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Four Armed Seated Ganesha
Brass Statue
15 inch Height x 10 inch Width X 6.8 inch Depth
10.90 kg
Item Code: ZBU85
Lord Ganesha In Ashirwad Mudra
Brass Statue
6.5 inch Height X 5.0 inch width X 3.5 inch depth
2.1 kg
Item Code: ZBT51
Lord Ganesha with Umbrella
Brass Statue
31.5 inch Height x 17 inch Width X 17 inch Depth
41 kg
Item Code: ZBU71
Lord  Ganesha in Orange Dhoti
Brass Statue
11 inch Height x 9.5 inch Width X 7 inch Depth
9.5 kg
Item Code: ZBU59
Lalitasana Ganesha in Ashirvad Mudra
Brass Statue
37.5 inch Height x 25 inch Width X 11.5 inch Depth
63.5 kg
Item Code: ZBU65
Lord Ganesha Seated on Throne with Kirtimukha
Brass Statue
10.6 inch Height x 8.5 inch Width X 6 inch Depth
10.6 kg
Item Code: ZBU45
Lord Ganesha Annihilating Demon (Tribal Statue from Bastar)
Brass Statue
7.5 inch Height x 6.5 inch Width X 2 inch Depth
1 kg
Item Code: ZBT43
Shiva Parivar  (Tribal Statue from Bastar)
Brass Statue
10 inch Height x 6 inch Width X 3 inch Depth
1.4 kg
Item Code: ZBT49
OM (AUM) Ganesha Wall Hanging
Brass Statue
10.5 inch X 10.5 inch X 1.5 inch
2.2 kg
Item Code: ZAG37
Dancing Ganesha
Brass Statue
11.5 inch Height x 6.5 inch Width x 4.3 inch Depth
3.5 kg
Item Code: ZBR93
Lord Ganesha On a Swing
Brass Statue
18.0 inch Height x 15.5 inch Width x 4.5 inch Depth
6.58 kg
Item Code: ZBS65
Dancing Ganesha with Kirtimukha Atop
Brass Statue
16.0 inch Height x 9.0 inch Width x 4.5 inch Depth
5.7 kg
Item Code: ZBS71
Lord Ganesha with Arch (Thiruvatchi)
Brass Statue
6 inch x 4 inch x 2.5 inch - Ganesha Ji
10 inch x 9.5 inch x 0.3 inch - Arch
1.8 kg
Item Code: ZBU01
Puja Thali for Worship of Lord Ganesha
12.0 inch Diameter
1.84 kg
Item Code: ZBS86
Conch Ganesha (Inlay Statue)
Brass Statue with Inlay
12 inch Height x 7 inch Width x 5 inch Depth
5.8 kg
Item Code: ZBR86
Large Size Kamalasana Chaturbhuja Ganesha
Brass Statue
21.0 inch Height x 16.0 inch Width x 11.0 inch Depth
28.2 kg
Item Code: ZBR91
For Abhisheka of Lord Ganesha
3 inch Height x 2 inch Height x 1 inch Depth - Ganesha
3.5 inch x 6 inch x 8.5 inch- Patra
0.4 kg
Item Code: ZBU10
Ganesha Lamp with Bells and Legs Shaped Like Elephant Trunks
Brass Statue
25.5 inch Height x 12.5 inch Width x 12.5 inch Depth
14.5 kg
Item Code: ZBR45
Ganesha Wall Hanging Bells
18.0 inch Height X 3.0 inch width X 1.5 inch depth
830 gms
Item Code: ZBT32
Pancha-Mukhi Ganesha (Small Statue of Five-Headed Ganapati)
Brass Statue
3.0 inch Height x 2.0 inch Width x 1.6 inch Depth
0.38 kg
Item Code: ZBR76
Goddess Parvati with Her Sons Ganesha and Karttikeya
Deal 25% Off
Brass Statue
11 inch X 6.2 inch X 4.5 inch
2.8 kg
Item Code: ZAF23
You save: $40.00 (25%)
Ganesha Puja Kit
8.6 inch Diameter
0.78 kg
Item Code: ZBS92
Elephant Wall Hanging Lamp and Bell with  Dancing Ganesha
Brass Sculpture
11.3 inch X 4.2 inch X 5 inch
1.25 kg
Item Code: XO15
Ganesha Worship kit
8.5 inch Diameter
1 kg
Item Code: ZBS75
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Hello Vipin K., thanks a lot for replacing the 4th volume of the Srimad Bhagavatam and sending me a faultless copy of the book so fast. The faulty pagination (missing and mixed up pages) is due to the bookbinding, of course, you are not to blame. Your customer service is excellent. And as your selection of books is extraordinary, I'm already looking forward to the next books that will reach me, perfectly packed and in best condition as always. ;-)
I really found this site to be very well designed, and the number of items amazing. From my careful inspection of the high resolution photos, the quality of work appears to be outstanding.
Sanjay, USA
The statue was delivered today. It is exceedingly beautiful. My thanks to the creator of the statue for such a lovely idol and to yourselves for the great service.
I'm so proud of your Company, it's so rare to have a good service after sales.... I will recommend you to all my friends.
Colette, Canada
I am a repeat customer of your store. I have bought several items from you and like the quality and service. Please keep up the good work of providing Puranas and Vedas.
Raghavan, USA
This is a beautiful website - and very customer friendly - easy to find your way around.
Sonia, UK.
Fantastic service! Delivery in Italy in two days!
Francesca Verna
Your custom service is great, especially Vipin. Vipin helped me locate a lost package. that was so nice!!!! I love this company. I love the cotton skirts with ruffle on the bottom. I also love how that when we place items in the shopping cart, the computer system allows them to remain in the cart until we are ready to purchase them. They don't disappear like with other on-line stores shopping cart system. Your the Best!!!
Heather Davis, USA
A true treasure vault of Bharatiya samskruti knowledge books! Thanks for this service.
Shashikant, USA
Very nice website, easy to use. Your one of the few Indian website that have an extensive collection of CD's that will ship to America.I think Indian website should expand themselves into the global community China sure has. China's market growth had to do with supply and demand. The same thing could happen to India, you just have to open the doors of India and let it happen. At least you seem to be doing that.
Donald, USA
Statues of Lord Ganesha
Endowed with child-like innocence, mischief in eyes and carefree disposition the cool, soft and benign elephant-headed Ganesha is invoked primarily for removing obstacles and assuring a detriment-free beginning.

