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CA34 : Bengali Babu with Wife

XE75 : Brides of India Rajasthan

ZDB19 : Brides of India Andhra Pradesh

ZBG22 : Brides of India Himachal Pradesh

ZCF83 : Brides of India Mizoram

CB43 : Dances Of India Chakkyar-Koothu

ZBF84 : Dances Of India Kathak

ZDB18 : Dances Of India Kathakali (Dussasana)

ZDB21 : Dances Of India Kathakali (Subhadra)

CA08 : Dances Of India Mohini Attam (Kerala)

ZDB22 : Dances Of India Nongkrem (Meghalaya)

ZDB16 : Haryana Family

ZBI53 : Man and Woman from Delhi

ZBI52 : Man and Woman from Haryana

ZBI49 : Man and Woman from Sikkim

ZDB17 : Manipuri Ras

ZBI64 : Tribes of India (Bondo)

ZBF88 : Tribes of India - Bagdi (Rajasthan)

CB42 : Tribes of India Banjara (Andhra Pradesh)

ZDB20 : Tribes of India Naga (Nagaland)

ZCV63 : Folk Dolls of Radha Krishna

ZAX86 : Barbie in India

CB95 : Barbie in India

CB97 : Barbie in India

CA39 : Wedding Fantasy

CA10 : Brides Of India - Parsi (Maharashtra)

ZBI46 : Man and Woman from Rajasthan

ZBI43 : Man and Woman from Uttar Pradesh

ZBI42 : Tribes of India (Bhil)

ZBI45 : Tribes of India (Muria)

ZBI56 : Tribes of India (Toda Man)

RZ68 : Radha Krishna

ZAX87 : Barbie in India

ZAX88 : Barbie in India

ZAX89 : Barbie in India

XE77 : Brides of India - Nagaland

CA01 : Tribes Of India - Naga (Nagaland)

CB52 : How to Wear a Sari