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Arthritis? Try Yogasanas

Arthritis? Try Yogasanas
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Item Code: NAD967
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: Navneet Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788124306871
Pages: 78 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 98 gms

Authors: Dr. Gala,, Dr. Dhiren Gala, And Dr.Sanjay Gala

Books on the subject of Yogasana and Pranayama have been written in various languages. More books will be written even in the future and yet we decided to bring out this new book the objective being to provide proper guidance to the people suffering from joint pains and to suggest effective remedies.

Many people today suffer from pain in the neck, waist and knee joints. Modern life-style is the main culprit in this case. The proportion of women among the patients who suffer from these problems is very high.

It is not enough to perform yogasanas to get rid of these ailments; other exercises are also necessary.

All the essential asanas useful in the ailments mentioned above have been included in this book.

Many asanas are described in the books on asanas, but very often many patients do not know clearly which of those asanas they should perform. This book provides a clear-cut guidance to such persons. Asanas and other exercises have been selected very carefully.

Study well the course given here for various joints and follow it regularly; If you are not particular about it, you will not be able to complete the programme as planned. After a regular practice of one month, the whole programme can be completed in about an hour.

We hope that the readers will receive complete guidance through this book.

We welcome all useful suggestions from the readers. We promise to consider them in further editions.



Everyone in this world wishes to live a disease-free life. Everyone likes to be healthy. However, it is necessary to understand the distinction between being disease-free and being healthy. You can get rid of a disease by taking medicines, or if need be, by undergoing surgery. But in order to live a disease-free as well as a healthy life, proper life-style diet and physical exertion are essential. A weakling cannot remain disease-free for long. A disease may attack him at any time because a weak person has very little power of resistance. Only that person whose body is absolutely and completely healthy and is brimming with energy and enthusiasm can be disease-free.

In modern times, pollution is on the increase, particularly in the larger cities. It is extremely difficult to maintain good health in a polluted environment. Still one need not despair. The remedy is simple and easily accessible.

First and foremost, a person wishing to be disease-free must keep all vices at arm’s length. If he continues with his bad habits and yet hopes to keep healthy, he is in for disappointment. A person who is nurturing vices and yet is free from diseases must be regarded as a very rare specimen. As a matter of fact, it is necessary for a person who wishes to protect himself from diseases to cultivate good habits. Only a combination of a proper diet and a fair amount of physical hard work can ensure good health. Even pollution will not pose a serious problem to such a healthy person. Following certain rules of hygiene, honouring certain restrictions and regularity in daily life will lead to the enjoyment of good health.

Regularity in daily life is a ‘must’ for the maintenance of good health. If one’s life is unorganized or disorganized, one’s health is sure to be jeopardized. A person who is irregular in his daily life cannot hope to attain peace of mind and health to the body whereas regularity in daily life will bring peace to the mind and health to the body.

Rest is also an equally important factor of good health. The manifold activities which we perform during the course of a day cause fatigue-both mental and physical. Physical exertion also leads to a certain amount of wear and tear of the limbs and organs of our body. Rest is essential for removing this fatigue and the wear and tear of the body.

The best way to remove fatigue is sleep. All the parts of the body are completely rested and relaxed during sleep. They are rejuvenated after sufficient rest. They are ready for the next day’s work. The mind is also refreshed. With a refreshed mind a person can carry out his daily activities satisfactorily. A sound sleep is, thus, a boon and in order to be able to sleep, soundly, hard physical labour has to be done during the day. The importance of hard work, thus, cannot be exaggerated.

Life without work renders a person weak. His body becomes an easy target for diseases. A weak body weakens the mind. Those who lead a life of enjoyment and wordly pleasures have always to knock at the doors of doctors.

Our body will rust and decay if we do not do any work. On the other hand, regular work will lead to good health.

This does not mean that any kind and amount of work will keep us healthy. In order to attain and retain good health, it is necessary to follow a programme of physical exercise, Pranayama and Yogasanas. We should understand the importance of these activities and carry them out in the interest of good health.

There is no other way in this world to keep us free from diseases and healthy. Learn about these activities—physical exercises, pranayama, and yogasanas—from books, from experienced teachers or by joining a health care centre. Cultivate an interest in them. Shake off lethargy and irregularity. Be regular.

Devote only one hour during the day for these activities. Reserve 30 hours in a month and 360 hours in a year for them. 360 hours mean just fifteen days out of 360 days in a year. You can enjoy perfect physical health during the whole year by devoting only 1 5 days for these activities.

This is also a kind of ‘Sadhana’ which means a constant Endeavour to achieve a defined goal. Age is no bar. You can start a health programme at any age.

Mother nature is very kind. Remember this message of nature : ‘A balanced diet coupled with organized physical labour is the Master-key to sound health. If you obey nature’s laws, the rewards that you receive are manifold. However, if you disregard her laws you will incur her displeasure. If you do not devote the required time for health care now, she will force you to do so later. Only, under those circumstances, you will not be able to choose the method or the time of retribution. Nature will force you to lie in bed with some illness. Once you fall ill, there is no saying if and when you will be rid of the illness and regain your health. It may prove to be a life long affair.




1 Preface 5
2 Pranayama 10
3 Some Basic Asanas 15
4 Types of Yogasanas 18
5 Asanas to be performed While Sitting in Vijrasana 29
6 Asanas to be Perfomed in the Sitting Posture 32
7 Asanas to be Performed in the Supine Position 37
8 Asanas to be Performed While Lying on the Stomach 45
9 Asanas to be Performed With the Head Upside Down 50
10 Problems of the Joints and Their Remedies 54
11 Suryanamaskara - Mahayogachakra 66
12 Treatment of Diseases Through Asanas 76

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