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All You Wanted to Know About Psychic Development

All You Wanted to Know About Psychic Development
Item Code: NAM487
Author: Ravindra Kumar
Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 9788120723672
Pages: 152
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 6.0 inch X 4.5 inch
weight of the book: 120 gms
About the Book

Here's a book that can help you achieve success by development the psychic potential that lies within you.

It offers an interesting insight into the different kinds of psychic powers and makes comprehensible the various facets of psychic development in the simplest of language.


Psychic development implies 'evolution' that is accompanied by acquisition of senses and powers beyond the five normal senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching. With the opening of the chakras, the hitherto dormant regions of the brain awaken gradually. With these awakeinings, the individual acquires powers such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, prophecy, levitation, out-of-body experiences healing, etc, depending one's training and interests. People known for their outstanding achievements in any field, have been successful because they were able to develop the psychic potential within them. Any one, ranging from a carpenter to a social reformer, can achieve success by developing the psychic potential, that lies within.

The theory of psychic development is presented in this book. The text is based on personal experiences of people, especially those associated with The academy of Kundalini Yoga and quantum Soul. It is a complete guide for a lay person who wants to learn to harness his or her energies in a really productive way. Thanks are due to William Henry Belk II for discussing various aspects of this book with me and to Jytte Larsen for participating in spiritual discussions, and for providing computing facilities.


The psychic phenomenon is related to the spiritual nature, ie., the soul of the human being This was also the observation of a famous psychic Edgar Cayce, who did thousands of readings on the past lives of humans. In the later years, the psychic ability of Edgar Cayce was so developed that the moment h looked at a person, he would know the circumstances he or she was passing through and what was going to happen in the future. Sitting in a restaurant he told waitress he had never seen before, that she should not marry the person she was going around with at that time, otherwise she would repeat the mistake she had already committed with her two former husbands. This ability to see the future is called psychic hunch. Saint Ramakrishna could keep track of his disciples psychically while they were travelling. Many dignitaries such as Julius Caear, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi, etc. were warned of their approaching assassinations by people who had psychic premonition. Emanuel Swedenborg saw his neighbour's house on fire psychically, while he was sitting some four hundred miles away. Many people described the exact scene of the Titanic disaster four days before it happened. Just when the invincible ship 'Titanic' was leaving the Southampton docks in England, some people psychically saw the Titanic disaster in advance. St. Paul was forewarned of being arrested on entering Jerusalem by his friends, who foresaw it happening psychically. For more details one can refer to my book Destiny, Science and Spiritual Awakening (1997).

Other vital examples of psychic development include psychic surgery and distance healing. Healers from the Philippines and Brazil have been quite well-known. Tony Agpaoa of the Philippines was known to treat nearly 300 patients in a day. In psychic surgery, you do not use any anaesthesia to remove a defective part of the body such as a kidney, or an unwanted cancerous growth. Instead, you remove the defective part simply by inserting your hand inside the body of the patient. In about a minute or two the operation is over, there is no sign of any wound and you can just wipe the blood stains with a piece of cloth. I met two individuals in North Carolina who had undergone this kind of operation successfully.

These phenomena do not have a scientific explanation. On other levels you have 'near death' and 'out-of-body' experiences, in which the soul comes out of the body and watches everything from outside. A woman parachutist could not open her parachute and was panicky on seeing her imminent death. Her soul came out of her body, realised the mistake (that she had not pressed a particular button), returned to the body to press that button, and she finally landed safely on the ground as the parachute opened up. But now, she was not the same person; she had seen the ultimate reality and so she took to serious meditation to achieve that state permanently.

On a higher level, yogis have been experiencing these phenomena, which have always defied science for thousands of years. Even science might reach that level one day, but it will take a long time. Yogis die while living in their states of meditation and report of phenomena that are psychic in nature. In China, some people were known to have read books through their fingers. These happenings are beyond the five normal senses of perception.

Duke University in USA has a department of parapsychology, established by Professor J. B. Rhine in 1920, where regular experiments are conducted on such phenomena. You can watch the feats of telekinesis in which a person can move objects or twist things without the use of any visible force. You can also see experiments on levitation, telepathy, precognition, etc., for which researchers have not been able to find a scientific explanation. Various examples of 'psychic phenomena' are studied in a systematic way in this book.


Preface 5
Introduction 8
Defining Psychic Phenomena 16
Defining Psychic Powers  
Extrasensory Perception 25
Clairvoyance 30
Clairaudience 36
Precognition 40
Telepathy 48
Telekinesis or Psychokinesis 54
Levitation 58
Out-of-body Experiences 66
Aura 80
Mediumship 86
Healing (Psychic or Spiritual) 95
Prophecy 107
Ecstasy 111
Psychin Individuation 117
Awakening 122
Balancing Masculinity and Femininity 125
Individuation and Dreams 140
Salvation or Self-realisation 147
Glossary 151


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