In the canons of Indian Sculpture, unanimity prevails in regard to the broad appearance of Ganesha. He has an elephant head with a single tusk and twisted trunk, usually turned to left but sometimes to right, planted over a human torso. Ganapati's head is often conceived with winnowing basket-like large ears and small drowsing eyes. His belly is protruding like a pot and whole figure has a plumpish look. Though endowed with a huge body – ‘mahakaya’, great magnificence and brilliance of millions of suns, he has a figure with moderate height, not claiming any kind of robustness. On the contrary, however huge Ganesha's figure, he reveals a child-like tenderness.

Iconography of Ganesha

Apart from a few Ganesha like terracotta images recovered in excavations from different Indus Valley sites, Ganesha's earliest statues belong to the initial centuries of the Christian era. By the Gupta period his statues, both of aesthetic interest as well as votive, had well set. In initial sculptures Ganesha had normal two hands and two eyes which continued also during Gupta period (4th to 7th century AD), but now they also began having a third eye and more than two hands, four, six, eight, ten and even sixteen.

Though the images of the period revealed unique plasticity and great elegance and were rare in aesthetic modeling, they were quite simple. In post-Gupta period statues of Lord Ganesha began assuming highly decorative character and diversified forms. Early sculptures of Ganesha were usually seated, ‘padmasana’ – lotus-seated, or otherwise, and invariably in thoughtful quietude. However, the sculptors of the subsequent period preferred Ganesha's standing images, often in a posture of dance, or at least bending right or left, sometimes in ‘tribhanga’ – three-curved posture, in some innovations even reclining with his head supported on his right hand or on a huge bolster, identical to the Buddha’s ‘Parinirvana’ – final extinction images, and sometimes playing on musical instruments, drum in particular.

Not so much the early, his subsequent images were well bejeweled. Two snakes, one serving as a belt around his belly, and the other, as ‘yajnopavit, were almost essential features of Ganesha's adornment. Countering this essentially Shaivite attribute he was adorned with a crown that revealed Vaishnava character. In some other sculptures, Ganesa was portrayed with Saraswati and Lakshmi on equal footings.

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Eight-Armed Pink Dancing Ganesha with Three of His Forms Below
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Eight-Armed Pink Dancing Ganesha with Three of His Forms Below
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