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Awake Kundalini

Awake Kundalini
Item Code: IDF447
Author: Pt. Rajnikant Upadhyaya&
Publisher: Lotus Press
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8183820395
Pages: 149
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
weight of the book: 205 gms
From the Back of the Book:

Stretching back into the corridors of time, Asian religions have spoken of a mystical force called the 'Kundalini', which literally means 'coiling' i.e. a huge reservoir of energy like a snake; since Energy and consciousness-moves in spiraling motion - coils - loops - like the snake. This book helps you realize the enormous reserve of your true potential. It is a gentle guide to Chakra Activation and Spiritual growth in lucid language to help roll back aging and remove negativity internally and externally.

About the Author:

Pt. Rajni Kant Upadhyaya a renowned spiritual healer and author of a number of best selling books on Reiki, Mudra Vigyan, Yoga and Meditation, is one of the pioneers of alternative systems introduced in the country. He has trained more than 6000 people in Reiki and other healing systems and was conferred with "BHASKER AWARD" in 2001 for his contribution to alternative medical therapies in India. Presently he is devoting most of his time in running his Training and Healing centre in Delhi.

Pt. Gopal Sharma, B.E. the outstanding Vedic-Vastu consultant and Feng Shui advisor of T.V. Asia (U.S.A.), Star plus & Zee Business fame, is spreading awareness of ancient occult sciences for adding health, wealth & happiness in the lives of people for last 30 years.

Author of 27 best selling books and numerous articles in leading magazines/ newspapers, he is known for his simple, practical and effective remedies, contemporary research and methodical approach in the modern perception through Numerology, Feng-Shui and Pyra-Vaastu in all parts of India, U.A.E., Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Spain, U.K. and U.S.A.

Preface V
1. Introduction to Kundalini 1
1.1. Histrical Knowledge
2. The Kundalini - A Right Perspective 10
2.1. Bird's-Eye View
2.2. Renowned yogis
2.3. Key to Awaken Kundalini
2.4. Symptoms of Awakening
2.5. Different Ways of awakening kundalini
3. Importance of Kundalini Yoga 23
3.1. Rising Kundalini
3.2. Kundalini Syndrome
3.3. Chakras in Yoga
4. Importance of Pranayama 37
4.1. Nadi Suddhi
4.2. Advantages of Pranayama
5. Importance of Asanas 52
5.1. Padmasana
5.2. Siddhasana
5.3. Svastikasana
5.4. Sukhasana
5.5. Sirshasana
5.6. Sarvangasana
5.7. Matsyasana
5.8. Paschimottanasana
5.9. Mayurasana
5.10. Ardha Matsyendrasana
5.11. Vajrasana
5.12. Urdhva Padmasana
6. Importance of Mudras and Bandhas 66
6.1. Mula Bandha
6.2. Jalandhara Bandha
6.3. Uddiyana Bandha
6.4. Maha Mudra
6.5. Maha Bandha
6.6. Maha Vedha
6.7. Yoga Mudra
6.8. Viparitakarani Mudra
6.9. Khechari Mudra
6.10. Vajroli Mudra
6.11. Shakti Chalana Mudra
6.12. Yoni Mudra
6.13. Laya Yoga
6.14. Anahata Sounds
6.15. Bhakti Yoga
6.16. Mantras
6.17. Siddhis
7. Chakras: The Transformation Tools 82
7.1. Mooladhara Chakra
7.2. Swadishthan Chakra
7.3. Nabhi Chakra
7.4. The Heart Chakra or Anahat Chakra
7.5. Vishuddhi Chakra
7.6. The Agnya Chakra
7.7. The Sahasrara Chakra
7.8. Activate Our Chakras
8. Kundalini Energy 90
8.1. Stages in Kundalini Awakening
8.2. Kundalini Reiki
9. How to Awaken the Kundalini 108
9.1. Beginning of Spiritual Emergence
9.2. Kundalini Awakening Symptoms
9.3. Kundalini Awakening with Enlightenment
10. Kundalini: Awakening the Serpent Power 115
10.1 Awakening the Goddess Energy
Glossary 126
Suggested Readings 143

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