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CDs & DVDs > DVDs > Shree Ganesha: The Complete T.V. Series (Set of 21 DVDs)
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Shree Ganesha:  The Complete T.V. Series (Set of 21 DVDs)

Shree Ganesha: The Complete T.V. Series (Set of 21 DVDs)

Shree Ganesha: The Complete T.V. Series (Set of 21 DVDs)

Sold Out

Dheeraj Kumar
Sky Entertainment
4030 Minutes

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Shree Ganesha:  The Complete T.V. Series (Set of 21 DVDs)

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About the DVD

Producer: Zuby Kochar

Shree Ganesh TV Serial is based on the vast and many folded subject material regarding the most popular and most auspicious god of India Lord Ganesh.

Since immemorial Lord Ganesh is deep rooted in the culture and religions of India. Lord Ganesh or Ganpati is worshipped and remembered in the beginning of every auspicious occasion of the land since Ganesh is Omnipresent in all four Vedas namely Rigveda, Yajurveda Sameveda and Atharvaveda. The great god is also there in all the eighteen upnishades and puranas mainly Ganesh Puran and Mudgal Puran and Innumerable Ganesh stories and folk legends. Lord Ganesh is the only God who is worshipped by all great Gods.

In the beginning of the serial Lord Ganesh is shown as original Mahaganesha the creator of Universe having flowful five faces. Devi Shakti who forms half the self of Lord Shiva is having a longing to get Ganesh as her son. But that wish of Devi Shakti is fulfilled for a long time due to the destiny formed by Mahaganesh himself.

Led by divine circumstance Shakti takes birth in Human form as daughter of Daksha Prajapati son of Brahma but due to stubborn attitude of Daksha Prajapati his daughter Sati Sacrifices herself on the alter of Daksha Yagna.

Afterwards it takes a long time when goddess Shakti in next incarnation takes birth as the daughter of Mountain King Himalaya and queen Main namely Parvati.

Devi Parvati again prays Maha Ganesh to incarnate himself as her son. Her thus wish also get may twists and turns and ultimately Ganesh is created by Devi Parvati out of her own glow in the form of Child. This Parvati’s child confronts Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva in a fit of anger Servers head of the child. Parvati gets extremely angry to see her son beheaded but is calmed by the prayers of all Gods and thus Ganesh Finally becomes Gajanan the elephant headed God. Hereafter new chapters of Ganesh Stone commence Ganesh’s activities become many folded. In childhood he is playful and naughty. He plays with his elder brother. Lord Kartikeya (Shannukham) and performs unbelievable miracles. In youth he Riddhi and Siddhi Goddess of wisdom and success. In this period of Lord Ganesh many miraculous incidents take place. In the meantime Lord Ganesh Creates himself in eight main incarnations namely Ekdant, Vakratunda, Mahodar, Gajana. Lambodar, Vitaka, Vidhnaraj and Dhoomravarna and kills deoms like sindoorasur, Devantak, Narauntak, Sindhudaitya, Lolapasur etc. There are may stories of Ganesh as one can imagine in the stories Ganesh with his miraculous power and sharp wisdom solves all the stories Ganesh with his miraculous power and sharp wisdom solves all the difficult and insolvable problems of the universe. He destroys he destroys evil and creates peace and prosperity.

The popularity of Lord Ganesh and its title is a foregone conclusion because every Indian irrespective of his religion respects and worship Lord Ganesh to protect himself from evil designs of wicked people Shree Ganesh is a name which gives auspiciousness to the subject itself.

Subtitle in English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali
Vol. 1 to 21.5 Episode Each

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