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Paintings > Thangka > Sapta-lochani Tara (Seven-eyed Tara)
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Sapta-lochani Tara (Seven-eyed Tara)

Sapta-lochani Tara (Seven-eyed Tara)

Sapta-lochani Tara (Seven-eyed Tara)

Sold Out

Black Meditational Tibetan Buddhist Thangka Painting

15.0" X 19.0"
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Sapta-lochani Tara (Seven-eyed Tara)

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Viewed 4219 times since 2nd Oct, 2008
The White Tara symbolizes perfect purity and is believed to represent Transcendent Wisdom, which secures everlasting bliss for its possessor. Her ability is to give the special gift of long life, but she also has the immediate power to remove obstacles. She is the consort of Avalokiteshvara. In Tibet, she is considered a form of the Green Tara, but in Mongolia, where the goddess is extremely popular, is looked upon as equal, if not superior, to the Green Tara.

In the present painting she has a lovely young face. She is seated in vajraparyankasana on a lotus seat. Her right hand is in the gesture of supreme giving, her boundless generosity that ensures eight siddhis and supreme Enlightenment. Graceful and calm, her left hand holds blue lotus, the symbol of protection from all terrors and fears. She has seven eyes of Knowledge – three on her face, two on her palms of her hands, and two on the soles of feet. This form of Tara is very popular in Mongolia and Nepal. In Nepal she is popularly called Sapta-lochani Tara or Seven-eyed Tara. Her silk robes, scarves, coronet, earrings, necklaces, armbands, bracelets, anklets and belt sparkle in their celestial elegance.

In mantra recitation and meditation, the white syllable Tam (for Tara) appears in the heart, and lights emanate forth from it. The syllable Tam at the heart suddenly melts and reappears as a white, eight-spokes wheel that in nature is the wisdom symbolized by White Tara. The wheel has five rims of mantra – from all the letters and from the wisdom-wheel shine forth white lights. Devotee's body is filled with the nectar of immortality, and white lights emanate from each pore of the body to form an aura, a span in radius around him. Meditating thus, white radiance accomplishes the activity of pacifying illness, evil spirits, negative karmic forces, mental obscurations and hindrances as well as the completion of the natural span of life. The ceremonies of Tara are an integral part of Karmpa rituals. Her mandalas are worshipped from the third to ninth of every month. On auspicious days there are special services to White Tara.

Three Cosmic Buddhas have been depicted on the top, they are seated on throne in clouds – Vairochana Buddha (in the left) who is making the teaching gesture, a Buddha (in the center) who is making the earth-witness and refuge-granting gesture, and the Buddha Amoghasiddhi (in the right) whose right hand is in refuge-granting gesture and the left hand is in contemplative gesture. Sadakshari Lokeshvara (four-armed Avalokiteshvara) is depicted on upper right side before a grand shrine. A ferocious dragon has been depicted on the upper left side. At the bottom left and right corners perhaps Marichi and Mahamayuri are seated. The middle and foreground beautifully covered with the figures of high peaks, covered with natural green vegetation, clouds and lake. In the middle of the lake, before the White Tara are auspicious offerings. The thangka is undoubtedly brilliantly drawn and painted. The painting is very much suitable for sadhana of great mother Tara and also for museum collection.

This description by Dr. Shailendra Kumar Verma, Ph.D. His doctorate thesis being on the "Emergence and Evolution of the Buddha Image (From its inception to 8th century A.D)."

Click Here to View the Thangka Painting along with its Brocade

Delivered by to all international destinations within 3 to 5 days, fully insured.

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Today Lord SIVA arrived well in Munich. Thank you for the save packing. Everything fine. Hari Om
Hermann, Munchen
Thank you very much for keeping such an exotic collection of Books. Keep going strong Exotic India!!!
Shweta, Germany
I am very thankful to you for keeping such rare and quality books, DVDs, and CDs of classical music and even Dhrupad which is almost unbelievable. I hope you continue to be this good in your helpfulness. I have found books about rare cultural heritage such as Kodava samaj, Dhrupad and other DVDs and CDs in addition to the beautiful sarees I have from your business, actually business is not the right word, but for lack of a word I am using this.
Prashanti, USA
Shiva Shankar brass statue arrived yesterday. It´s very perfect and beautiful and it was very carefully packed. THANK YOU!!! OM NAMAH SHIVAYA
Mª Rosário Costa, Portugal
I have purchased many books from your company. Your packaging is excellent, service is great and attention is prompt. Please maintain this quality for this order also!
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My order arrived today with plenty of time to spare. Everything is gorgeous, packing excellent.
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I was pleased to chance upon your site last year though the name threw me at first! I have ordered several books on Indian theatre and performance, which I haven't found elsewhere (including Amazon) or were unbelievably exorbitantly priced first editions etc. I appreciate how well you pack the books in your distinctive protective packaging for international and domestic mailing (for I order books for India delivery as well) and the speed with which my order is delivered, well within the indicated time. Good work!
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The statue has arrived today. It so beautiful, lots of details. I am very happy and will order from you shop again.
Ekaterina, Canada.
I love your company and have been buying a variety of wonderful items from you for many years! Keep up the good work!
Phyllis, USA
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