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Advanced Course Reader in Tamil (For the Non-Tamils Learning Tamil)

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Advanced Course Reader in Tamil (For the Non-Tamils Learning Tamil)
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Item Code: NAK149
Author: Pon Subbiah
Publisher: Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore
Language: Tamil
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 8173420971
Pages: 322
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.5 inch x 7.0 inch
weight of the book: 665 gms

One of the major functions of the Regional Language Centers (RLCs) established at Bhubaneswar, Pune, Patials, Solan, Lucknow, and Guahati, besides Mysore is to undertake teachers of Indian Language in the L¬¬2 context and to create a band of qualified language teacher to teach these Language as L, as a prerequisite for implementing the Govt. of India policy of language education under the 3 language formula. The learners for this purpose at the RLCs are none but the teachers themselves who are already working in various parts of the country under the education departments of States, Union Territories and the Central Government. The mother tongues of these teachers are different from the language taught to them in the respective RLCs; also the disciplines of their main studies are not necessarily the language related ones. On completion of their successful training in the RLCs within a shor span of 10 months, this heterogeneous group of teacher-learners' are expected to teach the language learnt by them to their to their own students as L3 once they return to their respective schools. This being a unique and heavily loaded programme its activities include not only the routine teaching and learning but also the preparation of materials, practicing of the methods of teaching and so on, under prevailing situations.

In order to fulfil this responsibility, the Institute has involved in developing innovative materials like Phonetic Readers, Grammars, Dictionaries, and also a series of second Language Teaching Materials including Script Books, Pictorial Glossaries, Common Vocabularies, intensive, Intermediate and Advanced Course Readers, Supplementary Readers, and School level language Primers in various Indian languages. All these materials have been well received by those involved in language teaching activities both in the country and abroad.

Mudunilait tamilp paadanuul (Advanced Course reader in Tamil) is one such material intended to be used in the class room as a main textbook at the advanced level of the above mentioned three tiered Tamil Teaching programme of the southern Regional Language Centre. This Reader which consists of 12 prose texts. 18 poeic compositions and 7 specialized text usages aims at providing the learners, representative sample of language use a s found in various literary works and also in the activities of different types of day to day communication. The samples are, therefore drawn with due care by Pon Subbiah, to represent different genres of Tamil. They include passages, writings as found in specialised documents, invitations, circulars, certificates newspaper reports, and so on. The pieces thus included as lessons for teaching are intended to picturise the existence of a variety of styles and dialects of Tamil language and also its cultural heritage. Objective-type specialized exercises provided at the end of each lesson are intended to inculcate insights to the learners and also to reinforce the skills of operating the language already acquired at the basic and intermediate levels. The introductory notes given at the beginning and explanatory notes given after the lessons are intended to highlight the background of the authors and the salient features of their works.

The teaching materials produced by the Institute have generally been tried out through various batches of teacher learners of this Intensive Training Programme comprising the three levels, viz. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. The present reader too, has been tried out in the classroom for many years. Hence, it is suitable to be used not only for such language learners who are taught at the Southern Regional Language Centre, Mysore, but also for those who have had certain amount of introduction to Tamil language through a formal system, and yet have not had chance to go beyond the basics. Besides being a course reader it will also serve as a good reference material in many respects. It can also be made use of by the learners of Tamil under the CBSE system with appropriate modifications.

Mudunilait tamilp paadanuul is also expected to provide interesting reading materials to adult and new learners of Tamil who have been taught by those engaged in literacy and post –literacy campaign. Even for the Mother tongue speakers of Tamil, the rich selection of texts used here can be very handy. The Tamil Diaspora scattered over many countries and especially in the nations like Sri lanka, Singapore and Malaysia, would also find this course to be of relevance, should the community elders decide to teach their language to the younger generation by using a text like this.

I am very happy to see that the advanced Course Reader in Tamil in its current incarnation has finally seen the light of the day. The Institute would feel rewarded if the users derive maximum benefit out of this.


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