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अध्यासभाष्यविचार: Adhyasa Bhashya Vichar


Debabrata Panda did his M.A. in Sanskrit and secured first class from the Center of Advanced Study in Sanskrit (C.A.S.S), University of Poona (2001-2003). He completed his M.phil from the Department of Sanskrit in Pondicherry University, Pondicherry (2004) and he is doing his Ph.D there on Advaita Vedanta under the guidance of Dr. K. E. Dharaneedharan. He has presented papers in several International and National Seminars and also attended short term training courses in Vedanta. He secured Gold medal in his M.Phil degree and is presently recipient of a prestigious scholarship by the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund, New Delhi, for his Doctoral studies in Advaita Vedanta.


The Ashyasabhasyavichara is based on an important concept in Advaita Vedanta called Adhyasa. Sankaracharya declared that Brahman is the only reality and that the world is false. But this view is contradicted by our daily experience of the plurality of the world. What them is responsible for the appearance of polarity? The answer is ignorance, nescience or maya, which is already mentioned in the Upanishads but was elaborated by Sankaracharya in a systematic doctrine which became famous as the Adhyasabhasya.

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