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Vishnu Statues

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Trimurti From Elephanta (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha)
Brass Statue
9.5 inch x 10 inch x 4.3 inch
4.8 kg

Item Code: ZAU81
Price: $255.00
Lord Vishnu in His Cosmic Incarnation
Brass Statue
14.5 inch x 8 inch x 4 inch
9 kg

Item Code: ZAU87
Price: $395.00
Lakshmi Ji -Vishnu Ji Standing on Lotus with Floral Aureole
Brass Statue
31 inch x 25 inch x 9.5 inch - Each
40.3 kg

Item Code: ZAT96
Price: $1695.00
Bhagawan Vishnu
South Indian Temple Wood Carving
47.5 inch x 31 inch x 6.6 inch
27.5 kg

Item Code: ZAS38
Price: $1995.00
Bhagawan Vishnu (Wall Hanging Carved in Relief)
South Indian Temple Wood Carving
23 inch x 18 inch x 2.5 inch
8.7 kg

Item Code: ZAU01
Price: $395.00
Bhagawan Vishnu - Sustainer of Universe
Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
13 inch x 6.5 inch x 5 inch
3.5 kg

Item Code: ZAT42
Price: $695.00
Lord Vishnu in His Cosmic Magnification
Brass Statue
14.5" X 8" X 4"
9.3 Kg

Item Code: EM89
Price: $720.00
Bhagawan Vishnu (Wall Hanging Carved in Relief)
South Indian Temple Wood Carving
22.5 inch x 18 inch x 2.5 inch
8 kg

Item Code: ZAS27
Price: $395.00
Lakshmi-Vishnu Seated on  Sheshnag
Brass Statue
4 inch X 3.5 inch X 2 inch
816 gms

Item Code: ZAD77
Price: $70.00
Sthanaka Bhagawan Vishnu
Brass Statue
4.3 inch x 2 inch x 1.4 inch
0.16 kg

Item Code: ZAT09
Price: $30.00
Lord Vishnu Standing on Sheshnag with Lakshmi Ji
Brass Statue
18 inch x 7 inch x 5.4 inch - Vishnu Ji
15.5 inch x 7.2 inch x 5.4 inch -Lakshmi Ji
13 kg

Item Code: XW44
Price: $455.00
Lord Vishnu in Hayagriva Incarnation with Shri Devi
Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
10.5 inch x 8.5 inch x 5 inch
3.5 kg

Item Code: ZAR74
Price: $595.00
Chaturbhuja Sthanaka Vishnu with Shesha Atop
Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
15 inch x 7 inch x 5 inch
4.2 kg

Item Code: ZAR75
Price: $995.00
Lord Vishnu with Shridevi and Bhudevi
Brass Sculpture
10 inch X 7 inch X 3.5 inch
2.9 kg

Item Code: XG89
Price: $170.00
Bhagawan Vishnu with Lakshmi Ji and Bhudevi (Revolving Base)
Brass Statue
9.5 inch x 4.7 inch x 4.7 inch
1.7 kg

Item Code: ZAR16
Price: $225.00
Lord Vishnu as Dhanvantari -  The Physician of the Gods
Brass Statue
7.5 inch X 4 inch X 2 inch

Item Code: RN76
Price: $170.00
White Cedar Wood from Trivandrum
11.5 inch x 7.7 inch x 3.7 inch
0.8 kg

Item Code: ZAQ43
Price: $225.00
Lord Vishnu's Narasimha Avatara
Brass Statue
11.5 inch X 6.5 inch X 3.5 inch
3.3 Kg

Item Code: ES45
Price: $235.00
Bhagawan Vishnu as Tribhanga Krishna
Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
12 inch x 6 inch x 5 inch
3 kg

Item Code: ZAP74
Price: $595.00
Bhagawana Vishnu with Floral Aureole
Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
22.5 inch x 16 inch x 7 inch
15.8 kg

Item Code: ZAP45
Price: $1295.00
Lord Vishnu with Bhu Devi and Shri Devi
Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
6 inch X 2.7 inch X 2 inch - Vishnu
5.3 inch X 2 inch X 2 inch - BhuDevi and ShriDevi
0.95 kg

Item Code: ZAP61
Price: $395.00
Sthanaka Vishnu
Brass Statue
37.5 inch x 17.5 inch x 10.5 inch
26.8 kg

Item Code: ZAP14
Price: $1095.00
Chaturbhuja Vishnu
Brass Statue
30 inch x 13 inch x 9.5 inch
19.6 kg

Item Code: ZAP11
Price: $695.00
Lord Vishnu with Bhudevi and Shridevi (Small Sculpture)
Brass Sculpture
4.2 inch X 2.5 inch X 1.8 inch
507 Grams

Item Code: RV62
Price: $40.00
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Display: items per page
Showing 1 to 24 of 163 items in a total of 7 pages
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Statues of Lord Vishnu
The pervader and maintainer of the universe Lord Vishnu is represented in Indian sculpture most usually as standing straight like a pillar. Vishnu's four arms symmetrically hold his main attributes: conch, wheel, mace and lotus. The conch, born from the primordial ocean - with its structure spiraling from a single point, is a symbol of the origin of existence. The wheel signifies the cycle of time. The mace represents the power of knowledge, while the lotus is a symbol of the unfolded universe risen from the ocean of creation.

In addition to the standing image of Lord Vishnu, which is an anthropomorphic version of the concept of the cosmic axis, Vishnu may assume two other positions, seated and reclining. Together, these there postures render the mode of the god’s pervasive presence in the cosmos and during its dissolution, when in yoga nidra Vishnu reclines on Shesha-naga, the serpent whose name means “remainder”.

Vishnu also takes avatara, or incarnation. The general purpose of avatara is to bless his bhaktas with an icon they can express their devotion to. While specifically, each avatara is assumed by the supreme Vishnu for a particular end, as the situation demands. Each avatara or divine descent, though known to have come about at a definite time, remains valid for all times.

The ten avatars (Dasavatar) of Lord Vishnu are: (1) fish (Matsya); (2) tortoise (Kurma); (3) boar (Varaha); (4) man-lion (Narasimha); (5) dwarf (Vamana); (6) Rama with the axe (Parashurama), (7) Rama, the ideal king; (8) Krishna; (9) Buddha; and (10) Kalki, the savior yet to come.

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