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श्रीशिवचालीसा: Shri Shiv Chalisa
Item Code: GPA023
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दत्तात्रेयवज्रकवच: Dattatreya Vajra Kavach
Paperback (Edition: 2000)
Gita Press, Gorakhpur
Item Code: GPA494
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Great service. Keep on helping the people
Armando, Australia
I bought DVs supposed to receive 55 in the set instead got 48 and was in bad condition appears used and dusty. I contacted the seller to return the product and the gave 100% credit with apologies. I am very grateful because I had bought and will continue to buy products here and have never received defective product until now. I bought paintings saris..etc and always pleased with my purchase until now. But I want to say a public thank you to whom it may concern for giving me the credit. Thank you. Navieta.
Navieta N Bhudu
I have no words to thank you and your company. I received the Saundarananda Maha Kavya that I have ordered from you few weeks ago. I hope to order any more books, if I will have a need. Thank you
Ven. Bopeththe, Sri Lanka
Thank you so much just received my order. Very very happy with the blouse and fast delivery also bindi was so pretty. I will sure order from you again.
Aneeta, Canada
Keep up the good work.
Harihar, Canada
I have bought Ganesh Bell in past and every visitors at my home has appreciated very much. You have quality product and good service. Keep it up with good business. This time I am buying Ganesh-Laxmi bells.
Kanu, USA
I am a long-time customer of Exotic India for gifts for me and friends and family. We are never disappointed. Your jewelry craftspeople are very skilled artists. You must treasure them. And we always look forward to the beautifully decorated boxes you use to ship your jewelry.
Diane, USA
I have always enjoyed browsing through the website. I was recently in south India, and was amazed to note that the bronze statues made in Kumbakonam and Thanjavur had similar pricing as Exotic India.
Heramba, USA
Thank you very much for your services. I ordered a Dhanvantari Deity from this site and it came quickly and in good condition. Now Sri Dhanvantari ji is worshipped regularly before seeing each client and in the offering of our medicinal products. Thanks again.
Max, USA
Thank you for shipping my 2 Books! Absolutli a great job in this short time, 3 working days from India to Switzerland it`s fantastic!!! You have won some new clients!
Ruedi, Switzerland
Buy Gita Press Books Online
Since the Bhagavad Gita or the Gita is the most popular scriptures, accepted by almost all sections of the Hindus, the late jaydayal Goenka established the Gita Press in A.D. 1923. Its Govind Bhavan Karyalaya (Office) at Kolkata has been registered under the Registration of Societies Act of West Bengal, 1961. The institution is managed by a board of trustees.

The primary purpose of establishing the Gita Press was to propagate Hinduism by printing and and selling at a highly subsidised price, Hindu religious literature. This includes the Bhagavada Gita, the Upanishads, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavat, the puranas, and other religious works like the Ramacarit-Manas, the Narada Bhaktisutras, Vedantic works like the Vivekacudamani, compendium of stotras or hymns, lives of saints and so on.

These books have been mostly in Sanskrit and Hindi languages as also English. Recently, the same books are being brought out in other regional languages also.

Two monthly journals – Kalyan in Hindi and Kalyana Kalpataru in English – are also being published. These journals have become extremely popular.

The main gate of the Gita Press of Gorakhpur is very impressive and has incorporated in itself the special architectural features from several parts of India.

The Lila Chitra Mandir houses hundreds of pictures depicting the incidents from the lives of Rama and Krishna. Shlokas from the Gita and the sayings of saints like Tulsidas, Kabir, Dadudayal, Sundardas, Rahim and others have been inscribed on the walls. Every year, during the Gita Jayanti celebrations, special exhibition of Gita literature (Including rare books in several languages) are organised.

There is a Gita Bhavan at Svargashram (Uttar Pradesh) on the bank of the river Ganga, run by Gita Press. It has more than 1000 rooms, to accommodate sadhakas (Spiritual aspirants) who throng to the place now and then.

The Gita Press is also running a Rishikul-Brahmacharya Ashrama at Churu in Rajasthan, to impart training on the Gurukula model, to willing students.

The Govind Bhavan Karyalaya at Kolkata, the Head Quarters of the organization has facilities for the chanting of the Gita and religious discourses. An ayurvedic dispensary is also attached to the same.

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