Armed Avalokiteshvara (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

TG85 : Dharmaraja Yama with Yami (Tibetan Buddhist)

TN56 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Amitabha - The Buddha of Infinite Light

TV86 : Tibetan Buddhist Goddess White Tara

TP34 : Arapachana Manjushri -Tibetan Buddhist Deity

TQ33 : Gautama Buddha in Bhumisparsha Mudra (Tibetan Buddhist)

TV52 : Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra Mandala

TV40 : Tibetan Buddhist Saviour Goddess Green Tara

TY65 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Chenrezig (Shadakshari Lokeshvara)

TY86 : Shakyamuni Buddha Mandala -Tibetan Buddhist

TG15 : Gautam Buddha with Scenes from His Life (Tibetan Buddhist)

TK10 : Triple Mandalas of Gautam Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist)

TX26 : The Buddha Mandala -Tibetan Buddhist

TV75 : Buddha Mandala with the Syllable Mantra OM MANI PADME HUM (Tibetan Buddhist)

TR61 : Tibetan Buddhist Yogini (Ekajati)

TV44 : Tibetan Buddhist Solitary Hero

TN91 : Gautama Buddha As Medicine Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist)

TT31 : Shakyamuni As Bhaishajyaguru (The Medicine Buddha) -Tibetan Buddhist

TS62 : Tibetan Buddhist Mandala of Achalanath in Yab Yum (Large Thangka)

TY46 : Tibetan Buddhist Vajrapani

TX77 : Tibetan Buddhist Chenrezig - The Four-Armed Avalokiteshvara

TX98 : Buddha and His Two Disciples (Tibetan Buddhist )

TY08 : Tibetan Buddhist Astrological Diagram

TY13 : Tibetan Buddhist Manjushri Mandala

TY07 : Vajrasattva (Tibetan Buddhist Goddess)

TX92 : Shadakshari Lokeshvara ( Tibetan Buddhist Chenrezig)

TX71 : (Tibetan Buddhist Goddess) The Patron Deity of Om Mani Padme Hum

TX59 : (Tibetan Buddhist) Sapta-Lochani Goddess White Tara Who Bestows The Special Gift of Long Life on Her Devotees

TX61 : Bodhisattva Manjushri - Tibetan Buddhist Yogini

TX73 : Kubera - Tibetan Buddhist God of Wealth and Prosperity

TX88 : Six-Armed Winged (Tibetan Buddhist) Mahakala in Yab Yum

TX63 : Tibetan Buddhist Goddess White Tara

TX83 : Tibetan Buddhist Palden Lhamo - The Protectress of the Dalai Lama (And The Chinese (13th to 20th Century AD))

TX75 : Tsongkhapa - A Great Tibetan Buddhist Scholar Monk and Reformer of Tibetan Buddhism

TX84 : Vaishravana (Kubera) - Tibetan Buddhist God of Wealth and Regent of North

TX49 : Pundit Tsong Khapa - The Great Tibetan Buddhist Monk, Scholar and Reformer of Tibetan Buddhism

TX54 : Tibetan Buddhist Mandala of Heruka in Yab Yum

TY95 : Tibetan Buddhist God Chenrezig Mandala

TX33 : Thousand Buddhas Wall with (Tibetan Buddhist) Shakyamuni in the Centre Seated on Six-ornament Throne of Enlightenment

TX15 : Tibetan Buddhist Eighth Karmapa Mikyo Dorje

TV96 : (Tibetan Buddhist) Amitabha - The Buddha of Infinite Light

TW66 : (Tibetan Buddhist) Ekajati - The Protector of Mantras

TR53 : Buddha in the Dhyana Mudra with His Two Disciples (Tibetan Buddhist)

TS19 : Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Chamunda of Nepal Making the Bindu Mudra

TX81 : The Patron Deity of Om Mani Padme Hum(Tibetan Buddhist)

TT63 : Tibetan Buddhist Mandala of Syllable Mantra

TM13 : Tibetan Buddhist Guruparampara (Refuge Tree)

TQ20 : Tibetan Buddhist Chenrezig in Black and White